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Koizora Ending Theme – Tabidachi no Uta

Song of Departure
Vocals: Mr.Children
Lyrics: Sakurai Kazutoshi
Composition: Sakurai Kazutoshi

Don’t be afraid.
Light up the lamp with anything you can get your hands on
A night of loneliness will someday break into dawn
On days when you fall down, I will be able to sense it in the faraway distance
And when you try again after getting up, you will somehow manage to make it, won’t you?

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Koizora Insert Song – heavenly days

heavenly days
Vocals: Aragaki Yui
Lyrics: Niihara Yoichi
Composition: Kubo Kenji

I turn off the time to wake up before the alarm clock ressounds
I don’t know why but I can already remember you

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Koizora Drama Ending Theme – Ai no Uta

Song of Love
Vocals: Fukui Mai
Lyrics: Yamamoto Katsuhiko 
Composition: Yamamoto Katsuhiko

The gentle wind always blows on the road     
I want to meet you, but is it okay for such a thing
There’s small heart beats and our feelings will overlap 
I’m just waiting for them to dissolve quietly into each other

Why do people yearn for answers?
I’m happy with this, happy

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