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Okamikakushi Game Opening Theme – the beginning of the end

From the original PSP game.

the beginning of the end
Vocals: Hemi-you
Lyrics: Hemi-you
Composition: Matsui Ryo

Wandering through a dream, I walk
Where I make my way to is an unfamiliar world
A scenery unfolds behind my closed eyelids
I feel the warmth of skin and a sense of guilt

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Okamikakushi Insert Song – Joga no Hassaku

The Joga Hassaku Orange
Vocals: Oyama Masashi
Lyrics: Machida Toko
Composition: Ozawa Takumi
Arrangement: Ozawa Takumi

Hassaku, Hassaku, the Joga Hassaku orange~
So so so so so sour, sour
Hassaku, Hassaku, August is the time to eat them~
So so so so so sour, sour
On a hot, hot summer night when you can’t sleep well,
The Hassaku orange is crispy, crispy,
And your heart calms down~
Hassaku, Hassaku, the Joga Hassaku orange~
So so so so so sour, sour

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Okamikakushi Ending Theme – Tsukishirube

The girls’ school uniform in Okamikakushi is one of the prettier ones coming out of this winter 2010 anime season. The same thing cannot be said for the boys’ uniform. Peach-Pit’s design also makes everyone look a little too young; Hiroshi looks 14 and Mana looks all of 9 years old.

Also, poor, poor Ogasawara. And Shiraishi Minoru voices this poor chap.

Moon Guide
Vocals: Nanri Yuuka
Lyrics: Ozawa Takumi
Composition: Ozawa Takumi
Arrangemnet: Ozawa Takumi

Please don’t forget, this feeling
Is the resonance of love that we believed in

On the night when I hug you, the waning moon cries
In my repeating sins, the moon of hesitation
Grows full and becomes obscured

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Okamikakushi Opening Theme – Toki no Mukou   Maboroshi no Sora

Another stunning song from Kajiura Yuki this season.
This opening theme wouldn’t be out of place if it was used as a Higurashi or Umineko song.

Okamikakushi immediately invokes the setting of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. A young man moves to a remote town where a wolf god is said to prey on helpless victims and he befriends a throng of cute girls with varying degrees of possibly murderous intent. The story also takes place in summer of 1983.

Lovely job, Ryukishi-cakes, for another masterpiece.

Across Time   Sky of Illusions
Vocals: FictionJunction
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

Does love always
Lead to sorrow?
I couldn’t speak up and tell you
“Please don’t cry all alone anymore”

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