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Sketchbook ~full color’S~ Opening Theme – Kaze-sagashi

Vocals: Kiyoura Natsumi
Lyrics: Takatsuki Mitaka
Composition: Suzuki Tomofumi
Arrangement: Suzuki Tomofumi

I came to search for the whereabouts of the wind, but…
I look up at the sky by myself and rest for a little while

I sense the forgotten scent of gardenias
Huff… A deep breath; that’s right, I’ve noticed it

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Sketchbook ~full color’S~ Ending Theme – Sukecchibukku o Motta Mama

While I Still Had My Sketchbook
Vocals: Makino Yui
Lyrics: Oe Senri
Composition: Oe Senri
Arrangement: Shimizu Nobuyuki

On the path were frogs croak, I walked while kicking
You look back at the sound of a bicycle
The bicycle parking lot wind moved slowly
Just as an evening shower began to pound on the roof

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