2009 Site Stats


For the year 2009, this site picked up a total of 1,753,489 views.
The busiest month was March, with 163,292 views.
On an average day, this site saw around 4,170 to 5,267 visits.

The busiest day on record remains September 30th, 2008, with a visitor count of 8,271, partially fueled by a staggering inflow of 1,116 visits to the lyrics post for Continued Story from Code Geass R2, the day after its finale aired.

Highest Post Views of 2009
These posts got the most views on the site within 2009. Popular lyrics of the month or even week come and go, but the definite trend is toward popular anime shows that invoke images of fans screaming for angsty (and often yaoi-tastic) boys at conventions.

1st Place
the WORLD, the 1st opening theme of Death Note
– 37,593 post views
This post has always been the most popular every single year since the start of the site in 2006. Death Note has a very solid fanbase, and the song itself, the WORLD, still hasn’t gotten boring after all these years. Then again, it’s not a song that I listen to on a regular basis.

2nd Place
Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi, the opening theme of Vampire Knight
– 32,497 post views
Possibly the top shojo genre show of 2008. I swear 2006 is Ouran High School Host Club, I can’t remember what was hot in 2007, and 2009 is Kuroshitsuji.

3rd Place
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, the opening theme of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
– 23,380 post views
This is somewhat surprising to me, because in my mind, Higurashi will always be an ‘indie’ game. Certainly it has never become ragingly popular like typical shonen or shojo shows, but somewhere between the killer lolis and emo face distortions in the anime and game (both of epic artistic proportions in their own ways), Higurashi has managed to pick up a strong, loyal legion of fans. Unlike Death Note and Vampire Knight above, Higurashi’s fans seem to be balanced in the gender ratio. The opening theme is haunting and fits the horror aspect of the show well.

4th Place
again, the 1st opening theme of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
– 21,047 post views

5th Place
Motteke! Sailor-fuku, the opening theme of Lucky☆Star
– 18,090 post views

6th Place
Dango Daikazoku, the ending theme of CLANNAD
– 17,603 post views

7th Place
Sakura Kiss, the opening theme of Ouran High School Host Club
– 17,554 post views

8th Place
Shissou, the ending theme of Ouran High School Host Club
– 12,280 post views

9th Place
still doll, the ending theme of Vampire Knight
– 11,961 post views

10th Place
Kokoro no Tamago, the opening theme of Shugo Chara!
– 11,607 post views

Honorable Mention
The downloads & sources page
– 22,725 post views
If this page was a lyrics post, it’d be coming in 4th place for the year.

Observations of interesting trends on the site, beyond the predictable ‘popular shojo/shonen show = more visits’.

– The lyrics for Black★Rock Shooter, art turned Vocaloid song turned musical video turned figurine turned upcoming anime, enjoyed a massive spike in popularity after the announcement of the anime project in August. The monthly visit count for the page doubled during the period between June to October.

– This wasn’t a lyrics post, but a halfheartedly doodle of Holo from Spice and Wolf I posted back in March 2008 has seen plateaus of visits. Popularity was high from July to October of 2008, months after the anime finished airing, then it dropped off the cliff. It was revived to previous levels in July 2009 with the airing of Spice and Wolf II, but it remains strong even now, despite that the second season wrapped up in September. More interestingly but unsurprisingly, frequent search engine terms used to find the post include “furry“.


One response to “2009 Site Stats

  1. Yeah, it surprises me too. Higurashi is a like indie anime series as you say. When I first met the series before the start of kai nobody knew about it. But it seems to be more popular with every new thing related with When they cry series.

    Congratulations for yours visits and happy episode 6

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