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H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ Insert Song – life

Vocals: Shimotsuki Haruka
Lyrics: Shimotsuki Haruka
Composition: Shimotsuki Haruka
Arrangement: Fujita Junpei

Catching the pouring light in my hands
The sunflowers sway in the wind
It’s the scenery that you were in

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H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ Ending Theme – Kazahane

Wind Wings
Vocals: Shimotsuki Haruka
Lyrics: Shimotsuki Haruka
Composition: Fujita Junpei
Arrangement: Kikuta Daisuke

I stood still on the hill steeped in dusk
Alone, I gazed at the stretching shadows
In this world, so fleeting and heartless
My wishes spill out again

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H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ Opening Theme – Katayoku no Ikaros

One-Winged Icarus
Vocals: Sakakibara Yui
Lyrics: Agematsu Noriyasu
Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu
Arrangement: Fujima Hitoshi

Even with a lost past, an unflyable sky, and unfaded wounds
Because you were here, we could laugh together…

On the blue hill, the recollections that I held tightly
Accumulate and give me a dream
On a starry night, I pointed at the distant Orion
And forgot that I don’t have wings

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