And so I survive for another night.

On a side note, I’m mildly annoyed that the anime made the beads of Maria’s bracelet blue instead of (what I assume they were in the game) green.

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  1. Well. Looks like im dieing tonight D:
    The anime is going by extreamly fast isnt it? To me it is..
    And can I ask something regarding the Umineko Tea set and Brooch here, or should I ask it in the Tidbits post?

    • Sure, you may ask here. Or there. Either way I’ll see your comment and answer.

      • I was wondering If I could maybe pre-order the two through you?

      • Perhaps. It will cost quite a bit just for shipping though, so if anything I’d recommend finding an import store such as Animaxis to get the goods. If you’re still interested, send me an e-mail and we can work out the details.

    • The more you play through the game, the more likely the anime will annoy you~

      Especially later on since I’ll be surprised if things take a turn for the better.

      • How did my comment end up here… Oh well.

        Kai, the anime is more than likely going to be 5/5/8/8 for how they break everything up, which leaves 2 episodes to cover the remaining twilights, wrap up the first ep, and then have the epilogues occur. If that doesn’t make you feel like things are going to be even more rushed, I don’t know what will.

  2. I’ll probably be dead by morning then 😦
    *hurries to make a makeshift charm*

  3. Well I can almost guarantee that there will be a second season for this that contains episode III and IV, of course this is based upon the premise that there are only 13 episodes for this season. Which is smart as the answer arcs aren’t even out yet. Gives them an extra year to release the games. I personally am looking forward to see how much of the gore the will show from the later parts.

    Also…I am SOOO protected. The outside of my door has a scorpion emblem and the inside is protected by Shinto purification talismans. XD

    • If there are 13 episodes for episodes 1 and 2, then that would certainly pace things out better for those two episodes, but on the other hand, it would screw over episodes 3 and 4 as they are certainly longer and trying to compress them into the same time frame as episodes 1 and 2 would be a complete nightmare. The first two answer arcs will also have come out by the time the anime ends if it is a full 26 episodes long. Regardless, the pacing is horribly out of whack no matter what they do.

      • I think they’ll give more episodes for the second season. To me the pacing seems fine, this is a two day time frame. Well anyway 1-5 will be the last episode for Epi 1, except for the tea party. So help me GOD they better do the Tea parties and ?????. A thought though….how are they going to do the Red Truth’s?

      • The red, the blue, there’s a lot of stuff they’ll have fun implementing. Also, they need to do the epilogues for each of the episodes. They’re crucial to understanding what is going on. Without Ep 1’s Tea Party, you’d have no way of knowing why they’re facing off against each other in a heated battle. Without any of the ??? in place, there’d be no way to bring in one of the characters later on. They’ll be there for sure.

  4. i really don’t know why they ALWAYS change maria’s bracelet color (it’s really green in the game). in motion graphic they did it pink… lol.

  5. Well I certainly looking forward to the following moments:

    Intro of Bern and 34
    Battle of Jessica and George
    End of Ep 4 (Ange’s Last Speech)
    Battle of Virgilia and Beato
    Intro of Ronove
    Beato’s entrance trying to cheer up Battler in Ep4
    And last but not least:
    Introduction of Siesta Sister’s ans 7 Sister’s of Purgatory + SAKUTAROU!

    • I’m looking forward to all that, but also when Battler turns himself around in the tea party of ep 2. That was an amazing moment as well.

      • The only Battler moment I’m looking forward to is the end of Ep 4 when he finally becomes serious after you know what. Then he crucifies Beato. The next best is when Ange shows up and finds out he’s been tricked. I also can’t wait for the Virgilia mood change from the same part.

        Now the question is, Does Virgilia/Beato count as Yandare/Tsundere?

      • Yeah, that should be interesting too. I still think was the segment where I had the most fun throughout the entire question arc. They need to keep that line in there.

  6. For some reason I just don’t think they’re gonna get that past the censors. Though it is possible. I can’t wait for the DVD’s so we can finally see how some of the corpses are like. Ep 2 First twilight is gonna be really creepy, but funny too. Happy Halloween Maria!

    • If the DVDs make things look on par with the manga, then I’d be buying them. Have you checked out the Umineko manga yet? It’s quite detailed in regards to how the corpses look.

  7. Yeah Battler looks way better than in the anime. I’ve been reading them as they get scanlated. I think once I read all the mange for the question arc and see the anime it’ll all be clear to me. I mean if I were there I could so solve the mystery.

    • Kanon is also way shorter. Battler picks him up and even with being lifted up so that his toes are just barely touching the ground, he’s still not matching Battler in height. It also leaves a lot of the jokes in between Battler and Maria. It crushes my hopes of seeing Battler say the important lines during Ep 2’s tea party.

      • When does Battler pick him up? WHEN?!

        *is working on a BattlerxKanon doujin at the moment, and god it would be helpful something just a teensy bit romantic between the two of them* 😀

  8. OHHH. How are they gonna do that one? I think they’d have to skip it. I mean wasn’t there that whole thing in Australia with saying the japanese are cannibals? How are they gonna deal with Rosa eating everyone XD MARIA APPLE PIE!!

    • Yeah, it’s going to be a very hit or miss segment. Just gotta hope they do it right.

      • It’s been a long while since I’ve read a story with such large amounts of sadomasochism. I mean this really is on par with Dracula. I need to listen to the drama’s or something so I can hear what Beato sounds like because that is gonna be a hard job going from elegant to sadistic crazed witch.

      • Just imagine Maria except worse. If you’ve seen ep 4, then you should already have a full taste of Maria in her crazed mode.

  9. I read the entire thing, waiting for ep 5 next month. Though no matter how many times I read it, the parts where Battler goes Phoenix Wright is just awesome. Higurashi x Phoenix Wright = Umineko. Beware the Pointed Figure attack.

    • Seen, not read. Ep 4 of the anime, complete with lots of hitting Maria in the head. I did get the Gyakuten Saiban vibe from it at first, though it did wear off at times.

      • Well I knew Maria was creepy. It’s while I sit home and watch this than go see The Orphan in theatres. There’s so much they could do to make this show great…and so much to make it awful.

      • Well so far they’re not doing a great job with it, but they have several chances to at least make amends.

  10. Ahhh, where did you get that bracelet! I’ve been looking for one! *__*

  11. Which email do i send it to? i sent one but got no response.

  12. Which email do i send it to ? I sent one but got no response.

  13. I tryed to send a email, but I havent gotten a responce. Which email should I sent the details to?

  14. Probably the reason the beads are green is because, in japanese, the word for “blue-colored” (‘Aoi’) can also mean “green-colored”.

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