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Pokémon 3rd Opening Theme – OK!

Vocals: Matsumoto Rika
Lyrics: Toda Akihito
Composition: Tanaka Hirokazu


OK! Let’s go onto the next one!
OK! If we’re together, we’ll be all right!
OK! Even if the wind changes
OK! That dream won’t change!

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Pokémon 2nd Movie OST – Ware wa Collector

I am a Collector
Vocals: Kaga Takeshi as Girardin
Lyrics: Yuyama Kunihiko
Composition: Tanaka Kohei
Arrangement: Miyazaki Shinji

I’m not anyone’s king
Nor am I anyone’s soldier

I’ve gathered the pieces of the broken world
as if putting a shattered mirror back together!

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Pokémon Advanced Generation 1st Ending Theme – Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara

Because a Sky is There
Vocals: Ezaki Toshiko

Look back, the road that you followed
Lift up your face, will create the future

Occasionally, when you’re tired of trying your best
You look up at the sky and feel like crying

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Pokémon Insert Song – Boku no Besuto Furendo e

To My Best Friend
Vocals: Iwasaki Hiromi

Red cheeks, a yellow shirt
My best friend with zigzag patterns

We doodled on white pages
We sang songs that we made up

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