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BLEACH 13th Opening Theme – Ranbu no Melody

The Melody of a Wild Dance
Vocals: SID
Lyrics: Mao
Composition: Mimegumi Aki
Arrangement: SID

I quietly, quietly cut the curtains down
There’s a blue flame in the dawn of awakening

Darkness and discord as far as the eye can see, in the days of fumbling
We walked on, embracing a weakness of not knowing defeat

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BLEACH the Movie: Fade to Black Theme Song – Koyoi, Tsuki ga Miezu tomo

Dazai refers to works by Dazai Osamu, a Japanese writer known for his brilliant yet pessimistic writing style.

Tonight, Even if You Can’t See the Moon
Vocals: Porno Graffiti
Lyrics: Shindo Haruichi
Composition: Okano Akihito

Tonight, where does the moon shine on? From the sky covered in thick clouds
Tonight, who are you embraced by? Are you going to cry alone in the rain?

If you’re ashamed of yourself for thinking that you can share everything and having anticipated so
Then with a Dazai in your hand, you get onto the roof and show this world that you’re worried
You got yourself when you spat into the sky

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BLEACH 5th Opening Theme – Rolling star

Rolling star
Vocals: YUI
Lyrics: YUI
Composition: YUI
Arrangement: northa+

I just can’t stand it anymore
I’ve got to say what I want to say

On our way home, at the bus stop in dusk
I say Bye Bye Bye to your sunken back

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BLEACH 13th Ending Theme – Tane o Maku Hibi

The Days When I Sow Seeds
Vocals: Atari Kosuke
Lyrics: Kamogawa Yoshiyuki
Composition: Osaka Konosuke
Arrangement: Kono Shin

In the usual scenery of the usual city
The monochrome wind is blowing
In a fragment of hesitation that’s faintly fragrant
I’m wavering somewhere in my heart

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Vocals: Madono Mitsuaki as Kon
Lyrics: Kubo Tite & Demon Kogure
Composition: Demon Kogure & T.B.
Arrangement: T.B.

Even if I disappear, my heart is in tomorrow
To go from zero again- The truth is, it’s impossible
Even if I get controlled, I won’t fall for it
Even though I’m a toy

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BLEACH 2nd Movie Theme Song – Hikari no Rock

Rock of Light
Vocals: Sambomaster
Lyrics: Yamaguchi Takashi
Composition: Yamaguchi Takashi

Even if we only unbutton the buttons that are done wrong, nothing changes for us, right?
We’re only always dreaming here, so clumsy that we don’t do anything, aren’t we?

The things I’ve lost up to now and the things you see from this point-
If everything is replaced, can they change? Can they change?

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BLEACH 7th Opening Theme – After Dark

Just not as cool as Rewrite… Maybe it was the elevator scene in the OP sequence that made Rewrite better?

After Dark
Vocals: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Lyrics: Goto Masafumi
Composition: Goto Masafumi & Yamada Takahiro
Arrangement: Asian Kung-Fu Generation

I’ll escape while the shadow behind me finishes growing
Without even realizing that my wings have peeled and fallen off, I fly

I drool over the sweet scent at the street corner
From the far side
There’s a cry that sounds like I’ve heard it elsewhere

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