Vampire Knight Ending Theme – still doll

Here’s a scan of the ED lyrics graciously provided by Hisana. The first line is “Hi Miss Alice”.

still doll
Vocals: Wakeshima Kanon
Lyrics: Wakeshima Kanon
Composition: Mana
Arrangement: Mana

Hi Miss Alice.
With glass eyes
What kind of a dream
are you able to have?
Are you entranced by?
Again for me
My heart tears apart
and bleeds
My memories
stab into
the mended cracks

Hi Miss Alice.
With a fruitful mouth
To whom are you
throwing love at?
Grieving love at?
The warmth of my tongue
that spins words
has already cooled
so I can’t even sing
the song that I adore

Still, you do not answer.

still doll
Vocals: Wakeshima Kanon

Hi Miss Alice.
Anata   garasu no me de
Donna yume o
Mirareru no?
Miirareru no?
Mata atashi
Kokoro ga sakete
Sukima ni sasaru

Hi Miss Alice.
Anata   kajitsu no kuchi de
Dare ni ai o
Nagete iru no?
Nageite iru no?
Mou atashi
Kotoba o tsumugu
Shita no netsu
Mederu o-uta mo

Still, you do not answer.

still doll

Hi Miss Alice.
あなた 硝子の眼で

Hi Miss Alice.
あなた 果実の口で

Still, you do not answer.

118 responses to “Vampire Knight Ending Theme – still doll

  1. Are you sure the first part is “I was Alice”?
    I think she sais “Hi miss Alice”

    Anyway, thanks a lot for the lyric 🙂

  2. Maybe you’re right… I can’t quite tell. XD

  3. Thanks so much for the translation, it was driving me nuts that such a beautiful song had no words to go with it.

  4. Wakaranai-kun

    Thanks a lot. Was looking forward to this. I was wondering if you were planning on doing Crystal Blaze? Seems pretty good. Keep up the good work.

  5. She says “I miss Alice”
    and i’m 100% sure because it also has that on the ending of Vampire Knights when it was dubbed

  6. That’s another good guess… I’m not 100% sure because the lyrics are just transcribed aurally. We’ll know for sure after the CD comes out in two months.

  7. Mines wasn’t a guess. I’m 100% sure

  8. The english lyrics goes like this.

    I miss Alice
    In your glass eye, what sort of dream
    Are you seeing
    Are you seeing

    Once again, my heart has burst
    and is pouring out
    “Repair it.’
    Calls the memories trapped in the crevice

    • It’s Hi Miss Alice.

    • Okay, that doesn’t even make sense! Why would you say it like that anyway? “I miss Alice” it would be “I’m” And besides, it doesnt make sense with the rest of the song. She’s talking to Alice (theoretically) “What kind of dream are you seeing? Are you entranced by?” And the whole rest of the lyrics other than the plain english “Hi Miss Alice” and “Still you do not answer” are vauge but its all the same idea since the japanese has no real direct translation to the english. Thats the way of the language the words can have several meanings and/or can be put in a few combinations of orders when refered to english. Everybody knows the first line is “Hi Miss Alice” just admit you were wrong and GET OVER IT!

    • You dolt, just because a dub says ‘I miss Alice’ doesn’t mean it was translated correctly. Dubs are wrong so often it’s pathetic. They don’t even have to be right because they know their mindless fans won’t bother to question it.

      I know it’s an old answer, but SHEESH, I hope you felt dumb about this, and still do. You act so arrogant (even more so than I).

  9. Are those lyrics from a fansub/dub? If so, then they’re not official and no more accurate than what I have. If they are from an official release, can you give me a link to a lyrics sheet scan or an official site?

  10. The romaji lyrics are”

    I miss Alice
    Anata garasu no, me de donna yume wo
    Mirareru no
    Mirareru no

    Mate atachi,kokoro ga sakete
    Nagare deru
    Tsukurou ta
    Sukima ni sasaru hiokutachi
    Still you do not answer
    Still you do not answer

    An the one before I forgot to put still you don not answer at the end sorry! But I think you should already know that! =3

  11. Do you know the official website for Vampire Knights and Kanon Wakeshima? If not I can give it to you. However, you’ll have to run it through Altavista Babelfish or google in order to get the translated version if you can’t read Japanese

  12. Actually, just link me to the lyrics site directly.

  13. No need
    Here’s the website
    Here’s the babelfish website
    all you have to do is type in the website andpisk Japanese to English
    To use google type in the website in the search box
    At the search results you just clisk translate website. Make sure it says at the type though, this page was automatically translated from Japanese
    The Kanon Wakeshima page is
    Oh! and ON/OFF (The opening of Vampire Knight) official website is


  14. No, I asked for the direct link to the lyrics, which you haven’t provided. I have no need for Babelfish. If I did, I wouldn’t be running a lyrics translation website.

  15. Vampire Knights official website

    Kanon Wakeshima

    ON/OFF (Opening of VK)

  16. No, none of those sites have actual lyrics. I’ve already looked through them. If you know the exact page that the lyrics are on, post that page’s URL, not the general site’s.

  17. Thank you for the translation, I’ve been wondering about it since I heard it! 🙂 And I agree, it’s best to wait for the cd’s official release.

  18. Those lyrics that were posted above by that commenter were from a fansub group…I think you should put your note about “fansub lyrics =/= official” in the sidebar again, lol. ¯\(º_o)/¯

    Speaking of official lyrics, I might be able to get a few of them from this season pretty soon. I’ll inform you when I do. :B

  19. @ Hisana:
    That’d be awesome! Just e-mail me with the lyrics. ^_^

  20. wow selene… yea we should all believe what the subtitles say because the fansubbers know everything and we should worship them… yes we should all bow down and worship the fansubbers for their ABSOLUTELY CORRECT subtitles…

  21. 🙂 The fansubbers have been known to make quite a few mistakes. All we can do for now is try out best, and Atashi has done a great job so far.

  22. Wrong, Shoku-Dan made a mistake with the ‘Hi Miss Alice’ part. I too thought it was ‘I miss Alice’, but it’s ‘Hi Miss Alice’, which means, that not all fansubs are correct with their translations. Only when they get the official translations when the CD itself is out, then it will change.

  23. Its pretty hard to hear either way, and plausible whichever translation is used ^^

    When the official lyrics comes out / or if we change our mind, shoku-dan will change the karaoke ^^;

  24. Mina no BAKA!!!!

    I hope you all know that i will be checking back here frequiently. and hopeing very hard that It is I Miss Alice, because that seems to fit the song very well, even if some of you don’t . i am sorry you dissagree but you will not be able to change my mind. hope you have have a nice day,

  25. @Mina: Even if the official lyrics came out and said it was “Hi Miss Alice”?

    Hi Miss Alice
    With glass eyes, what kind of a dream
    Are you able to have?
    Are you able to have?

    I miss Alice
    With glass eyes, what kind of a dream
    Are you able to have?
    Are you able to have?

    In my opinion, I’d go with the “Hi Miss Alice”, since it doesn’t really make sense with “I miss Alice”, since after that is “With glassy eyes, what kind of a dream…” and if you go with “I miss Alice…” it doesn’t really make sense to me.

    Oh well, gotta wait for the official release lyric-thing, yes?

  26. lol, it actually makes more sense to say ‘I miss Alice’ grammar -wise in english, but whether it is correct or not is another matter- but thank you for posting the lyrics! ❤ A beautiful song~ I can’t wait for the full version to come out *_* And for the record, babelfish can be horrifically inaccruate… After all, it doesn’t translate stem endings… I dunno whether that affects translating japanese, but its a huge problem when translating something like german, which makes babelfishj all that more sucky 😀

  27. I just looked at my previous post and saw twenty million typos- sorry about that btw -_-;

  28. The post has been edited; the debate over “I/Hi miss Alice” should be over. Read up! ^o^

  29. OMGEE I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Vampire Knight came out this monday! I heard the ending theme and I just HAD to find it!

    Oh and the first part said
    “I miss Alice”

  30. /me bangs head against wall

  31. ohh hi miss alice sounds more logical realy and i like it more. thank for the lyrics

  32. I agree with the “Hi Miss Alice” since then it sounds like the singer is talking to her. I know Japanese singers may have random lyrics, but saying “I miss Alice” is a little far fetched in my mind. Doesn’t make much sense.
    Thank you so much for the translation! 😀

  33. But I know it says I miss Alice because I watched the Vampire Knight episodes and it translated it at the end and THAT is what said.

  34. @Ami Elric : Yes, but the translation at the end of the episode is done by a fansub group i.e. NOT OFFICIAL. The scan which Atashi has linked to above though IS official, therefore it must be correct. Fansub groups get it wrong sometimes ya know. 😉

  35. uta ga suki. ♥ I cant wait till I find the full verison. VK. ♥

  36. Oh ok! I understand then

  37. here is a picture from a japanese magazine with the lyrics of this song…in kanji

  38. ps. full version of still doll can be found on

  39. Porcelain Doll Hinata

    You are right. “Hi Miss Alice” is the correct translation. ^^ Keep up the good work!!! much lubv!

  40. Yeah. The kanji for this is wrong (and so is the romaji, but that’s already been addressed). It should be:

    I miss Alice
    Still you do not answer
    Still you do not answer

    And those were copied directly from the anime ending.

  41. Oops, I meant “Hi Miss Alice.” Silly me.

  42. I looked at the picture Gisanna put up, and now I’m confused. TT.TT Le sigh. But anyway, the kanji I posted is what was used in the anime (sub, anyway), for Vampire Knight.

  43. **follows suit, bangs head against laptop screen**

    People really need to realize that subs are done by fans, therefore unofficial and prone to mistakes.

    Also, song lyrics are generally tougher to scope out correctly than dialogue and the kanji is guesswork unless the subber is copying from the lyrics sheet.

  44. I know they’re error prone. But sigh. It still makes me sad. -TT.TT- Sorry I’m being confusing/confused myself.

  45. It clearly says ‘ Hi Miss Alice’
    For pete’s sake, then the whole song would sound just plain stupid and it wouldn’t make any sense ..

    But thanks for the lyrics. I’ve been searching them for a while and getting already mental, if I didn’t found them soon x)

  46. theres 2 verses and its not the same, the 1st ones ryt but theres one more after that…

  47. ok ok im sorry no need to get angry about it… sheesh

  48. Just for fun… XD I really need to leave this comment.

    Highlights of the debate. First few quotes posted by Atashi.

    April 8th
    Maybe you’re right… I can’t quite tell. XD

    Next day:
    That’s another good guess… /(*COUGH* SAME GUESS)/

    If they are from an official release, can you give me a link to a lyrics sheet scan or an official site?

    Still Later:
    Actually, just link me to the lyrics site directly.

    Still April 9th:

    I have no need for Babelfish. If I did, I wouldn’t be running a lyrics translation website.

    /lol, bet you loved dealing with this, huh, Atashi?/

    Three days later:

    The debate over “I/Hi miss Alice” should be over.

    Ami Elric, later that day:
    Oh and the first part said “I miss Alice”

    Atashi: -_- …

    **bangs head against laptop screen**

    566 hits in a single day, beating Kyon’s Hare Hare Yukai record of 500.
    lol, I just find that really funny. Thanks a lot, Atashi, for posting the lyrics, great job with the rest of the site as well, keep it up! (I guess, if you want to)

    I take it you’re watching VK too. XD
    ‘Cause you didn’t get any requests for this, or if you did, searching for it on your request page didn’t work. Would you like a banner for the site? <– That’s if I can find/make one. Although I seem to remember you once had one up on the site… maybe I’m delusional.

  49. The lyrics have helped a lot, thanks. For some reason I have this addiction to singing Japanese songs…like all the Naruto theme songs…and Vampire Knight, obviously. xD I’m aiming on memorizing them, but then I wouldn’t need this site =o! Haha, keep up the great work.

  50. I liked this song but, it was kinda creepy… I think this translation really does make ore since so, yeah. Go Atashi! 😀

  51. chale, todo por un “Hola” y un “Soy”
    busquemos otra página =0) *lalalalala*
    tal vez necesitamos aprender japones =P

    Atashi power is love x) i really like your site!

  52. I have officially memorized the song by heart! (plus the extended version yay!)

  53. O_O *look over to people who believe absolutely in fansubs and sigh*

    Thank you for your hard work, as always ^_^ lovely lyrics. I thought the ending animation is a bit creepy, but that’s why it’s beautiful XD The song’s lyrics actually fits the theme perfectly well, which is so rare to see lately…

    Can’t wait for May 28th!

  54. lol, an amusing read.
    I love how everybody jumped to conclusions and assumed the FANsubbed lyrics were official.

    Thanks for the translation atashi, I appreciate it =)

  55. thats for the correct lyrics! ❤

  56. Sakura-no_hana

    I looove this song! It’s so beautiful! Kirei na uta desu ne!!! =)

    I always understood “I’m his Alice”.. *coghs* Silly me! xxD”
    Well then, thanks a lot for the lyrics! I love your site! ♥ Suki!!! 😀
    Greetings from Germany ^.^

  57. waah i love this song! it gives me this creepy feelings but i love it somehow! anybody knows who is this miss alice? why miss alice? any speacial reason? i’m just curious 🙂

  58. hi ! I love the song and your translations ^^

    may I use your lyrics for this song on my online profile ?

  59. @ Kluss:
    Yes, you may.

  60. Very awesome song. Thanks so uch for the translation. Very pretty song. =]

    Check out Vampire Knight episodes on T.V. or crunchyroll for the song with Japanese/English words. I ❤ Vampire Knight! =]

  61. Uzumaki*~*Kurosaki

    its ‘Hi Miss Alice’ as the subbed version says that, all the lyrics i’ve found say that, and it sounds like that so ha
    besides, I Miss Alice sounds wierd… (:

  62. Uzumaki*~*Kurosaki

    oh, and what genre and tempo is this?
    school stuff (boring)

    VK ROCKS!!! (:

  63. i’m gunna post this song but with my voice.the singer’s voice is almost like my singing voice

  64. its not “I”
    its hi
    kanon will look stupid if she says “i”
    its hi…she’s talking to someone called alice

  65. Ajectavous Descriptional Vampire

    Yep Yep. She says ‘Hi miss alice’ as yukicross has said, it’ll look stupid if she says ‘I’ >.<”


  66. Why does everyone think that “I miss Alice” will make the whole song sound weird or stupid? Isn’t it possible that maybe the singer’s telling someone about her doll whose name is Alice? I can tell there’s probably not many poets on here, lol.

  67. By the way, I think the song will have more depth if it IS “I miss Alice”, but it is still very beautiful either way. ^_^

  68. No doubt, it’s “Hi miss Alice” so end this already… I see the debate has yet to end even after I visited this page several times.
    I had the Shoku-Dan sub for VK ep 1-10, and Chihiro for the rest. If memory serves, Shoku-Dan wrote “I miss Alice” at the beginning and then changed it to “Hi miss Alice” but I forgot at what ep they corrected it. The Chihiro subs, that I had since ep 11, wrote “Hi miss Alice” all the way.
    Anyway, thanks a lot Atashi–I’ve never doubted you for a moment.

  69. No doubt, it’s “Hi miss Alice”… I see the debate has yet to end even after I visited this page several times.
    I had the Shoku-Dan sub for VK ep 1-10, and Chihiro for the rest. If memory serves, Shoku-Dan wrote “I miss Alice” at the beginning and then changed it to “Hi miss Alice” but I forgot at what ep they corrected it. The Chihiro subs, that I had since ep 11, wrote “Hi miss Alice” all the way.
    Anyway, thanks a lot Atashi–I’ve never doubted you for a moment.

  70. Oops, sorry for leaving two identical comments… My internet connection went bad just a moment ago, so I corrected it a little and resent it…

  71. ok guys im actally jap
    AND i have the cd
    in the cd booklet
    it says
    she is speaking to alice asking her questions

  72. hi there. i want to hear the song. can u tell me where i can get it? thx…. 🙂

  73. man, just search and download it in if you just want to try it. if you want to get a full album, try searching for torrents like in or

  74. Thanks for posting the 3 difrent versions of the lyrics. I am trying to learn japanese and this song has a really good tempo for practicing pronunciation. While I know that lyric/poetry even in english leaves alot of room for oppinion of the real meaning, when I get better at reading kanji I can come to my own oppinion. Also, since through the fansubb version I saw first the whole rest of the song sounds like she’s talking to her doll, I always thought “i miss alice” was a typo from the subber. I had no ideal this was a running debate. Hooray for singers who give out lyric write ups.

  75. MalloryMassacre

    Shouldn’t it be “I miss Alice” since the songwriter is talking about a girl loosing her doll?

  76. i try to sing it with the Japanese version but it doesn’t fit.
    but its really really good song.. i like it very much. specially the music box version!

  77. Was it really “Hi miss Alice” or was it “I miss Alice”? I’m not sure…… I wish I could have the Orgel version. That song was like making me fall asleep, so I can hear that song every night!!! BTW, thanks for the lyrics!!!!!

  78. The last last part of the song repeats “Still you do not answer, Still you do not answer

  79. Pingback: 2009 Site Stats « {Words of Songs} ~ for the translation of anime & game lyrics





  81. me and my classmates really like it
    arigato to the staffs of these anime

  82. did u kno that this debate takes so much space ^^;

  83. I love this Songe espacialy Still, you do not ansuwer. So thanks so much 🙂

  84. love this song its intense!!!! i feel different or unconditional feeling!!!

  85. What ignorant fuck thought she said “I miss Alice”? LOL

  86. I Really Love This Song…ne ne keta..{hey hey did you know}..the PV of this song is soooooooo steky..{Cool}..^^


  88. Its “Hi,miss Alice” & even though…tanx a lot for the lyrics 😉

  89. I know all of you is a vampire knight lover and i also like this like you but if you a true lover of vampire knight no matter if it’s hi or i miss alice it’s still the vampire knight always in your heart…anyway thanks for the english lyric of still doll

  90. Okay, everyone. Let me end this RIGHT HERE. It is Hi Miss Alice. If you watch Vampire Knight with subtitles on, that’s what it comes up with!

  91. it hi Alice every 1 knows that i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song i just cant get it out of my head this is when u wish these things where real ….. but hey i realy love this song thx Atashi u will always be the best in my books XD well i swear if any one ealse brings up the debate for ‘i miss Alive or hi miss Alice ill go all konfu on use XD jk but thx alot can u inform me if u get the english lyrics of the other song in guilty PLLLLLZ thx all ill be seing this site soon

  92. its “i am alice” WHY i took japanese!but i couldnt do the rest

  93. Such a nice song to end the series…. I’ll miss vampire knight.

  94. it’s hi miss alice because i have listened to the song millions of times and studied the lyrics

  95. I ♥ this song,im a vampire knight lover too.^_^

  96. Thanks LuckieCedes for updating the song, Thank you Atashi for this awesome post!

  97. uwaa! I kept singing along with it! luv it!<3

  98. Those are not the lyrics in inglish and its hi miss alice oh u can find out in youtube alll of the vids of the song say hi miss alice its oviuse if u licen to the song good

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