CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion Insert Song – Masquerade

This is a sad song, written from Lelouch’s viewpoint. I’ve finally finished translating all songs released up to now for CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion, just in time for OST II’s release in a few days (and the arrival of more insert songs).

Vocals: Hitomi
Lyrics: Kuroishi Hitomi
Composition: Kuroishi Hitomi

While my heart is still locked
With a cold attitude, I don a mask on my body
Who knows
My true face? Besides you

Without ever giving a thought about exposing
My own weaknesses and strengths
I hid my tears
From people who can show their true faces

I can’t lose you, who I kept searching for

You’re My Destiny
I want to try and believe
I still don’t understand the meaning of eternity
But You’re My Destiny
If I compose tomorrow’s dream
Then it’ll become my destiny
Say you’ll share with me one love

In order to seize it in my hands
I calmly hurt others and lived to this point
But loneliness
Was the only thing left in the hands of who I am

I won’t desire anything if you’re by my side

You’re My Destiny
Open your heart
I want to confess my unyielding thoughts
You’re My Destiny
The bond that I feel
Is the destiny of our meeting
Say you’ll share with me one love

You’re My Destiny
I want to try and believe…
You’re My Destiny
In tomorrow’s dream…

You’re My Destiny
Open your heart
I want to confess my unyielding thoughts
You’re My Destiny
The bond that I feel
Is the destiny of our meeting
Say you’ll share with me one love

Vocals: Hitomi

Kokoro ni kagi o kaketa mama
Tsumetai taido de   kamen o mi ni tsukeru
Dare ga boku no sugao
Shitte iru darou?   Kimi no hoka ni wa

Jibun no yowasa mo tsuyosa mo
Sarakedashitai nante   ichido mo omowazu ni
Namida kakushite kita
Hontou no kao o miserareru hito

Sagashitsuzuketeta   kimi o ushinaenai

You’re My Destiny
Shinjite mitai
Eien no imi wa mada wakaranai kedo
You’re My Destiny
Ashita no yume o
Tsuzureba sore ga unmei ni kawaru
Say you’ll share with me one love

Kono te ni tsukamitoru tame ni
Heiki de kizutsukete   koko made ikite kita
Dakedo kodoku dake ga
Kono boku no te ni nokosareta mono

Nani mo nozomanai   kimi ga soba ni ireba

You’re My Destiny
Kokoro o akete
Uchiaketai yuzurenai omoi o
You’re My Destiny
Kanjiru kizuna
Futari no deai unmei nanda to
Say you’ll share with me one love

You’re My Destiny
Shinjite mitai…
You’re My Destiny
Ashita no yume o…

You’re My Destiny
Kokoro o akete
Uchiaketai yuzurenai omoi o
You’re My Destiny
Kanjiru kizuna
Futari no deai unmei nanda to
Say you’ll share with me one love


43 responses to “CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion Insert Song – Masquerade

  1. Thanks for the translation! I love this song!

  2. awesome, thanks for the translation.

  3. Thank you sooooo much. The song is very beautiful.

  4. Thank you for the translation~ TwT …

    … when I first heard it as the insert song, it made me feel sad even though I didn’t know what the words meant >8 … but now I do … ~ xD haha …

  5. thankuuu for the translation….i wanted to cry when i heard this song….WOOO for luluXshirley!!!!!

  6. What about the Chorus in the song?

    It’s something along ” Tell me what, is true love? ” and something I can’t hear or translate. X-x;

  7. I wonder who the person he’s been searching for in this song?

  8. Awesome!!!I love this song!!! thanks!!!

  9. This was the song that played during the scene where Lelouch was talking to Shirley after erasing her memory, isn’t it?

    Argh, it’s driving me nuts trying to work out what she’s saying in the chorus. I think she says “Cos I gotta know if this is real” after she says “Tell me what, is true love?” Anyone got anymore that they can work out?

  10. I love this song…It’s so sad and beautiful. (;_;)/~~~

  11. this song is very nice and melodious
    thx !

  12. A girl with pathetic love….

  13. Great site! Have bookmarked it 😉

    Thanks for translating this song! My favourite scene in CG was the ShirleyxLulu scene where this song was played. It was so tragic and the song fit perfectly… I’m so glad that I can now know what it means.

  14. thanks for the wonderful work!

    i love this song!

  15. Great work… this came up on my playlist shortly after I watched CGR2 13, brought a tear to my eye.

  16. I like this song so much. Shirley too. I just don’t know why she’s not the one with Lelouch. Thanks by the way! I found the song through this lyrics. ^^

  17. Shirley??? No. If this song is about anyone, its C.C.xLelouch! I mean, look at the lyrics!!

  18. Nah, it’s definitely a LelouchXShirley song, it only plays when they’re together.

  19. I know it was played during the Shirley moment, however the words are sooo CCxLelouch! “You’re My Desting”??? Shirley’s destiny was a pathetic death, C.C.’s destiny is most likely forever with Lelouch!!


  20. Well, I’m not going to start yet another ‘Lelouch is alive!’ debate, but no way was Shirley’s death a pathetic one. She died in the attempt to help the one she loved so she’s to be commended for that, I think. Poor girl did all she could.

  21. Also, I think the ‘Your my destiny’ bit refers to how Shirley said she would be reborn and fall in love with Lelouch again.

  22. For the first time of my life, I cried when I watch anime??!!!! And beside that I’M a BOY who always said ‘cry is a girl thing’.


    Salute for the song, the anime, and all of it. Thanks a lot for the translation.

  23. this song was so suited to Shirley & Lelouch; the scene where Lelouch made her lose her memories was so sad! 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the translation!

    • I know! And he didnt just erase her memories. He commanded her to completely forget him! Does Shirley want to forget the guy she loves? NOOOO. but lelouch was trying to help. at least he didnt kill her. I wanted to shake CC for suggesting that. CC is so jealous.

  24. thanks for the translation..
    this song is so sad yet sooo good T_T(crying)

    I fell kinda empty when I watch this scene..

  25. hey wasnt this song played on Suzaku and Euohy too….they were a good couple tooo dun forget them ppl
    sorry i got it mixed up with stories song….i love song stories a lot

  26. This song is so beautiful. It probably wouldn’t effect me as much as it did if I hadn’t seen it during Code Geass. I always relate certain emotions to this song because of that show. God……

  27. i really love this song make me calm and very sweet song….. if i always hear it at my phone i really happy n make me so much comfortable… i love this song!!! n code geass is very nice movie animation….

  28. I love this song! I can’t stop listening to it and I memorized some of it too!!! 😀

  29. I cried with this anime T.T, thanks for the translation, really this song fits with shirley and Lelouch Love, i dont know why they dont end together,

  30. Somebody knows the name of the song that appears on these 2 (and more) occasions:
    1- in the first episode, when kallen and the other terrorist are chased
    2- When suzaku saves Jeremiah when his comrades tried to kill him in a duel

    • I’ve been looking for that song too, with no luck. As far as I can tell it is an unreleased track. Closest I got was a guy on youtube who ripped and reconstructed two other unreleased tracks, but not this one yet. Anyone know how to contact Kotaro Nakagawa (the composer)?? I want him to release it as well!

  31. I don’t know what you guys are talking about but this song is DEFINITELY out for download ever since 2008. Try Realitylapse, if still can’t find it send me an email and I’ll get it to ya.

    Now about the song, this is for sure a Shirley song the same way “I want to be a bird” or whatever is a Rolo song. If anything, if you are a realist and accept the fact that Lelouch is dead, then it is pretty heavily implied/confirmed that Lelouch Shirley would have been the official couple, if there will ever come a sequel with Lelouch reborn/reincarnation then you bet your ass Shirley will be there right beside him and in the proper age range.

    • you saw how it ended Code Geass? in the end it was clear that Lelouch and D.C. Something almost felt a mutual love! so much so that you were going to kiss and not as Shirley who stole a kiss Lelouch! the true pair is formed by Lelouch and C.C.!!! shirley otherwise would never have been a secondary character!!

  32. i totally agree. karen wont die anytime soon and CC cant die. besides, shirley was his first kiss. score for Shirley!

  33. i just love the way when lelouch erases Shirley’s memories, her pictures of him show up and fade to black on the screen in beat with the song. its as if those pictures represent her memories of him disappearing. nice touch.

  34. “Tell me what is true love cuz i got to know is this real
    So glad that ive found you baby im glad youve met me”

  35. I think that it refers C.C. to Lelouch for what the text says

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