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D.N.Angel 3rd Ending Theme – Caged Bird

Caged Bird
Vocals: Miyamoto Shunichi
Lyrics: Miyamoto Shunichi
Composition: Miyamoto Shunichi
Arrangement: Miyamoto Shunichi

How high do I fly
Before you, who are distant and far, become invisible?

If I avert my eyes, I might feel at ease
But I want to always gaze at you from somewhere

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D.N.Angel Opening Theme – Byakuya ~True Light~

White Night ~True Light~
Vocals: Miyamoto Shunichi

Light shined enough to feel sad, turning into wings that split apart the white darkness

I was shone upon by the cold sun
There was a tamed freedom
The night of miracles was reflected in the mirror
my soul started to take off its mask

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