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Back From Sakura-Con 2013

One of the best conventions ever. I didn’t think it’d top my 2012 experience, but it did.

I accomplished everything I wanted to do, which was to meet some of the guests of honor at the convention and express my appreciation for their work and thank them in person. Looking back, I probably offended people with my broken impolite Japanese. I’m very sorry.

Thank you, Sakura-Con 2013, the wonderful staff of Aniplex, FUNimation, and ACP, and fellow fans of Sword Art Online and PSYCHO-PASS for making this con experience possible! みんな、お疲れ様でしたー!

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Going to Sakura-Con 2013

It’s that time of the year again. Sakura-Con 2013 in Seattle, Washington, from March 29th through 31st.

I will be volunteering as Silica at the Aniplex booth in Exhibitors’ Hall at block 335, 234, 333, 232 and official Sword Art Online events and panels (except for the Saturday night concert) for all three days of the convention. As you may have guessed, Sword Art Online appears to be the main theme of Sakura-Con this year and an amazing team of SAO cosplayers (in collaboration with ACP) will be working the Aniplex booth. Please feel free to stop by, discuss the finer points of SAO, and take a photo with us!

During my downtime and press conferences, I will be cosplaying Shimotsuki Mika from PSYCHO-PASS with a giant can of Hyper Oats. Free potted cactus plant for the first Ginoza-san I find.

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PSYCHO-PASS 2nd Ending Theme – All Alone With You

All Alone With You
Vocals: EGOIST
Lyrics: ryo
Composition: ryo
Arrangement: ryo

There’s no way
that I can love someone
But I want someone to love me
Even if yesterday stayed unchanged forever
We couldn’t go anywhere
You and me

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PSYCHO-PASS 1st Opening Theme – abnormalize

Vocals: Ling Tosite Sigure
Lyrics: TK
Composition: TK
Arrangement: TK

Things that I can’t show to anyone are flooding my mind
I’ve gone lost in a world where not even mistakes exist

This is a “world” phenomenon where only the visible things are real
and that has been rubbed in to an unbelievable degree
So can I expose it for what it is?

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PSYCHO-PASS 1st Ending Theme – Namae no Nai Kaibutsu

Monster Without A Name
Vocals: EGOIST
Lyrics: ryo
Composition: ryo
Arrangement: ryo

The fairytale
seems to have died moments ago
In the brick hospital ward, I can’t sing right at all
On the night shrouded in fog, come out, red moon
Hey, look at me
Don’t avert your eyes

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