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InuYasha 4th Ending Theme – Every Heart -Minna no Kimochi-

Every Heart -Everyone’s Feelings-
Vocals: BoA
Lyrics: Watanabe Natsumi
Composition: BOUNCEBACK
Arrangement: h-wonder, Asahi Jun

How many tears will I shed
Every Heart, before I can become honest?
To whom do I tell my thoughts
Every Heart, will my heart be filled?

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InuYasha 2nd Ending Theme – Fukai Mori

Deep Forest
Vocals: Do As Infinity
Lyrics: Do As Infinity
Composition: Do As Infinity
Arrangement: Do As Infinity & Kameda Seiji

In the depths of the deep, deep forest, surely even now
Deserted hearts are hiding

Exhausted people who don’t have the strength to search
Disappear into the eternal darkness

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InuYasha 3rd Ending Theme – Dearest

Vocals: Hamasaki Ayumi

Besides the truly precious things
If I threw everything else away
It’d be nice, right?
Yet the reality is simply cruel

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InuYasha 1st Opening Theme – Change the World

Change the World
Vocals: V6

I want to change the world
Running through the gale1
Unafraid of anything, now embracing
Courage and the pieces of a smile
Change my mind
Without running out of enthusiasm
If we reach out our hands toward the heart-pounding future
We should be able to shine, It’s wonderland

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