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Shiki Ending Theme – walk no Yakusoku

Promise of the walk
Vocals: nangi
Lyrics: nangi
Composition: Suemitsu Atsushi
Arrangement: Suemitsu Atsushi

Aiming for a great dream, I walked
I get lost and lost on my endless journey
Back then, in the rain mixed with snow
I didn’t know if they were tears or not
I bade you goodbye, that we can’t ever meet again

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Shiki 1st Opening Theme – Kuchizuke

Lyrics: Sakurai Atsushi
Composition: Imai Hisashi
Arrangement: BUCK-TICK

Will you say that we can love…love each other? I’ll cover your lips
Close your eyes and give me a sinful kiss

We can love…love each other surely, stabbing into the nape of your neck
Close your eyes and give me a sinful kiss

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