CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion Insert Song – Innocent Days

Innocent Days
Vocals: Hitomi
Lyrics: Kuroishi Hitomi
Composition: Kuroishi Hitomi

The spring seethes and the river surges
Please watch over that deep sea
You soar up into the air with mysterious wings
Please guide that dark sky

The dawn rain freely
Moistens my cheeks
Like hugging a child
I’d like it to surround me tenderly

A scorching gaze
The power to pursue a beautiful dream
Please put on your heart and soul
And take me along to a sinless era

You soar up into the air with mysterious wings
Please guide that dark sky

Innocent Days
Vocals: Hitomi

Izumi ga wakitachi   kawa wa uneri yuku
Anata wa ano fukai umi   douka mimamotte kudasai
Shinpi no tsubasa de   chuu o maiagaru
Anata wa ano kurai sora   douka michibiite kudasai

Yoake no ame wa jiyuu ni
Watashi no hoho o nurasu
Kodomo o daku you ni
Yasashiku tsutsunde hoshii

Yakeru you na manazashi
Utsukushii yume o ou chikara
Sono kokoro to tamashii o kakete
Tsuminaki jidai e tsurete itte

Shinpi no tsubasa de   chuu o maiagaru
Anata wa ano kurai sora   douka michibiite kudasai


39 responses to “CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion Insert Song – Innocent Days

  1. I thought this song is for Euphie.. I didn’t here it during episode 22, but I saw this song’s name in the ending credit as an insert song.

  2. The song being played during Zero’s speech as well as euphie’s last dying moments is just……MAGICAL!

  3. This song is also played in episode 23, the time euphie is dying and talking with suzaku…
    so sad in that scene…

  4. Do anyone know what language Hitomi is singing in this song?
    It is obviously not Japanese or English…

  5. It is a made-up language that Hitomi sings in for this song.

  6. Thanks a lot, I love hitomi’s songs.

  7. it’s a nice song. made me cry.. good job, hitomi.. i’ve ran out of my tears because of your song

  8. I thought it was a hymn in Latin. Or is it really a made up language? May be Japanese. Can someone offer a clue please?

  9. sweet… I love this song, so sad yet so warm

  10. Lovely song … only, first time I ever heard it was at the end of the first season, just after the credits, where CC goes down on the ocean with Jeremiah …

  11. This song is absolutely gorgeous. It’s almost like an old church hymn, right down to ending with an “Amen.” It’s so emotional, and I loved it when it was played at Euphy’s shining moment. What happened to her, was so sad.

    I was so happy to find the piano sheet music for this song…

  12. The beginning of Innocent days is definitely an aria. I’ve heard it before.

  13. So sad…T_T
    The one time I heard it vividly was at the end of Code Geass R2. *sniffs* That was…T______T Nunally totally moved me. And, Lelouch. He became a hero. T_____________________T

  14. This is now my fave song! I love it to death! It makes my cry T_T

    If Hitomi sang this in her own “made-up” lyrics, can anyone here post those made-up lyrics please? I wanna know…

  15. i love this song too…makes me remember all lelouch’s exploits. it’s too sad to remember…all hail lelouch!

  16. This is a very beautiful song! I really love it! I just downloaded it today and I’ve listened to it since 11pm…it’s currently 4am. Haha, I’m sad. But yea, this song is also played in the extended Japanese version of episode 25. C2 is talking about what humans live for and it plays in the background. It comes on after the credits.

  17. What…I like the melody and I like this song but I can’t make out the words that she’s saying at all…I try to fit it but really it won’t …what language is she speaking?

  18. this melody shows the convergence of the dreams of all the characters of this anime. and as always lelouch is sacrificing his soul to become known to the rest of them as a demon meanwhile he is the real hero.

  19. Best song in the entire Code Geass (both seasons) IMO. Lyrics done beautifully, the tune is nostalgic and subconsciously brings you on a ride down memory lane. The beginning and ending is smooth and not abrupt, allowing a peace state of mind while listening to this masterpiece. Vocals aren’t the best, but they are of a good standard. The language she’s singing in… well that’s what I would love to find out. This might be a nice song to recollect memories at a funeral… or graduation for more light-hearted purposes. It’s not perfect, but it’s probably the best song I know, with a deep undertone and a sweet flow; nothing can replace this song in Code Geass.

  20. has anyone thought the possibility the nonsense language hitomi sings in at times is french? some phrases sound french at least, i.e. je t’aime

    • Hitomi mixes pronunciations from various languages together to form her own gibberish language. It’s not supposed to make any sense except fitting the music.

      • How do you know this?
        Would there possibly be a place, somewhere out in the WWW, where Hitomi or someone who knew had posted these lyrics she made up?

        • There isn’t. The only lyrics for those parts you’ll find on the internet are fan-made transliterations. The producers aren’t trying to play a game with us. If there are official lyrics to be published, then they would already be published.

  21. It’s possible that it may have been made to sound like French.

    I’ve honestly listened to this song thirty times, and not once did I realize it wasn’t in any real language. Knowing that, it puts my in mind to the sad and intense song that Diva sings in Blood+, another jibberish song made to sound like Latin.

  22. i luv this song..
    makes me cry..
    so sad..
    yet makes me so..comfort..
    luv u euphy..
    luv u so much….

  23. great song ;~;

  24. at first i thought it sounds lyk latin but more on french….but its really a gud song..tranquil,somewhat lyk enya…go hitomi!
    hope that i cud learn to sing lyk hitomi…voice is oh so heavenly…..

  25. everyone have the lyrics in original language in song not japanese

  26. i really love this song!!! I love the meaning…but no website can give the lyrics she sings…any one…pls…..i really like to sing this song…but i don’t know the real lyrics…

  27. If the language used in the song is made-up, so what is there a need for an “Official lyric”? Since no one could understand what was sung, I could write an official lyric for my own, right?

  28. it’s like the songs of kajiura yuki..i think the language is invented

  29. The harp behing looks like a Zelda song… that makes it even more awesome ! ;~;
    Though I wish Euphie had a different fate… all character I come to like seems to end up dying some minutes after -.-

  30. I think this song is really a make-up , ‘coz no one could really understand what Hitomi sings , either it is Greek w/ some sorts of other worldwide languages that she usually review b4 the actual recording.

  31. everytime I hear this song, I have tears in my eyes, Lelouch is such an awesome Hero, he moved me, he changed me, I’m a new person ever since I saw Lelouch in C.G, he’s a Legend, he’s the best

    Lelouch vi Britannia commands you all to never forget about him

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