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Buso Renkin Opening Theme – Maaka na Chikai

Crimson Vow
Vocals: Fukuyama Yoshiki
Lyrics: Fukuyama Kyoko
Composition: Fukuyama Yoshiki
Arrangement: Fukuyama Yoshiki

Oh…Oh…Da…with you

I don’t have the time to stand still; I don’t have the allowance to think
With all of the thoughts I have in my heart, I go into the scorching battle

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Buso Renkin 1st Ending Theme – Hoshiakari

Vocals: Jukai
Lyrics: Watanabe Manami
Composition: Dewa Yoshiaki
Arrangement: Dewa Yoshiaki & Watanabe Zentaro

Hey, I was able to think there’s no night or such that won’t end
Because you are there at anytime

“Please don’t go anywhere.” I strongly wished
But what could I do for you?

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