Vampire Knight Opening Theme – Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi

Two Pulses and Red Sins
Vocals: ON/OFF
Lyrics: mavie
Composition: Kurosu Katsuhiko
Arrangement: h-wonder

Shaking in red, in red, in red
To the edge of the dream, of the dream
We can’t be separated

Already, every time when I’m stifled to death when I give up again and again
My emotions that have no place to go wake me up
Your flawless smile knows
That it’s an existence so distant that it’s cruel

Even though the wound that can’t be healed only eats away at my heart
Even now I can’t completely hold back my thoughts (that dwell) (within) the darkness

Shaking in red, in red, in red
To the edge of the dream, of the dream
We met, and destiny begins to turn
It’s a secret that no one, no one knows about
I fall, I fall, I fall
And I certainly can’t return anymore, even if I carve out my my sins

While I was walking in the abyss of loneliness, I was saved
By realistic eyes that never change
But a shadow born as the light is bright
Deeply and pronouncedly creeps up to me

The two pulses are exactly like mirrors facing each other
The (pains) are similar (but) different and continue infinitely

Burning in red, in red, in red
Erasing everything, everything
An unfulfilled illusion begins to move
Strongly, strongly
Overcoming, overcoming, overcoming the fleeting night
And I certainly can’t escape, even if I drown in my sins

Shaking in red, in red, in red
To the edge of the dream, of the dream
We met, and destiny begins to turn
It’s a secret that no one, no one knows about
I fall, I fall, I fall
And I certainly can’t return anymore, even if I carve out my my sins

Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi
Vocals: ON/OFF

Akaku akaku akaku yurete
Yume no yume no hate e

Mou nando mo akiramete wa oshikorosu tabi
Ikiba no nai kanjou ga me o samashiteku
Kegare no nai sono hohoemi zankoku na hodo
Tooi sonzai da to wakaru yo

Ienai kizu   kokoro mushibamu dake na no ni
Yami no (naka ni) ima mo (yadoru) omoi o osaekirenai

Akaku akaku akaku yurete
Yume no yume no hate e
Deatte shimatta unmei ga mawaridasu
Dare mo dare mo shiranai himitsu
Ochite ochite ochite
Mou modorenai   tsumi o kizande mo   kitto

Kodoku no fuchi arukinagara sukuwarete ita
Donna toki mo kawaranai riaru na hitomi
Demo hikari ga mabushii hodo umareru kage wa
Fukaku irokoku shinobiyoru yo

Futatsu no kodou   maru de awase kagami no you ni
Niteru (keredo) chigau (itami) mugen ni tsuzuite iku

Akaku akaku akaku moete
Subete subete keshite
Kanau koto no nai maboroshi ga ugokidasu
Tsuyoku tsuyoku hakanai yoru o
Koete koete koete
Nogarerarenai   tsumi ni oborete mo   kitto

Akaku akaku akaku yurete
Yume no yume no hate e
Deatte shimatta unmei ga mawaridasu
Dare mo dare mo shiranai himitsu
Ochite ochite ochite
Mou modorenai   tsumi o kizande mo   kitto

170 responses to “Vampire Knight Opening Theme – Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi

  1. oh maa~n I totally love this song! *___* I searched for the lyrics e~verywhere! thanks for posting them up here! 😀

  2. Such great lyrics. It reminds me of Zero so much.

  3. YAY! Finally ive been looking for these lyrics everywhere!thx for postin

  4. Oh wow thank you >W< i fell in love with this song as soon as i heard thank you so much for posting the lyrics

  5. Oh, I was looking for the lyrics of this song. Glad it’s on here. =D
    I’m curious: since aku means ‘red’, does that mean ku means ‘in’?
    And yurete probably means shaking, yeah?

  6. Nope, “akai” = ‘red’ and the ‘-ku’ here modifies ‘akai’ into ‘redly’, or otherwise adverb form of ‘red’.

  7. Wow, thanks for posting these lyrics- I love both the opening and ending, the manga and the anime~ ❤ ^^

  8. This song is so great thanks to whoever post the lyrics^.^

  9. It should be “wo” in:
    Yami no (naka ni) ima mo (yadoru) omoi o osaekirenai. The one and only “o” that stands alone 🙂

  10. I romanize を as ‘o’.

  11. In “Dare mo dare mo shiranai himitsu” I know that “shiranai himitsu” is “unknown secret” or something along those lines- but whenever I try to find a translation for “dare mo” I come up with “roll-off ancient skirt”

    Thanks so much for posting this ❤

    • “Daremo” (だれも) means “everyone, anyone”, but when it is used in a sentence with a negative verb, in this case “shiranai”, it means “no one”.
      So the whole thing : だれも、だれも知らない秘密
      A secret that no one, no one knows

  12. thanks so much for the lyrics!! :)) I love the song!

  13. Yeah, I love the name Yuuki so I changed my name legally to that, so I don’t wanna hear that I’m a poser or anything. Yeah, this song DOES explain Zero a lot. I love the manga, and I can’t wait until more episodes of the anime come out!

  14. Kaname (yes Kaname is my name)

    Yeah this song does explain Zero. But I like the opening theme song better than the ending one. 🙂

  15. It’s incredible the feelings that this song give to me! It’s a very great song! I love it so much

    Also, this manga cartoon is so impressive!

  16. Yuuki-chan (wendy)

    i love that songs! oh my… lol.. by the way.. the manga and the anime of Vampire Knight is so awesome!

  17. Yuuki-chan (wendy)

    oh.. and by another way… all the “vampire” in Vampire Knight are so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could go out with them… with Kaname and Zero especially! lol.. ^^

  18. where do you download it. plz give a link.

  19. yay!! finally found it!! thanks!!


  20. love this song and also its anime..nice sotry…^^,

  21. macarena solis

    me encanto la cancion sobretodo porque reien toy caxando eta serie y me encanta me encantan los vampiros y sobretodo que el cantante de el opening es un japo sexy *¬* seep
    lo amo
    ya gracias por subir etas canciones

  22. thnx i just wuv dis song!!!!
    >_< i wuv vampire knight that i thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. THanks for the lyrics! I think in the third line it’s: naido mo instead of nando mo..
    Not sure though XD I’m trying to learn the song right now so thanks again for the lyrics!


  24. the lyrics are awesome except at the end of the english translation kitto means surely and was probably just forgoten but still you should put surely at the end to make it better! just a suggestion! ^_^

  25. @ SavVy:
    ‘Kitto’ was translated as ‘certainly’ here.

  26. Thanks for translating the full version~ (Admirably quickly, too, as it seems that it was more-or-less yesterday).

  27. It might just be me but shouldn’t “oborerete” be “oborete” as I’m only hearing one “re”. (Part 7, last line.)

    Again, could just but me. ^^

  28. @ KingPin:
    Thanks for catching that! I mistyped.

  29. i’m sooooo freakin’ inlove with this song!!

  30. this is so cool..tnx for uploading the lyrics,..

    [vampire knight #1 fan =)]

  31. omfg D=

    kawai desu~ *-*

  32. hey, thats a great song, ON/OFF,are is a such of band. please, put the lyrics of the ending still doll, is realy cool to. sayon

  33. Hi, you mentioned in the “about” section that you’d post original Japanese lyrics upon request… Would you be willing to do so for this song? It would be much appreciated 🙂

  34. thanks for the lyrics!!

    i saw some vids in yuotube and some lyrics are different.. oh well.. i guess it depends on the translator..

    anyway, again, thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I love this song so much ❤ The music video for it is awesome, too! 😀

  36. this song rocks! the anime is amazing too xD

  37. nice song!btw i cant wait for season 2 of vampire knight

  38. gracias thnx arigatou!!!!
    luv the manga, the anime and the songs; both the op and the ed…
    Vampire Knight rocks!!!!

  39. YOshi!!!!


  40. WOOO! I love vampire knight! YEAH! ^o^

  41. You know what? This song reminds me of Zero…. <33

  42. Been looking like forever for the lyrics and translation. Thanks a lot ^^

  43. OMG!!
    I luv vampire knight! i’m waiting for VPK guilty episode 8 to be subbed… i can’t wait! The songz are soooo cool. PLEASE keep up the great work! 🙂

  44. i just fell in love in that moment i heard the song!!!!!! THANKX ALOT!!!!!….0_-

  45. i just fell in love in that moment i heard the song!!!!!! THANKX ALOT!!!!

  46. it’s actually twins that sing this song…very nice twins. 😀

  47. Thank you so much! I love this song it really reminds me of Zero… 🙂

  48. L0ve dis s0ng n st0ry very much..kaname kawaii..

  49. thank you!!! i found the song and the lyrics in one day HOW LUCKY !!! ^^ i know i’m slow at finding the song =( but at least i know it =)i love the movie too ^^ THANK YOU !!!

  50. any lyrics of tokyo majin’s song??
    by the way, thanks for this lyrics..

  51. thank you soooooo much!!

    really appreciate these lyrics

  52. thank you very much^^

  53. I LUV ZERO!!!!!

  54. El mejor Anime que jamas he visto, genial historia, geniales personajes, geniales CANCIONEES!!, gracias por postear

    Vampire Knight FOREVEER!!!

  55. This music is really cool!
    Thank you for the post!

  56. Wiwiwiw! n_n
    amo esa seriee 😀
    Gracias :B

  57. I listen to this song more than 5 times a day!! I LOVE THUS SONG ZERO IS SO CUTE@!!! so si kaname

  58. I LOVE this song SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much GO VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. i loooooooove so much this song:X and is the best animeif i saw;):D i love this song:X:X:D

  60. I love Vampire Knight. The songs are the best. I love the manga and the anime!

  61. I love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. I LOVE this song!! awesomeness! kyaaa!
    live on people

  63. Love to watch vampire knight!
    Thanks for the lyrics for the theme song!!
    Really thankful! 🙂

  64. this song was so great, it made me sick. . .

  65. thank you. (;

    Im not even japanese and I love it.
    This shows that you dont have to be Japanese to like this song.
    And Vampire Knight is the best anime EVER!!!!
    LOVE KANAME. ❤ (I still like Zero)


  67. I like that song, in Japanese. Do remind me of Zero.

  68. Thank you so much! Love this song!

  69. ive been seraching for the lyrics for long..
    thanks for posting the lyrics..
    i relly love this song..

  70. how about a lyrics from HANASAKERU SEISHOUNEN??

  71. OMG!!! This reminds me SO much of Zero!! Arrggh it’s so sad! Poor poor poooooor Zero T_T

  72. i like it but it’s too hard to memories

  73. this song is utter crap

  74. actually this was easy to sing along than rinde rondo
    but thanks for uploading this it didn’t take me 2 mins to find this i googled it and just found this lol thank

  75. actually this was easy to sing along than rinde rondo
    but thanks for uploading this it didn’t take me 2 mins to find this i googled it and just found this lol thank

  76. domo for the song domo means thanks ok domo bye

    • I don’t speak English much, but in Japan when we say “Thank You” we say “Arigatō”. “Dōmo” is another way to say “Arigatō”.

  77. woah i just love this song :3

  78. OMG!!!!! i love this song….the best thing is that i can sing to it both ways….YAH GO VAMPIRE KNIGHTS!!!! *wink wink*

  79. ohayou!love this song so much thanks 4 the translation! i’m a big fan of vampire knight

  80. vampireknight 777kiki

    ohayou!love this song of vampire knight! thanks 4 the translation!i’m a ooki fan of VAMPIRE KNIGHT!! I LOVE THE GUYS ARE SOOO HOT!!)

  81. i like d song..and i love

  82. ohhh my gosh,, i finally found it.. da lyrics that im looking 4…!! yay,,, i remembered again ol da vampires especially zero, kaname anD yuuki!!!! lol,,.., OMG!!! tnx 4 posting..

  83. I Love Vampire Knight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the vampires there all cute!! by the way thanks for the lyrics:):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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  85. i’m really devoted to vampire knight!!!!is there already a season 3???
    ….thankz 4d lyrics!!!i rily got a lot from ds site!!!
    ….GOOOOOOOOOO!!!vampire knight!!!

  86. hi,,,cute cute ni zero…

  87. i love this song sana ipalabas sa tv

  88. I love vampire knight Zero and Aido are so sexy i want both of em *blushes* ❤ 😛 Zero and aido r myn so keep off fan girls grrrrrr

  89. I love all songs 2 Vampire knight Zero and aido r so sexy and i am so happy there all myn

  90. omg!!!!!!
    luv the song and the anime toooo!!
    luv aidou so hot XD cant believe i said that =D

  91. cool lyric……..i so love them and i love watching vampnite……more seasons should be brought out….:)


  93. thank you for the lyric i wanna sing this song many times but i can’t now i can sing it now ^^

  94. I really love this song it’s awsome!I also like there pictures that come with it.

  95. Miss.Chocolate Chips :)

    Hi,I really Love Vampire Knight and I love this song. Um…. There is a movie called the fourth kind and I want to know if I can use this song for my music video in English. Does anybody know where I can by this song In ENGLISH? If anyone knows where I can get this song in English, I would appritiate it. Btw, I also wanna know where I can by the vampire knight Movies.
    Thank U. 🙂

  96. kaname's little girl

    so good ive been searching this but for me this reminds me of kaname more than zero(well my opinion only)love the song and anime

  97. does anybody put your coments in japanesse??
    kawaii videoclip kawaii yuki(me) kawai zero&kaname wiwii kawaii mina!!

  98. Kaname Senpais lover

    I love Kaname Senpai ❤

  99. i love vampire knight.all boys are so hot.i also adore this song.its awesome

  100. i love this song im almost done memorizing it

  101. i love this made for is the greatest.

  102. I luv thus song!!!! I luv listening to it, and now I luv it even more cuz I nu wat it says!!! XD

  103. wow, everyone seems to feel that this song reminds them of Zero, but it actually reminded me of Kaname…maybe because I’m sure most of you guys came from the anime, and I’ve only read the manga. Plus, the most recent developments in the manga make me think of these lyrics…

    I heard that the mangaka doesn’t want any more anime episodes to be made because she felt that the anime focused too much on Zero and implied that it would be Zero/Yuuki? If that’s so, I’m glad I stuck to the manga. I love Zero and all, but Kaname and Yuuki = destiny, in my opinion and in the manga 🙂

  104. my fwend made me write the whole english n original down
    ps i was unkown the 1 who repied 2 starrdustt dorz i was bored ;}

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  106. omg i love this song thx

  107. Oh man, I listen to this song every day!!
    even though I am not japanese, I listen!!!!
    best song and BEST anime!! ❤ I wish they had season 3! 😦

  108. ……this song reminds me of kaname… he is so handsome and so romantic… i really love him… tnx

  109. aha, nice the lyrics! finally.
    The chorus is the best bit of the song imo.~

  110. I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo love this song thanks who ever posted it up there! And does any knows how to download it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz answer.

  111. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song it reminds me of Yuki, Kaname, Ruka, Aido, Rima and The Headmaster

  112. I LOVE THIS SONG. THANKS WHO EVER POSTED IT UP THERE! iT REMINDS ME OF , Kaname, Yuki, Ruka, Rima, Aido and The Headmaster he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny sometimes

  113. VampireKnightFreak


  114. FireheartxFrosteyes

    Holy. Friggin’. Crap. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! =D Thanks so much for putting it up! Vampire Knight was one of the best (although I must say I like FMAB better). It’s sad though, that Yuuki gave up Zero. Personally, I thought of it as heartless and I think Kaname is actually evil but… Yeah, whatever. Arigato! =D ❤

  115. omg! i actual love this song n i love the vampire knight series to! thanks so much for posting this! does anyone else know where i can download this song??

  116. I have been wondering ever since I saw the first episode a few days ago what the lyrics were thank you so much for posting them 🙂

  117. Zero ♥♥♥
    my new favorite number ♥


  119. i love this song its awsome like the show it self 🙂 😉 i love u zero and kaname

  120. I want to get this song and i tried downloading it but it did not work…:/

  121. Hanabusa rulz!!!!! thx for posting this

  122. I was so happy when they made the shows for vampire knight!!

  123. i really love his song because it makes me happy!.i really love vampire knight since 2008…….arigatu!!!

  124. i really love this song because it makes me happy!.i really love vampire knight since 2008…….arigatu!!!

  125. thx 4 postin! i’ve been searchin this lyrics 4 ages!!!!!!

  126. I just started watching Vampire Knight yesterday
    and now I’m totally hooked!!

    I love it so much!!
    Especially this song!!


    Thank you for posting this.
    Now I have something to sing at school and in the bathroom! LOL 😀

    Arigatou Guzaimas!!!!

  127. iluvkaname!!!!!

    Omg!!!!! i luv this song!!!!!! i listen to it all the time i love it!!!!!! thx for the lyrics!!! i luv kaname!!!! I luv zero too! I luv vampire knight!!! whooyhoo for vampire knight!

  128. awwh thankyouu so much :3 love vampire knight and loves zero !! this explains him completely ❤ ^_^

  129. Omg i love vampire knight and the theme song is so catchy lol i looked up the english lyrics and lernt them i love it so much

  130. You know this song is available on itunes but thanks sooooooooooooo much for putting the lyrics and title on here i had no idea what the song was called! isnt it weird that itunes has this but not the end credits song (Still Doll) ?

  131. p.s Vampire Knight is AWESOME!!!!! best anime EVER!!!!!!!!!

  132. thank you sooooooooooooooomuch for the song it awesome and ilove vampire knight .really thanks

  133. Paige Ashleigh Wilson

    Vampire Knight is my most favourite show ever. I wish it was still showing on ABC3. I hate them for not showing it now

  134. I love this song!!!! so catchy!!!! Vampire knight is an awesome show and the whole red thing fits the anime!!!!!

  135. I love vampire knight especially zero… I have this huge crush on him coz he’s so HOT! but he is an anime character. NOOOOOOOO! I wish cartoons were real…

  136. I love VK and this song ~blinks away tears~ its so beautiful like all of ON/OFF songs !! I love both the anime n Manga…
    this show makes me laugh n the manga makes me cry =p

  137. Love love love Vampire Knight !!! ZERO is the BEST & Mine ;D ❤

  138. i luv ZERO! ❤ also i LUV VAMPIRE KNIGHT!<3<3<3<3<3<3

  139. Grell sutcliff

    For some reason it reminds me of hikaru and kaeru from ouran high host club…

  140. I like ichijo and zero. Agh~ and kaname, too.:-)

  141. Ichima Senkai N.

    Je sui une enorme fan de Vampire KNight,et cette chanson et ma preferee de tous!

  142. I like the first opening better than the second one.

  143. i am searching everywhere for this lyrics. Thanks for a billion.

  144. Omg thanks so much i have been trying to find these lyrics in both Japanse and english so thanks for putting them on line! I love them 🙂

  145. I love it it’s one of my favorite anime…

  146. i love all the anime also the music and all of what i can to say about this anime AISHETERU VANPAIA NAITO WA

  147. ugh guys i have listened to this song a billion times and studied the lyrics and still cant get it right. how the hell ami suposssed to know how to say all these words. lmfao n im tottaly a sucker for kaname and zero. mostly kaname ❤ 🙂

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