Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de aru Opening Theme – Hoshi to Hana

Stars and Flowers
Vocals: Sanshu Middle School Hero Club (Terui Haruka as Yuki Yuna, Mimori Suzuko as Togo Mimori, Uchiyama Yumi as Inubozaki Fu, Kurosawa Tomoyo as Inubozaki Itsuki)
Lyrics: Nakamura Kanata
Composition: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA)
Arrangement: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA)

Burst into bloom…

In the silent forest, the flowers awoke just now
What are you thinking of in this world? What are you feeling?

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Opening Theme – KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS

Vocals: EGOIST
Lyrics: ryo (supercell)
Composition: ryo (supercell)
Arrangement: ryo (supercell)

Do you remember?
That you lost so much
in the steam on that day

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Boku Dake ga Inai Machi Opening Theme – Re:Re:

Lyrics: Goto Masafumi
Composition: Goto Masafumi & Yamada Takahiro

I waited for you
I waited and waited
Tomorrow passes by uninterrupted
I stopped in my tracks and turned around
Lamenting with you about the never-ending today

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One-Punch Man Special Ending Theme – Kanashimi-tachi o Dakishimete

Holding My Many Sorrows
Vocals: Moriguchi Hiroko
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Iizuka Masaaki
Arrangement: Iizuka Masaaki

Riding on the wind blowing toward tomorrow while holding my many sorrows
It’s okay, let’s rest for a bit, then let’s move forward again

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One-Punch Man Ending Theme – Hoshi yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru

I’ll Find You Before the Stars Do
Vocals: Moriguchi Hiroko
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Maeyamada Kenichi
Arrangement: Maeyamada Kenichi

Hey, you’ll come home soon, right?

On a night when the crescent moon sways in my sighs
I close my eyes with my mind full of nothing but thoughts of you
I want to see you and I feel like crying, in a romantic mood
So I’ll convey my feelings to you

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One-Punch Man Opening Theme – THE HERO!! ~Ikareru Kobushi ni Hi o Tsukero~

THE HERO!! ~Light Your Furious Fist on Fire~
Vocals: JAM Project
Lyrics: Kageyama Hironobu
Composition: Kageyama Hironobu
Arrangement: Miyazaki Makoto

(Three! Two! One! Kill shot!)
Here I am! It’s in the bag! The absolute strongest!!
What was that? I’m frustrated, but I won’t quit

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Charlotte Opening Theme – Bravely You

Bravely You
Vocals: Lia
Lyrics: Maeda Jun
Composition: Maeda Jun

The collapsing world coming to an end
mercilessly announces it to us

What did you listen to all alone?
And I had a faraway dream

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