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Zoids Opening Theme – Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers
Vocals: RAMAR
Lyrics: Sakai Yusuke
Composition: Maruyama Tetsuo
Arrangement: RAMAR & Sasaji Masanori

Raising voices at the sky that suddenly started to cry, the romping, innocent children
Are ignoring the panicking adults and drawing a rainbow bridge with distant eyes
“It’d nice if we could cross it someday,” stuffing light-blue dreams into your pockets
You spread the map of your heart and head toward a world still unseen, you’re leaving the nest again

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Zoids 2nd Ending Theme – CHASE

Vocals: Develop=frame

You’ll jump in, if you feel like that, it’s fine
It can’t be helped even if you saw the consequences
Advancing on a pathless road is a way to go
While sucking on your fingers in the corner of a room where the sun doesn’t shine
Let’s stop waiting for a tomorrow like the one you saw yesterday

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