Fleece Skyrim Dovahkiin Hat

The heavens opened up and started snowing here. I thought I’d make a hat to match the weather.
Conclusion: will remake it with smaller horns and a hat body sized for my head

Materials used
– 8 inches of gray fleece (will use 9 inches of charcoal fleece next time)
– 6 inches of khaki tie-dye flannel
– black thread (will use gray thread next time)
– brown thread
– black interfacing

The progress

Basic hat body shape: a rounded triangle with a bite taken out of it

Four pieces cut out, sewn together at the holes

Hat body sewn together

Strip for the front brim

Front brim sewn on
Detailing added to the brim

Strip to go over the top

Top strip sewn on

Two pieces of the face part cut out

The face parts sewn together
Turn out to be too big, so they were corrected on the sides
Detailing added to the hems

Face part sewn onto the hat body over the front brim

Getting too hard to photo flat by this point
Nose piece on the right side with some detailing stitched in
Back side of the nose piece is reinforced with interfacing

Nose piece sewn on to connect the hat body with the face part

First back piece cut out

Detailing stitched into the first back piece

Back piece sewn to the hat

Side view of the hat thus far

First pieces for the horns

Horn pieces, cut from flannel

Drew groove lines on the horns and stitched over with thread

Stuffed vs. unstuffed horn

Horns with the hat joiner pieces

A bit of reinforcement stitching

Horns sewn to hat body, unstuffed

Horns stuffed with fiberfill
Hand-sewing round circles in to close the holes

The inner view

Finished front

Finished back


19 responses to “Fleece Skyrim Dovahkiin Hat

  1. Dominique Robinson

    Reblogged this on randompiecesoflife and commented:
    I love this it is so cool

  2. Thomas Meijvogel

    Whow! Best one i’ve ever seen! Are you able to publish the patterns?

    • Thanks!
      I don’t have a real set of patterns. I drew out what I needed on newspaper as rough patterns for the pieces. You can see what the basic cut pieces look like in the photos.

      • thomas meijvogel

        My offer still stands, $30 and i will pay for shipping too, please contact me trough email so we can work this out. I really would like to buy the hat from you because i can’t make it myself without patterns. And even if i had them, it would never look so great as yours does.

  3. I want one!!!! Can I buy one?

  4. Thomas Meijvogel

    Yeah i kinda want one too, but i’m totally sure i wont be able to pull it off just as perfect as you did without some patterns. God i’m rubbish.

    My offer is 30$ for the one you made which is too big for your head, and ofcourse i’ll pay for shipping costs too.

  5. My boyfriend absolutely loves this. Is there any way you could send me the patterns?

  6. can i buy one?please i can’t make this at home if you have skype add me i am: mrpapero ,or send me an email for the price thank you

  7. I’d love to buy one: email me at sa-johnson@live.com

  8. Would love to buy one of these if you’re selling! My email is lozeng3r@gmail.com 🙂

  9. I want one!!! Please tell me you are selling!!, contact me so we can work this out 🙂

  10. DragonsoulRising

    I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you’ve done! I wanted to make one like this for when I did my Warrior Dash, but I ran out of time. Now I have your inspiration to try one on my own for the next run 🙂 Or for when I’m just bumming around the house, playing skyrim or chasing bad guys off my lawn (true story – but no Dovahkiin Hat tho).

  11. I wanted to make one of these for my friend for Christmas, I honestly have no intention of turning a profit from these. May I please have some sort of a pattern, if you have one left?

  12. Wow! this is great! could you give us some measurements (roughly) of some of the pieces? It would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

  13. I LOVE this hat. I would like to buy one. We just got a load of snow and i need to keep them dragons off my snowmen. If selling how can i buy? Email is cameronj@gmail.com.

  14. I thought I would just stop by and say thanks. I took your assembly instructions and a a few screen shots and I made this.

  15. I made one sort of like this, and I thought I’d mention that when stuffing the horns, use just enough to round them out. If you pack them firmly it will make them heavy and they can droop!

  16. my husband loves it, thank youuu bby ♥ so creative!!!

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