CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Insert Song – Continued Story

My ranking of all Hitomi insert songs for Code Geass, from favorite to least favorite:

Boku wa, Tori ni Naru.
Innocent Days
– Continued Story
Lullaby of M

Continued Story
Vocals: Hitomi
Lyrics: Kuroishi Hitomi
Composition: Kuroishi Hitomi
Arrangement: Kuroishi Hitomi

Even just with that single droplet
I just might be able to protect the flower
It’s your smiling face, and with that alone
I can even reach out my hands
If you gather up those trembling voices
You just might be able to start a wind
Light the fleeting glow known as your life
And move your feet forward

La la la la la la la la lan
Let’s meet again someday
La la la la la la la la lan
As long as we’re still alive

What are my overflowing thoughts
That overcome time yet get caught by it?
Where are those people now?
Who keep kindness in corners of their eyes

There’s a new seat next to me
We’ll meet again for the sake of the future
Let’s try living through the day known as today
For as long as we can without façades
It’s sad and painful for people
Nevertheless, their roads continue endlessly

La la la la la la la la lan
Let’s meet again someday
La la la la la la la la lan
As long as we’re still alive

La la la la la la la la lan
That which the wind carries
La la la la la la la la lan
Is a melody that opens up tomorrow

La la la la la la la la lan
Let’s meet again someday
La la la la la la la la lan
As long as we’re still alive

La la la la la la la la lan
That which the wind carries
La la la la la la la la lan
Is a melody that opens up tomorrow

Continued Story
Vocals: Hitomi

Sono hitotsubu no shizuku de sae mo
Hana o mamoru kamo shirenai
Sono waraigao tada sore dake de
Sashinoberu te ni mo nareru
Sono furueteru koe atsumereba
Kaze o okosu kamo shirenai
Sono inochi to iu hakanaki akari
Tomoshite ashi o susumeyou

Itsuka mata aou
Ikiteru kagiri

Toki o koe toraerareteru
Afureru kono omoi wa nani?
Yasashisa ga mejiri ni niau
Ano hito-tachi wa ima doko ni iru no?

Tonari ni wa atarashii seki
Mirai no tame ni mata deau
Kazaranai mama dekiru dake
Ikite miyou kyou to iu hi
Kanashikute hito wa setsunai
Sore de mo doko made mo michi wa tsuzuku

Itsuka mata aou
Ikiteru kagiri

Kaze ga hakobu mono
Asu o hiraku merodi

Itsuka mata aou
Ikiteru kagiri

Kaze ga hakobu mono
Asu o hiraku merodi


75 responses to “CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Insert Song – Continued Story

  1. Thanks a lot for the translations and romanji! Sound even more like Lulu is still alive 😉

  2. omg.thanks for me headaches.

  3. It’s very unlikely for someone that hasn’t finished the series to look for the insert song that title promises to be played in the end, or he must be aware that comments may continue spoilers :p

  4. i love this song.
    Sound even more like Lulu is still alive

  5. errrr….I can’t seem to match up the romanji to the song……:\ for instance it sounds like the song starts with a word with the doy sound…..some one help me out here T_T is the you tube version just messed up? or is it because this is only the parts of the song that’s played at the ending and not the full song :\

    • The lyrics start at about 1:54 in the youtube videos. I had the same problem.

      • i kno! it doesnt match at all, i think she starts singing in english then changes 2 japanese, so thats when the romanji matches- like in half the song
        but the english doesnt match the song in the begining

  6. Thanks a lot!!!

  7. Well, this song proves me to believe that Lulu’s still alive.
    What sunrise’s purpose for choosing this song as insert song in final turn’s episode?

    • I wish he was still alive. Unfortunately, he isn’t. In the last episode, he told Suzaku that in order for there to be world peace, he had to die. He said, if he died, there would be a state of peace amongst the Britannian’s and the Elevens. After he was supposedly killed, the world was calmed. Stating that Lelouch truly died.
      But he will live on in our hearts always.

  8. @ av8708
    the romanji and translation here started around 1:53 of the, nothing wrong with your youtube ver.

  9. thx for the romanji and translation :).
    nice song ^^.

  10. Thanks so much~ My heart still hurts when I listen to this song…

  11. I love Code Geass, I love this Song. I want download this song. Help me!!!!

  12. @arsenal

    you can download whole r2 ost with this song (in second ost) using bittorent in

  13. For those that don’t know, this song is included on the R2 OST #2 :3 (it’s a beautiful soundtrack, y’all should buy it)

    But thank you for much for the translation of the song! I think I teared up again while listening to it and reading the translated lyrics ;_;

    I’m sad that Code Geass is over…maybe they’ll make a movie or OVA….mebbe *hopes rumors are true*

  14. these translation are for the 2nd part onward after the opening.. when the japanese comes in.. at least that’s what i heard.. from the start she was singing another language? english or…?

  15. *spoiler…?* !!! he’s alive!!!!! ;A; thank goooodddd *tears of joy*

  16. Thx For the Translation the only reason it is popular is that it sounds good and it is telling how the lives of everyone else in the anime continues with there now peaceful lives after Lelouch dies (sorry to burst others bubbles) but Lelouch is DEAD, he did not get Charles’ or C.C.’s code, i also almost didn’t believe that he died but he is dead

  17. Agreed. The song may have been written in C.C.’s POV. The song is just so sweet.

    I think all of Hitomi’s songs for Code Geass were all sweet. ^__^

    Code Geass was an amazing adventure for me ^_^

  18. thanks for the translation and romanji! actually this song caught my attention when i first heard it. mesmerizing. 🙂

  19. yeah at first i think she’s singing in English ( which is pretty common for cg insert song) anyone has the lyric for that part pls?

  20. Thank you lyric if you want download anime you can it at

  21. I thought that song and the OST piece prior to that one both to be very well composed… I especially liked the flute parts. Code Geass’s OST really deserves some praise. The choreography was excellent too.

  22. Stories is definitely my favorite of them all, then it is a toss up between Innocent days and Continued Story for second place, and then Masquerade.

    Thanks alot for the translations!!!
    I’m not sure that this can really be said to be from C.C’s perspective alone because should Lulu be dead ( I’m not even going to wager if he is or isn’t) C.C will still be alone. No matter what impact he had on her then, his death still leaves her with very little to look foreword to. It was never that she didn’t have people around her…it was the “right” person.

    Anyway…as far as OST’s go, Code Geass really has done a fantastic job.

  23. well I think it should end the way it ended. Even though it’s a sad ending, if Taniguchi keeps Lelouch alive at the ending, the ending’ll suck (my opinion). not that I hate Lelouch, I like him. It’s good enough that he died as a winner unlike Raito Yagami in Deathnote, died as a loser, begging for his life. Who want to keep a dictator alive? It’s like supporting Hitler. but I’m still expecting an OVA since C.C. didn’t die, she smiles in the end though. it’s a great anime, although it has a sad ending, it’s the best way to end the anime.

  24. I wouldn’t have wanted any other ending. It was perfect.

    I must say that It is a bit offensive to compare Lulu to Hitler, or even mention them in the same situation. It trivializes the evil that Hitler did, and obscured his intentions. Hitler wanted to enslave people and hold the world captive to his will. He wanted to rule by using fear, the only person who can be compared even a wee bit to him in Code Geass would be Schneizel. Had Lulu not intervened Schneizel would have become a true dictator.
    Lulu wanted people to be free. He “became” a dictator so that people could free themselves in the long run, but he was never truly one. Lulu’s character is the type of person who pops up in certain eras in the world to bring about this type of freedom.

    Yagami was always a mere selfish individual who cared about no one and would sacrifice anyone and anything if it meant that he would not be harmed. He too would have been a bloodthirsty and powerful dictator.

  25. Definitely one of her best songs ever. It fit the ending too. Thats what i call a perfect ending for code geass.

  26. i like how hitomi sings, soothing and cool. Greet the dawn of the morning playing “continued story”, IT FEELS GREAT!!!

  27. The world needs someone like Lelouch. In order for humanity to truly unite, it needs to face something that threatens us as a race…we just aren’t evolved enough yet to set aside our differences, our prejudiced and greedy mindsets.

    That being said, just about every piece of music in this anime totally rocked…but this one, when associated with the mental imagery of that final few minutes really plucks at the heartstrings.

  28. ^ Couldn’t agree more. I think we need a group of people to do this. A la Celestial Being (for those who love Gundam 00).

  29. my favourite code geass song.

    i hope there will be an ova or maybe a 3rd season, but thats nothing more than fanboy wishes.

    the ending was to good XD a inferno of Spice and Wolf artworks flamed the internet…^^ but its really close to

    thanks for song + lyrics

  30. This song cleans your soul, this is the song of the gods.

  31. i still can’t understand the first part (which is in engrish though) anyone has the album cover which includes the lyrics pls?

  32. What you hear as Engrish is apparently the made-up language the Hitomi sings in her songs. D: Which is why it’s not in the lyric booklets anyway.

  33. thank you very much for the lyrics! this an awesome song and it fitted so well with the scenes in episode 25 *it made me cry, lelouch!!* my favourite CG song!

  34. Doesn’t it actually sound like it’s being sung from Kallen’s perspective, remembering and reminiscing about Lelouch?

  35. T_T I cried so hard when I heard that song in the end. Ok I was already crying for Lelouch, but this song made it worst. I agree that this isn’t Hitomi’s best song though…I love “boku ha, torini naru” too much, and “stories” is constantly on my favourite list even after season 1 has ended for so long.

    I think we should, as fans, say goodbye and say “rest in peace” to Lelouch. To be sure, I was devastated by his death, but any other ending would put everything Lelouch is trying to express into the drain. I am glad that his actions have influenced so many people and have saved so many. I won’t forget what he had done in the process to achieve all of this though, heh.

  36. It was such a moving song…it brought me close to tears along with Nunnally’s crying and weeping for Lelouch’s death.

  37. i would just like to say that this song is a great song truly expressing all the feelings of all the main characters in the end of code geass. although i was at first very angered at lelouchs death i realized that his death is what made this anime so captivating in the end and made this my favorite anime of all time. i wish he weren’t dead but its his death, the way he died and the circumstances in which he had his life taken that it brought out lelouchs heroism and bravery and legacy. its similar to L’s death in death note. only in the fact that both their deaths saddened the fans and yet at the same time it made their characters more and more memorable and forever lasting in everyfans heart as the ultimate hero. Continued Story to me expresses lelouchs Geass(his wish) that he would end war and evil and create a new peaceful world, and he will always be remembered by those who finally understood why he did what he did in thier lives to come, like nunally, karren, suzaku c.c and all the people close to him. this is his story that will always be remembered and never end, continued story

  38. when i hear this song…. i feel that my future is coming, i feel that i must continue my life with smile ^__^. thanks LULU i never forget you

  39. Setsuna_F.Seiei

    thank you for this insert song
    i really love it
    i’ll never forget you LULU

  40. hmmm i wonder what is what the begining says? it sounds like english (i speak spanish) but im not sure i just hear some words in english. hmmmmm i cant find the lyrics for the begining part T_T

    • same here…now it’s exactly 12 mn oct. 29.2009 and still i can’t find the complete lyrics of this song.i started looking for it around past 9pm….mmm all i want to poit out is that…i also need your help…=]

      help me or can somebody giv me a link of the site where i can totally obtain the complete lyrics of this song….thank you…May God bless you all!!!!

  41. Anna vi Britannia

    I just love this song, it gives hope for the people who still live. Lelouch died with all the hatred of the world on his shoulders, to strip it away from the hearts of the humans.
    Lelouch is the real hero I say (: Some people just really didn’t understood what he did, as the viewer saw Lelouch’s part of the plan and the others didn’t. All hail Lelouch! xD

  42. One of the best anime i see. Continued Story is my favorit song.

  43. ive been able to download it on limewire
    continued story code geass R2 original soundtrack 2

  44. When I listen to this song, it makes me smile and cry at the same time… but, when I read the lyrics and listen to the song at the same time, the words are completely different… it’s confusing, but thank you for the lyrics!

  45. i just listen to this song whenever i feel any anguish to anyone and i feel calmed of this song….only that i want to sing along with it but i am to shy to do so caue i just murmur it with an imitation of what it really sounds…heee

    i know we all love this song and of course leouch as well…i wonder whose story has splendidly formulated this….

    you know i am a filipino and i actually can relate the story of code geass to our present political situation….

    all i learned from the anime is that different people have different ways and various timings in doing on their part for the good of our world…salamat….imean thank you to this anime it has inspired me to the fullest…

  46. o….i forgot to smile….heee


  47. This is supposed to be the correct lyrics … Have a look!!!

    • So where did it come from? Your own interpretation or someone else’s? Or was it straight out of an official source?

      • It’s from someone else’s(n many of them not a single person from the web) interpretation whereby he/she/they turned on the volume of the headphone to an extreme loud level to listen at the lyrics…
        It’s not from an official source…
        Up to u to believe it or not…try singing the lyrics alongside with the song…n tell me the results…
        Or else just do the same as those ppl did…
        Or do u need me to resubmit the lyrics again?

      • Ah, so it’s just a fan interpretation. This site is mainly for official lyrics, so fan lyrics aren’t necessary.

  48. Ah, i believe the beginning is in English. Well, okay. Engrish…

    Kind of makes sense, Nyeh? Of course, I’m not 100% positive..

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  50. I teared up while listenin to this song and seeing the ending. OMG wat a song.. Do you guys know any other songs sung by Hitomi other than code geass.. Or some other songs by vocalists that invoke equal intensity of feelings…?

  51. ASH: I don’t know for sure, but you could consider checking out Gundam00 or Haibane Renmei for songs. I think both of those have pretty moving stories. Now that I know the translation for Blue Flow, the closing song of Haibane Renmei, it is a good deal more powerful. There are very likely songs within the animes themselves that might be more poignant.

    If you are actually watching the anime, then in the last ep of Gunslinger Girl there is a song that, though not necessarily sad in and of itself, could very well put you in tears.

  52. ASH: Actually, now that I think on it a bit more, there are some songs in Jigoku Shoujo that I thought quite moving. The only one I know by name is the closing song to the first cage, Karinui. There are three cages in all, the second being Futakomori and the third, Mitsuganae.
    You should also check Sora, from the movie Vision of Escaflowne, and songs from movies by Miyazaki Hayao-san. I believe the artist that does those songs — or at least the composer — is Hisaishi-san, though there may be others. In Princess Mononoke, the title song is beautiful. The theme of Laputa: Castle in the Sky is likewise very nice. I think it’s called Carrying You, or Kimi wo Nosete.
    Miyamoto Shunichi-san, who does D.N.Angel’s opening as well as some of the incidental music, also has some nice work. I don’t know if it’s on par with Code Geass and Hitomi-san, but….
    I hope this helps you out. ^.^

  53. the s0ng is great the word are have sense like the story…………
    to thanks

  54. I honestly don’t think this song is about Lelouch(or in his POV rather)
    It’s more likely it’s either Suzaku, CC, or Nunnally.

    I cry every time I hear it.

  55. Great song… and i say this one more time lelouch is not dead, because he promised to make c.c. smile, figure it out for yourselves

  56. thank you!
    this song made me shiver at the end of the series. I won’t say that Lulu is still alive, but this song made me believe in the future, just like Lulu. ^__^

  57. this is my favorite song in code geass !second is stories,
    it make me think of all the event in code geass, lulu sacrifires so many thing and finally bring peace to the world.

    But,I still believe lulu is alive ~
    this is what I think:
    lulu get code from Charles as he(indirectly ?)kill him and the moment he stabbed the code by suzaku-kun activated(in the flashback, CC also being killed(cover in blood) when she get her code, as well as Charles is shot by lulu and then revive with code activated)

    That’s why orange-kun is smilling while letting suzaku kill lulu
    Nunally dont know the plan obviously so she cried
    Suzaku cried because he cant see lulu anymore in the future
    CC crying and praying… i dont know why…
    and in the last scene the guy riding on the cart is lulu ,
    so CC is so relax and talking to him…

    CC and lulu go to hide at somewhere else and spend their eternity together~ TOO SWEET ! XD

    so I believe lulu’s alive~

    • oh well for CC crying and praying part i guess that because she was not sure that lulu have the code or not?
      and lulu promised to let CC smile,
      ~lulu x CC~ forever!

      • I think CC cried because of Lelouch`s immortality. In the anime she mentioned, that eternal life is a hell, she even wanted to die, and the sister, who gave code to CC wanted to die too. And Lelouch didnt just get endless life, he got endless life in a world, where everyone but 3-4 people(sister, Kallen, CC, Orange-kun) hates him, curses him,Everlasting punishment, just like hell.
        And sorry for my English)

  58. ohmygod! thanks for submitting this lyric! but english part is missing kinda pity ;(
    yeah, i also cried when lelou died. and it was great if it ended like that. its a great ending afterall.
    all hitomi’s songs i like it~ eventhough it’s kinda scary and drive my tears come out =)

  59. ArZz Phantomhive Trancy

    do you have the kanji lyrics?

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  61. And just in case anyone needs – i found full lyrics. Its not official, so where might be mistakes.

    God bless our King t’wards a bright day
    Let us wish in your triumph

    In this darkest night, in this moment’s time/nigh
    Can you still be in sheer disarray?
    To the minute away, to the moment tonight
    Can you share it to me and claim your/my world.

    To your day in my new era
    Till your day in my new wide world

    Do it tonight, let this war end tonight
    Can you still be in sheer disarray?
    Do it tonight, let this war end tonight
    Can you still be in sheer disarray?
    With this time…

  62. Code Geass is an Awesome anime one of few which made me shed tears and friends i also think lulu is still alive and will forever in our hearts

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