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Kino no Tabi Ending Theme – the Beautiful World

the Beautiful World
Vocals: Maeda Ai
Lyrics: Shigusawa Keiichi
Supplement Lyrics: Watanabe Momo
Composition: Sakai Ryo
Arrangement: Sakai Ryo

In the distance, rain started to fall
While someone is soaked, she shakes gently
I passed through the mountains, ascertained the clouds
Touched the wind, and encountered the stars
And my journey continues on
so the Beautiful World
We’ll go on, because we can hear
so the Beautiful World
A quiet voice, we’ll run through the world

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Kino no Tabi Movie Ending Theme – Hajimari no Hi

The Day of Beginnings
Vocals: Maeda Ai
Lyrics: Watanabe Momo
Composition: Sakai Ryo
Arrangement: Sakai Ryo

She woke up earlier than the birds
The morning glow stains her cheeks
Look, it’s time
Because the girl reflected in the drawn water
Left quietly on that day
Please don’t search for her now
It’s something that was still invisible yesterday
For doing something different from yesterday

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Kino no Tabi Opening Theme – all the way

all the way
Vocals: Shimokawa Mikuni
Composition: Sin
Arrangement: Sin

The sky is boundless since it’s a mirror of my heart
Changing its color everyday so to reflect it

The white spewing smoke turns into clouds
Hiding my tears that are about to spill
When the things I believe in are crumbling
I close my eyes and wish

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