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KILL la KILL 1st Ending Theme – Gomen ne, Ii ko ja Irarenai

Sorry, I Can’t be a Good Girl
Vocals: Sawai Miku
Lyrics: Sawai Miku
Composition: Sawai Miku
Arrangement: Tateyama Akiyuki

I slipped past the dull gazes of adults before the dismissal bell chimed
We walk down the hillside path without pausing during our mindless chatter

I’m not going to do anything, nor do I have a place to go to
I’m just
blocking out all advice now
So please, so please let me keep doing as I like

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KILL la KILL 1st Opening Theme – Sirius

Vocals: Aoi Eir
Lyrics: meg rock
Composition: Shigenaga Ryosuke
Arrangement: Shigenaga Ryosuke

I’ll strip off the ready-made today
that someone else set up without asking
I’ll go run barefooted

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KILL la KILL 2nd Opening Theme – ambiguous

Vocals: GARNiDELiA
Lyrics: meg rock
Composition: toku
Arrangement: GARNiDELiA

After severing what fate had intended for me…

I went beyond what I can do
in a confined world covered in blisters
I walk down the runway
Hiding that fact behind my smile

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