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Prince of Tennis 6th Ending Theme – SAKURA

Vocals: Hamaguchi Youmu
Lyrics: Hamaguchi Youmu
Composition: Hamaguchi Youmu
Arrangement: Kikuchi Keisuke

That white wind blows through my chest
With a tearful face
I meet and part from you, my dear
Laugh at the dirty me

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Prince of Tennis cool E Echizen Ryoma Image Song – Thank you for…

Thank you for…
Vocals: Minagawa Junko as Echizen Ryoma
Lyrics: Minagawa Junko
Composition: Fujita Yoshihisa
Arrangement: Fujita Yoshihisa

When the pale flower petals shook
And quietly landed
The little wind that carries the season
Has passed through me

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Prince of Tennis 7th Ending Theme – Wonderful Days

Fulfilling a request~

Wonderful Days
Vocals: Pull-tab and Can

On a bright afternoon, I open the window
I run without a reason on the shaded road
I took a breath with my shoulders, closed my eyes
And pictured a stage that starts from tomorrow
I’m forming an image of a new page
I’ll draw it on a pure white canvas
The head wind unmindfully opens up
This endlessly continuing, Brand new story

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