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Danganronpa Ending Theme – Saisei -rebuild-

Also used as the ending theme for the final episode of Danganronpa the ANIMATION.

Rebuild -rebuild-
Vocals: Ogata Megumi
Lyrics: em:óu
Composition: Iwase Satoshi
Arrangement: Iwase Satoshi

In the somber sky, the blood-red moon flickers like a bird that lost its way home
You’re like a cat yowling crazily yet secretly for its friends in a remote alley

What are you looking at with a hollow gaze through the window, while hugging your knees?
The mirage of a love that slipped past you wasn’t a wave of emotions or an afterimage

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Danganronpa The Animation Ending Theme – Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku

Despair: The Cure for Heroes
Vocals: Suzumu feat. Soraru
Lyrics: Suzumu
Composition: Suzumu
Arrangement: Suzumu

“What do you want?” Those words sound like a lie ringing in my ears
It looks like my world has gotten bugs

Material desires block my way, but you call them “fair trade”
So I gave in to my temptations and fell for your nonsense

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