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Hayate no Gotoku!! Character CD 2nd series 05: Nishizawa Ayumu – Kimi Fan

Fan of You
Vocals: Nishizawa Ayumu starring Takahashi Mikako
Lyrics: Kumano Kiyomi
Composition: Tanaka Kohei
Arrangement: Murase Yasuhisa

The ordinary today is a lot like yesterday
But it’s so weird that I can still get all excited about it
I dashed out like you do; so how have you been?
I’ve gotten a ton of courage from your shining existence
It’s there, it’s definitely there
I’ll tell you that I’m smiling today, too!

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Hayate the Combat Butler 2nd Opening Theme – Shichiten Hakki☆Shijou Shugi!

Stand Up More Than You Fall ☆ Supremacy!
Vocals: KOTOKO
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: C.G mix
Arrangement: C.G mix

The devil who you can’t win against no matter what you do
Is cunning and has the face of a goddess (◎_◎;)
Since you don’t have enough experience
You need to train for a lifetime and improve through trial and error

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