Ouran High School Host Club Opening Theme – Sakura Kiss

Sakura Kiss
Vocals: Kawabe Chieco
Lyrics: Watanabe Natsumi
Composition: M. RIE
Arrangment: Shinya Yutaka


I realized that I’m by your side all the time
But is it actually hate? Love? Is it a fantasy?

If I can see my feelings clearly
Then I won’t care whether I’m a lady or a host

Everyone has different reasons
for falling in love, but MAYBE YOU’RE MY LOVE

I want to see the kind you now; if a sakura kiss makes my heart pound, let’s fall in romantic love
The present is more important than the future; the beautiful spring love is the art of a blossoming maiden

Say, I want to try looking for you, who I don’t know
But I’m also scared

In denim, frills, casual, or Chinese dress
I prepare myself to change inside out every time we meet

The doors of love that open one after another
are fully loaded with thrills- Let’s fall in definite love

On days when we’re too busy and pass each other by, a sakura kiss— A love so romantic that it hurts
Let’s accept each other’s weak points; love that touches one another is invincible; we who bloom are the protagonists

Let’s create memories that won’t pale against the blindingly bright sky now

Let’s fall in definite love

I want to see the kind you now; if a sakura kiss makes my heart pound, let’s fall in romantic love
The present is more important than the future; the beautiful spring love is the art of a blossoming maiden, YEAH
The art of a blossoming maiden


Sakura Kissu
Vocals: Kawabe Chieco
Lyrics: Watanabe Natsumi
Composition: M. RIE
Arrangment: Shinya Yutaka


Kizukeba itsu de mo   soba ni iru keredo
Honto wa kirai? Suki? Mousou na no?

Jibun no kimochi ga   kuria ni mietara
Redii de mo   hosuto de mo   kamawanai yo

Suki ni natteku   riyuu wa minna
Chigau yo ne kedo   MAYBE YOU’RE MY LOVE

Aitai ima   yasashii kimi ni   sakura kissu   tokimeitara   ranman koishi yo
Mirai yori mo   ima ga kanjin   uruwashi haru no koi wa   hanasaku otome no bigaku

Tatoeba atashi no   mada shiranai kimi
Mitsukete mitai kedo   kowaku mo aru

Denimu ni   furiru ni   kajuaru ni chaina
Au tabi   shichihenge   kakugo asobe

Tsugitsugi hiraku   ai no tobira wa
Suriru mansai   danzen koshi yo

Isogashikute   surechigau hi mo   sakura kissu   setsunai hodo   ranman koi desu
Yowai toko mo   uketomeaou   fureau ai wa muteki   sakasou futari wa shuyaku

Mabushii sora ni makenai   omoide tsukurou   ima

Danzen koishi yo

Aitai ima   yasashii kimi ni   sakura kissu   tokimeitara   ranman koishi yo
Mirai yori mo   ima ga kanjin   uruwashi haru no koi wa   hanasaku otome no bigaku   YEAH
Hanasaku otome no bigaku


編曲:新屋 豊


気づけばいつでも そばにいるけれど
ホントはキライ?スキ? 妄想なの?

自分の気持ちが クリアに見えたら
レディーでも ホストでも かまわないよ

スキになってく 理由はみんな

会いたい今 優しい君に 桜キッス トキメイタラ 蘭漫恋しよ
未来よりも 今が肝心 麗し春の恋は 花咲く乙女の美学

たとえばあたしの まだ知らない君
みつけてみたいけど 怖くもアル

デニムにフリルに カジュアルにチャイナ
会うたび 七変化 覚悟あそべ

次々開く 愛の扉は
スリル満載 断然恋しよ

忙しくて 擦れ違う日も 桜キッス 切ないほど 蘭漫恋デス
弱いトコも 受け止め合おう 触れ合う愛は無敵 咲かそう二人は主役

眩しい空に負けない 思い出作ろう 今


会いたい今 優しい君に 桜キッス トキメイタラ 蘭漫恋しよ
未来よりも 今が肝心 麗し春の恋は 花咲く乙女の美学 YEAH



146 responses to “Ouran High School Host Club Opening Theme – Sakura Kiss

  1. weeee….I’m first….
    thank you for translating…do u have the japanese version? as in kanji?

  2. Yays, a First Comment~! ^_^ Thanks for visiting!
    Yeah, I do have the Japanese lyrics. They’re now posted below the translation.

  3. can you write the japanese lyrics of sakura kissu not in japanese letters but in this form?

  4. Sure. You mean the romanization, right?

  5. Hi….I love this song….

  6. Woosh, thanks. I’m obsessed with this song at the moment, so finding it is a big relief. ^_^

  7. can’t stop singing this song, love it ^ ^

  8. Wow!! Oura High Host club is the best !! this song is awsome !! Its realy nice to dance to. And its so easy to download it. I think… I may be a *little* addictid to this… I wach it 24/7.

  9. Mickael Olmilla

    could u add it in kanji of it but in this kind of form?

  10. I know u would think that my boyfriend change his name,well to get 2 da point I really liked the Find da way of Gundam SEED could u plzzzz add it

  11. YaY~♪ Thank U so much!
    I so love this series & songs… (o^o^o)

  12. Hi! Thanks for this. I’ve been looking around for the lyrics to sing along to. I love Sakura Kiss and that drives me to find other songs by Chieco-chan too. She’s cool.

    I’m announcing this site to my friends and ‘forcing’ them to watch Ouran Koko. ^^

  13. thanks so much! I love that you give not only the romanization and translation, but the actual japanese lyrics as well. ^^ Thanks!

  14. ahhh…i love it!!

  15. Thanks for posting the lyrics and also thanks for translating it in English! ^^

  16. tHe sOng iS sOOOOOOO bEautiFul!!!
    it Just rEalLy maTches The aNime!!!!

  17. luph-this-song-and-anime!!!

  18. thanks i was looking every where for these lyrics. i had the song stuck in my head but no words. thanks for including the romaji. i’m much obliged.

  19. Yey! Thank you for posting the lyrics of this song! I really love the song! I’m glad that I will finally be able to sing this with the correct lyrics!

  20. Swordsong Dreamdancer

    Much thanks. The translation I got from another site was passable at best.

  21. omg ^^ woot theanx for this! you posted teh lyrics in kanji and jap also english that rockx ^^ coz i am learning this song from my ipod and some words are kinda hard

  22. thank very very much!!! i loved it! arigato gozaimasuuuu !! ^//____//^

  23. Wow Thanks To You .. I Love This Anime Very Very Much ^-^ .. Hope To see Your New =)

  24. thanks for the lyrics! i love this song (and the anime).

  25. HEY I CAN’T seem ta download it.. um do u noe what is happening?

  26. I just checked; the download still works.

  27. Wow, this is awesome. It’s easy enough to get the translation for the first part of the song from the anime, but having the rest of it here just rocks my socks. Thanks a bunch!

  28. you’re going to be a famous ‘website-lyrics’ person..no doubt. coz i see you have add in the 3 language/writing..

    oh yeah.. i love it.
    the song and the website.. i mean

  29. oh wow!!! dear atashi-san,i mean, atashi-sama(sumhow its kinda weird sayin atashi, haha!)…tell me 1 thing, how did u manage 2 come up with soo many wonderful totally-sacred must-save-in-my-comp thingz??? *big admiring eyez* muaxz!!!*wavz a huge banner of love love

  30. Arigato! Love this song~!

  31. Moshi Moshi… Konbawa!!!
    Wow!!! I realy love this song………
    I love Tamaki…..

  32. amigh, heartheartheart
    whooooooooooosh, i love ouran!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  33. OMG THANKS! I was looking for the translated version of this song… i know a few words but not enough ^.^;

    this is one of my fav songs from kawabe… since like 5months ago… -4months before i know wat ouran high school host club was XP so finding that this song has an anime… was a big shock for me… not as big as the naruto fillers endning on my birthday but still… EH IM POSTING RANDOM STUFF AGAIN SORRY!


  34. i love this song much >.

  35. I can’t donwload it!!!!! *wails*

    Help me..pls??? ~teary eyes..~

  36. @Milia Rage:
    I’ve checked the download and it should work.

  37. I LOVE this song!!! (sorry if this comment is one you’ve heard a thousand times) Thanx!

  38. I lov this of song. I sing to the one i love

  39. i realy like ouran high school host club its to bad there are only 26 episodes

  40. I love this song. Thanks for posting the lyrics

  41. totally kewl…but i can’t memorize it >.

  42. i can’t download it! but i love the song and the serie too;-)
    i want more episodes!

  43. i keep watching the subs of Ouran and i loved the romaji… but i never payed attention to the actaul translation. i like your version 😀

    aww, it reminds me so much of my boyfriend and i. *swoon*

  44. oh wow these lyrics are great thank you so much! I got into this anime about a week ago and I’m totally in love with this song!!!
    And I’m workin on an Ouran AMV for this song and thanks to the translation I can match the clips to the lyrics better so yeah your awesome!

  45. Wow Atashi, your nihongo is admirable! How I wish I could learn it too… To be honest, Ouran is the first anime series that I’ve completely watched(all episodes). Cheers~ [^_^]

  46. go ouran!!!! i love this show!!! and this song!! ^^

  47. You are freaking awesome!

    This is just what I need to do the Spanish version of the song! XDD

  48. yay! lol ive been looking for the english translation adn the romanji for ever! lol this is gotta be one of my fave anime songs lol OHSHC ROX!

  49. I love ouran especially takashi-senpai and honey-senpai he’s cute.

  50. ellow it nice to see this anie…..i like to watch it but im on episode 9 only…..but its nice to set it on friendster hehehe i like it because im adik in anime but no to adik ^_^ just a little and ty. for the song i like it to its so goo kiss kiss fall in love!! hehehe maybe your my love ^_~* good bye have a nice day po ^_^ hehehe….ingat po bye……….

  51. hahax…nice translation….i like hikaru and kaoru…and i love this song

  52. I love this song!

  53. Thx for posting this! ^u^

  54. sakura kiss rocks XD

  55. Hey! i Realy love this songs and its anime! please! help me to always watch hear the songs and download it!


  56. MABEY YOUR MY LOVE! 😀 god i dont know why i love japanese songs but i do 😀 I want true love more then anything else 🙂

  57. i cant seem to download the song 😦 maybe cause its a couple of months old or something :\ well, hope to drop by soon again and try and get it

  58. yay i got it now 😀 tyvm for uploading 🙂

  59. i also love this song ,yh i’m sure u av heard dis a million tymz but i’m sure there are lots of people on this site that will agree with me when i say….WE LOVE IT THE BEST….;)xx Kaiyo-chan

  60. Wow. Thank you very much.

  61. i love ouran high host club KAWAII!!! ^_^

  62. hiii!!! thx for the lyrics >> I have been looking for it everywhere.. hontou ni arigatou!! (=’_’=)

  63. is there any chance you could post up the lyrics (in romanji-english)for chiekos other song hidamari? its a really good song as well! btw great job with this song~ KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE!doumo arigatou gozaimasu! ^_^

  64. Hey! Love the song. So do you have any Bleach theme translations, like Orange Range – Asterisk? It would be cool is you did! Oh well Sayoonara! =D

  65. me...me...and me...

    Love it… Love it…
    The video cLip is Soooooo CUTE….

    The anime?? It’s AMAZING,,

  66. Love this song!! ^.^V
    Mmmm are they making a 2nd season??
    -ella ^_^

  67. demo,, call me King dono!

  68. yay. ty ty. this song is so kawaii!!!

  69. thanks for the japanese lyrics. been looking for it for so long.

  70. Thanks for the lyrics! the song and the series are great! 😛

  71. Arigato!!!!!!!^_^

    Sayonara!! (^.~)


  72. i love this very much.. wahahaha..Chigau yo ne Kedo!!!!! OURAN HIGH SCHOOL LABS U

  73. all i knew were the first few words and after than i just hummed the rest its great to know what i was saying haha thanks

  74. Thank you for placeing this wonderful piece of music here so those of us who want to read these lyrics.

  75. Shes a lunatic.(not a real one) Ignore her. =_= She is just like this when we find something nice.

  76. hey I could not upload the song ;( do you think you can email it to me or maybe upload it at skreemR, sorry to bother but I really like to have that song for my phone

  77. ..ohh my gOsh..i really like that song..hmm..i will memoRize it..i really like he tUne..and the lyrics…

  78. and the story of ouran is very funny,..haha,,ful of love and sometimes so dramtic//..harhar,,

  79. Thank you so much! This song is just so good! would you know the name of the ending song for ouran high school as well?

  80. wahoooo ouran!!!!

  81. Thank you so much for posting this! (>^.^<)
    I love this song, and having the lyrics to it is really awesome!!!

  82. Well, i wanted to sing along with the English version but it seems to have different lyrics, and I cant memorize them that easily –_–*. Anyone know where to get the lyrics for it^^

  83. hey, thanks for the lyrics, but i hope you have it in spanish version please i need it, really!
    well, peace, out!
    Ouran High School Host Club rocks!

  84. this is cool i love this song i could sing it all day ^-^

  85. OMG!
    i luv dis song….
    thi song is so kool!!!
    i can neva get enough of it!!

  86. ummm… i dont think its translated in to fantasy i belive its translated into paranoia but im not exactly sure

    (But is it really hate? Love? Is it a fantasy?)

    But is it really hate? Love? Or just paranoia?

  87. cool!
    this song is awesome! im obsessed with it and i blame my friends ^_^
    its a good song
    OHSHC is awesome!

  88. Thanks so much! I love this song, and you even had Shissou and Tsumetai Yoru! Thank you!!!

  89. love this…it’s my ringtone!! >=]

  90. You kno what the song at the end of ep 26 is called?

  91. I like to sing this with the strings version! ^^

  92. Add My Melody to your list of Animes, PLEASE!

  93. ^-^
    Thanks for this! I love Hikaru and Kaorou! Arigatou~

  94. You seriously are the most beautiful thing this world has ever formed. Believe me. I love you. I love you so much. Thank you.

  95. ありがとうございます!

    Heehee I fell in love with this song.
    thank you thank you thank you (:

  96. thank you!! i love this song!!

    i love ouran high school host club!! ^_^

  97. This is very up-to-date info. I think I’ll share it on Digg.

  98. sakura montez

    yo i love host club.i love this song too.my name is sakuramontez.i love sakura kiss.i love tamaki n haruhi n kyoya,…… 🙂

  99. cool!!!

  100. My favourite song 🙂 Thx for it .

  101. Waaaaa!
    I love this Song!

  102. these lyrics are different from the English version i heard. why????

  103. GO OURAN!!!! That is the best show EVER! I love it and watch it all the time! Do you like it a lot?

  104. Iam from japan and this song is harder that the other one bye the way this is my name Sora Kurado Sora mean Sky and Kurado mean Cloud so that is my name but you can call me Sky!

  105. Thank youuu! Ouran High School Host Club ROCKS! I love Hikaru and Kaorou! Oh and Tamaki too! Meh, I love all of them!

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  107. I love this song but the download is not working. it is in itunes but it says the file can not be found so it will not work. help pls <3.

  108. got it to work =D

  109. Hi, I cant understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please

  110. do any of you know how to buy this song on itunes cause its not there but there might be a secret to get it! do you know how????!!!!!

  111. i love it………………hmp

  112. love it.,.,,. thx

  113. i can’t find the full english version any were but the japenese version is still as awesome

  114. This is such a cool song!

  115. Aaaah! I luv this song and the anime! I found out bout this show through being a fan of vic mignona the voice of tamaki. Everyone is super hot cept haru hi and hunny bcuz they r suposed 2 b cute! And they are.kyoyas just creepy lets face it.i think he personally bribed haru his daddy for pics from when she had long hair the twins teasing tamaki is really funny i didnt know hunny is 18 this show makes me crave love so i hate and love! The song is really nice they should make more eps cuz im sure we cant get enough! Make more greenday amvs or something some songs would fit right in! I luv singing along in jap even though im hispanic,which goes 2 show the wide scale of audiences anime can reach and i like haru his hair short better than long it looks cuter and the lady manager is nuts and tamaki and the twins make me smile! There. I got that all of my chest. Thank u 4 putting up the words!

  116. Theres also a manga too. I just personally liked the anime more with this series…haru hi is awesome and i would like to ask 2 u fellow ouran lubbers, how obvious was it when haru hi was alone with kyoya in his room in the ep where she and tamaki were fighting that kyoya was gonna try on her? For me i knew 100 percent what was going down just from what he was saying..good thing nothing happeneD! 😀

  117. Really cool blog, many thanks for a cool article and Happy new year! Let 2011 be a good one for you 🙂

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  119. OMG!!!!
    i LOVE ouran high school host club!!!
    noooooooooo one in the world can LOVE it more than me!!!!!
    and thx for the lyrics!!!!!!

  120. Omg i love this soong so much i think its awesome how alot of ppl think the same way as i doo i love tamaki.! If i were a anime im sure well be together lol ^-^

  121. Kizukeba itsu de mo Soba ni iru keredo
    Honto wa kirai? Suki? Mousou na no?
    ouraaan… ^^

  122. wow this is my favorite anime song… this is very fantastic and wonderfull… arigato gusaimas for posting its lyrics in roman… arigato gusaimas…

  123. wow…so awesome…this is a wonderful song.. when we heard it.watashi wa anata o aishiteru….domo arigato gozaimasu…kiosketini..

  124. :3 awesome ❤ thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. suki desu. ohayou gozaimasu.


  127. =^_^= I am a cat luver how abt u?

  128. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the series itself as well….. lovelots host club….
    – althea_trinket : )

  129. i just can’t get over this anime…. season 2!!!!!!!!

  130. Wow….
    This song realy wonderfull
    i like it and thank’s for lyrics ang translating 😉

  131. Hello! I’ve study some of one’s posting the following and identified it exciting and it makes a lot of sense. Plus i enjoy your theme below. Thumbs up! Keep on sharing!

  132. ang ganda may translator pa…..

  133. ouran high school host club is the #1

    i really love this song i will going to memorize it hahahaha

  134. I Love This Song Love is the Best :D!!!!!

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