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Season 4 of Digimon.

Digimon 100th Title Memorial Album We LOVE DiGiMONMUSiC – Yuuki o Uketsugu Kodomo-tachi e

To the Children who Inherit Courage
Vocals: Wada Koji, AiM, Miyazaki Ayumi, Hassy, Ota Michihiko, WILD CHILD BOUND, Sammy, Tanimoto Takeyoshi

We’re here
Waiting for you to come

How many failures have we had?
Nevertheless, we want to stick our chests out at you, in the wind

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Digimon Frontier Insert Song – Haruka na Okurimono

A Faraway Gift
Vocals: Wada Koji & AiM

I want to meet the faraway future and laughing us someday

The every days passing by are common to get fast and invisible
Now, where is this place that I’m at? Toward where do I face?

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Digimon Frontier 2nd Ending Theme – an Endless tale

an Endless tale
Vocals: Wada Koji & AiM

For you, for me
What can I do?

Guided by something invisible
We met again
By fate
It was a promise overcoming time

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Digimon Frontier Hyper Spirit Evolution Theme – The last element

The last element
Vocals: Ayumi

“What are we fighting for?”
We won’t be perplexed or such anymore
If it’s what no one but us can do
We don’t need reasons

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Digimon Frontier Christmas Smile – Christmas Night

Christmas Night
Vocals: Wada Koji

Snow comes floating down in the dark
Dyeing the town white before long
The streets, the roadside trees and the tall buildings
Everything is being covered in snow

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Digimon Frontier Christmas Smile – More More Happy Christmas

More More Happy Christmas
Vocals: Spirit Shinkers

Takuya: Say it, go!
All: Merry Christmas!

The snow fluttering down is repainting the world white and white
It seems to be hiding the tears of yesterday and the quarrels of the day before that
While I put up stockings, I’m happy of making memos of what I want
On the contrary, looking for these and those things to give is great, too

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Digimon Frontier Kanbara Takuya’s Theme – Saramandaa ~Takuya no Teema~

Salamander ~Takuya’s Theme~
Vocals: Kanbara Takuya

I didn’t know
That there’s another world
It was calling out
For my power

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