Back from Sakura-Con 2011

Back now. That was fun.

Best times were had chomping on people’s heads with Charlotte, posing with Mami-san and VOfan, attempting to sell Toradora! near the NIS America booth, meeting a ton of people new and old, laughing at the NicoNico booth comments, and hugging all those adorable girls.

If anyone has NicoNico Douga stream photos or video uploads, please let me know. I couldn’t see a thing out of my Charlotte costume and the Cirno and I (and Sakuya and Bromiji) are very curious about what people said. We were quite nervous with the people asking us questions and attempting to read comments (and failing) simultaneously.

April 22-24, 2011, in Seattle, Washington.

No time to work on lyrics for a while.

Currently juggling full-time student schedule and part-time job with churning out several costumes and doing work for Artists’ Alley.

Finalized cosplay list
– Charlotte (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
– Kushieda Minori (Toradora!)
– Chen (Touhou, reusing an old costume)

Note: Charlotte will go on sale on Saturday at my Artist Alley booth. Sold

45 responses to “Back from Sakura-Con 2011

  1. Shana costume!

  2. Aw, a shame you got no time. I was hoping to find TIARA’s “Gomen ne” translated here. :/

    Anyway, your site is really awesome! Keep up the good work and good luck! =)

  3. That plush….looks somewhat disturbing.

  4. Minorin~! Does this mean you’ll cosplay Ami in another year or two and “complete the set”? ^_^; And will you have a bucket of pudding?

    Will you be doing the before (megane) or after Homerun (or both)?

    And lastly, what kind of pricing do you anticipate on the goods?

    • Will you or a friend have a laptop or such with you at the con? I could probably bring Madoka’s finale for you. 🙂

    • Hahah, I doubt I’ll ever have the right physique for Ami. I’ll be volunteering at the NIS America booth for Toradora! on Saturday.
      As for Homura, it doesn’t look like I’ll have enough time to complete the costume, but if I do bring her it will be the golf club version.
      As for pricing, I’m doing a bunch of craft items with a friend this time and they’ll run from $5 and up. If Charlotte goes on sale she’ll be around $50.

      • Glad to hear it will work out for the finale. That will be one hell of a group viewing, I bet. Walpurgisnacht is coming!

        Oh, an official Minorin kanbanmusume…that’s sweet. Also, golf club Homura would be win if that works out, ganbatte kudasai! :3 I’ll look forward to seeing Charlotte and the craft stuff.

  5. You were very cute in the Chen costume!

  6. I am watching you on niconico as I type. You’ll probably read this later on.

    I love you!


  7. Your Minorin was sugee kawaii! >_<;

  8. Ah, were you that Chen with two guys dressed up as Sayaka and Reimu?

  9. Was this you? i think im in love

    • Yep, with Bromiji and Sakuya (+ Reisen) in the background.

      • Wow, I saw you guys posing and taking pictures out in the main area and around the vendors room. I had no idea some of you were people whose blogs I’ve read online. Your cosplay was great as well.

        This was only my second anime convention, but I hope to go to more in the future.

  10. I thought you were amazing!

  11. Whoops. I forgot 4chan screenshot collection:

    Stream was pretty crazy. Just non-stop Chen spam the whole day! Even when the stream was closed and there was just a black screen.

    • Is the second screencap from around closing time at the Exhibitors’ Hall? I wouldn’t be surprised if the NicoNico booth decided to seek out Touhou cosplayers at future conventions they go to now.

  12. Good job on all of your costumes. I saw all three while watching the Nico live feed.

    (I have negative money due to school so I can’t buy Toradora DVDs)


    Sakura-con day 3 (with comments)

    You should check later as they will be uploaded.(No comments and w/ comments)

  14. Came across this one today on Flickr:

    • Well, following Flickr referrers can lead to interesting discoveries! (I took the ^above^ photo). Atashi, I was completely under the impression that it was a kid inside the Charlotte outfit! 😡

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