Kantai Collection 1st Ending Theme – Fubuki

Vocals: Nishizawa Shiena
Lyrics: minatoku
Composition: Hige Driver
Arrangement: WEST GROUND & Saito Yuya

Reach you, reach you, may my feelings reach you
Yes, that day, my smile, my wishes, and everything
May they reach
into the tender time I spend with you

The blue sea spreads
past the red brick buildings

Over the shining surf
The cloudy sky is brilliant

When I’m picking my words
while looking down
I can’t see tomorrow
or your smile!

Like a blindingly white snowstorm
Yes, I knew I had these feelings before I met you
But now they’re stronger than ever

Wishing strong and hard
I’ll hold your hand
while feeling for tomorrow
Reaching into the tender future that I believe in

The sun sets at the horizon
You’re tinted by the evening glow

All I think is, wouldn’t it be nice
if it can stay like this forever?

I’m sure that’s not right
Do I have to move on?
When our breathing is synchronized
I dive into the water sprays!

I want to sing with you, with you
The days of war
aren’t all there is
and I hope I won’t lose sight of my way home

Listen, listen, listen to that voice
Hold my hand
We’ll go back to tomorrow
To that certainly familiar place

Now in the storm of time
There are tears of flowers scattering apart

The headwind is a blizzard of flower petals tonight

Piling up high like the white snow
As gently as the invisible time passing by

Just like how I felt about the first snow of the season
I’ll never forget this moment—

So deep and intense like the heavy snow
Yes, I knew I had this pain before it began
and now it’s deeper than ever

Creating strong and powerful feelings
I’ll hold your hand
while feeling for tomorrow
Surely I’ll reach the calm and tender seas
I’ll reach you

Vocals: Nishizawa Shiena

Todoke   todoke   omoi yo   todoke
Sou   ano hi   egao   watashi no negai   subete
Kimi to   yasashii jikan e to

Umi no ao   hirogaru
Aka-renga   sono mukou ni

Hikaru isonami   koe
Murakumo no sora   mabushii

Kotoba erande
Hitomi fusete mo
Mienai   ashita mo
Kimi no egao mo!

Shiroku   shiroku   fubuki no you na
Sou deau mae kara wakatteta   kono omoi
Ima nara   motto zutto   tsuyoku

Tsuyoku   tsuyoku   negai wa tsuyoku
Tsunagu yo   sono te o
Kanjite   ashita o
Shinjiru yasashii mirai e to   todoke

Suiheisen   hi ga ochite
Yuuyake   kimi o someru

Zutto kono mama   nante
Ii ja nai   omou dake nara

Kitto   chigau no
Ikanakya   dame na no?
Kokyuu   soetara
Shibuki no naka e!

Kimi to   kimi to   utatte itai
Ikusa no hi   sore wa
Kitto subete de nakute
Kaerimichi   miushinawanu you

Kiite   kiite   sono koe kiite
Tsunaide   kono te o
Kaeru yo   ashita ni
Kitto natsukashii   ano basho e

Toki no arashi no naka de ima
Maichiru hana no namida

Mukaikaze   koyoi   hanafubuki

Tsumoru   tsumoru   shirayuki mitai ni
Yasashiku   sukitooru   jikan no you na

Kitto   kitto   hatsuyuki mitai ni
Wasurenai yo   isshun o——

Fukaku   fukaku   miyuki no you na
Sou   hajimaru mae ni shitte ita   kono itami
Ima nara   motto zutto   fukaku

Tsuyoku   tsuyoku   omoi tsumuide
Tsunagu yo   sono te o
Kanjite   ashita o
Shizuka na yasashii umi e   kitto todoke
Kimi e to todoke


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