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Ar tonelico Good End Hymn – EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/.

Vocals: Mitose Noriko, Shikata Akiko, Shimotsuki Haruka
Lyrics: Kudo Junko
Composition: Tsuchiya Akira
Arrangement: Tsuchiya Akira

(A) Grass (B) shines; (C) water (A) jumps
(A) Insects (B) sing; (C) trees (A) dance

A wish to the sky, a wish to the earth
A wish to the world, hope for life

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Ar tonelico Hymn – EXEC_HYMME_LIFE_W:R:S/.

Vocals: Shimotsuki Haruka
Lyrics: Hiyama Nao
Composition: Tsuchiya Akira
Arrangement: Tsukiya Akira
Whispers: Matsumoto Megumi

I think of life, and weave
For your sake, I play a hymn

(B) I interweave my heart with the harp that I strum
(B) So that even if the sound is faint, it will not be interrupted

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Ar tonelico Hymn – EXEC_CHRONICLE_KEY/.

Vocals: Shikata Akiko
Lyrics: Shinoda Tomoko & Tsuchiya Akira
Composition: Shikata Akiko
Arrangement: Shikata Akiko

To protect my precious you, I shall play the Chronicle Key
In exchange for the sacrifice of my body, now, I shall offer this hymn

Why does strength dwell in unselfish people?
Why does strength torment kind people who wish not for dispute?

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Ar tonelico Opening Theme – Utau Oka

Expressive Hill
Vocals: Shikata Akiko
Lyrics: Tsuchiya Akira
Composition: Tsuchiya Akira
Arrangement: Tsuchiya Akira

Come here
Strip off everything
Because I’ll accept all of you
Don’t be afraid, entrust your body to me

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