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Spice and Wolf II Opening Theme – Mitsu no Yoake

Honey Dawn
Vocals: Arai Akino
Lyrics: Arai Akino
Composition: Arai Akino

Dawn comes quieter than a sleeper’s breaths
Your dream now dashes through the forest
If you’ve lost your motion of waking up and searching for a light
I’ll find it for you
It’s hiding in the future of yours and mine

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Spice and Wolf: Boku to Holo no Ichinen Theme Song – Tonari ni Iru yo

I’m Next To You
Vocals: Koshimizu Ami as Holo
Lyrics: Hirano Haiji
Composition: Aizawa Masaru
Arrangement: Peko

The wind is scented, the birds chirp, clouds drift and turn colorful
Even the scenery that I should be familiar with seems like a totally different thing

I see your face from the side, deep in thought, so I intentionally bump into your shoulders
Because then, you turn a tender gaze toward me

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Spice and Wolf Ending Theme – Ringo Biyori ~The Wolf Whistling Song

Apple Weather ~The Wolf Whistling Song
Lyrics: Chris Mosdell
Composition: Yamashita & noe
Arrangement: Hogari Hisaaki

O seven apples on a witch’s tree
With seven seeds to plant inside of me
In springtime I grew a magic song
Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone

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Spice and Wolf Opening Theme – Tabi no Tochuu

En Route on the Journey
Vocals: Kiyoura Natsumi
Lyrics: Komine Koko
Composition: Kira Tomohiko
Arrangement: Kira Tomohiko

Within the journey
Where I grew lost all alone
Only my heart wandered and stood still
But now I can
Walk very far
That’s right, after I met you
On this road

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