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BLOOD-C Opening Theme – spiral

Vocals: DUSTZ
Lyrics: DUSTZ
Composition: DUSTZ & BOND×L!TH!UM
Arrangement: BOND×L!TH!UM

I wander in a trap in endless night
Losing the meaning of existence itself
I can’t return to the past, Don’t you dare to know

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BLOOD+ 3rd Opening Theme – Colors of the Heart

Colors of the Heart
Vocals: UVERworld
Lyrics: TAKUYA∞ & Alice ice
Composition: TAKUYA∞
Arrangement: UVERworld & Hiraide Satoru

On that day, my heart crumbled away soundlessly
With memories that I can’t erase even if I broke down and screamed
The darkness flows into my eyes
I sink into the tomorrow where I can’t even see colors anymore

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