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Animelo Summer Live 2010 -evolution- Theme Song – evolution ~for beloved one~

evolution ~for beloved one~
Vocals: Ayane, ALI PROJECT, Ishikawa Chiaki, Ito Kanako, Okui Masami, GranRodeo, Kuribayashi Minami, JAM Project (Kageyama Hironobu, Endo Masaaki, Kitadani Hiroshi, Okui Masami, Fukuyama Yoshiki), Tamura Yukari, Chihara Minori, Nanri Yuuka, Faylan, fripSide, Mizuki Nana, May’n, Momoi Halko
Lyrics: Okui Masami
Composition: Kuribayashi Minami
Arrangement: Iizuka Masaaki

I stand still for a little while on the road I’ve walked until today in a Break chance
The beloved days are of proud and earnest eyes and passion

Even on rainy days, even if storms assault me, I wanted to grasp them relentlessly
Even the pieces in an unreachable dream and the reality where I can’t stand up

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Animelo Summer Live 2009 -RE:BRIDGE- Theme Song – RE:BRIDGE ~Return to oneself~

RE:BRIDGE ~Return to oneself~
Vocals: ALI PROJECT, Ayane, Chihara Minori, ELISA, GRANRODEO, Hirano Aya, Ishikawa Chiaki, Ito Kanako, JAM PROJECT, Kuribayashi Minami, manzo, May’n, Mizuki Nana, Momoi Halko, Okui Masami, Omi Tomoe, PSYCHIC LOVER, Sakakibara Yui, savage genius, Suara, Yonekura Chihiro
Lyrics: Okui Masami
Composition: Kuribayashi Minami
Arrangement: Suzuki Daichi Hideyuki

I wonder, do you still remember? The promise that we made on that day
It can’t be just smiles during the days that I pass through
But breathing here…there’s a hot memory

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