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Senki Zessho Symphogear Ending Theme – Meteor Light

Meteor Light
Vocals: Takagaki Ayahi
Lyrics: mavie
Composition: Fujita Junpei
Arrangement: Fujita Junpei

Get back to where I once belonged, BUT!! When I look back, there’s only the sound of the wind
Don’t let me down, Don’t make me confused; despair paints over me
Escape from here!! It’s like a nightmare, chasing after me
My dreams, ideals, and passion are going to get drowned out again

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Senki Zessho Symphogear Opening Theme – Synchrogazer

Vocals: Mizuki Nana
Lyrics: Mizuki Nana
Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu
Arrangement: Agematsu Noriyasu

Listen to my song…

Can you hear my voice? please tell me…
Aiming for the fabricated sky that has no answer, fly far away

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