Okamikakushi Opening Theme – Toki no Mukou   Maboroshi no Sora

Another stunning song from Kajiura Yuki this season.
This opening theme wouldn’t be out of place if it was used as a Higurashi or Umineko song.

Okamikakushi immediately invokes the setting of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. A young man moves to a remote town where a wolf god is said to prey on helpless victims and he befriends a throng of cute girls with varying degrees of possibly murderous intent. The story also takes place in summer of 1983.

Lovely job, Ryukishi-cakes, for another masterpiece.

Across Time   Sky of Illusions
Vocals: FictionJunction
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

Does love always
Lead to sorrow?
I couldn’t speak up and tell you
“Please don’t cry all alone anymore”

The song of the world is fading away
We journey toward the end
In that brief moment, I met you
As if shortening my life

With you, I can go to my distant hometown
That definitely existed across time
Across the night when I can’t even see love
There’s a sky of illusions

Though I suffer every time I dream
Yet I still laugh
Defying the wind
How much more should I struggle?

The whereabouts of this tragedy
Should just be the silent night
We knew we can’t reach it
Nevertheless, we dash through the darkness

Does the goal exist across time?
Someday, will I be able to say I reached it?
Because I’m living, please give me light
In the sky of illusions

Because I’ll be by your side
All the time
Though I want to stop the time of the world
And embrace you
in the land of pain

We’ll return across time
With you, I can go to my distant hometown
What finds and overcomes love is
The sky of tragedies
The dreaming wilderness

Toki no Mukou   Maboroshi no Sora

Itoshisa wa itsumo
Kanashimi e to tsuzuiteru no?
Kimi ni   mou hitori-kiri de
Nakanaide to iidasezu ni

Iroaseteku sekai no uta
Bokura wa owari e tabi o suru
Sono tsuka no ma ni kimi to deatta
Inochi o kezuru you ni

Toki no mukou ni tashika ni atta
Haruka na kokyou, kimi to yukeru no
Ai mo mienai yoru no mukou ni
Maboroshi no sora

Yume o miru tabi ni kurushimu no ni
Sore de mo mada warau no
Kaze ni sakaratte
Ato dore dake agakeba ii

Kono sangeki no yukue ga tada
Shizuka na yoru de areba ii
Shitte itan da, todokanai koto
Sore de mo bokura wa yami o kakenuke

Toki no mukou ni gooru wa aru no?
Tadoritsuita to itsuka ieru no?
Ikite yuku kara   douka hikari o
Maboroshi no sora

Itsu de mo
Kimi no soba ni iru kara
Sekai no toki o tomete
Dakishimetai no ni
in the land of pain

Toki no mukou ni bokura wa kaeru
Haruka na kokyou, kimi to yukeru no
Ai o mitsukete koete yuku no wa
Sangeki no sora
Yume o miru kouya

時の向こう 幻の空

君に もう一人きりで
泣かないでと 言い出せずに





生きて行くから どうか光 を
幻 の空

in the land of pain


10 responses to “Okamikakushi Opening Theme – Toki no Mukou   Maboroshi no Sora

  1. Oh thank you so much, i made kara FX for OP but no have all of lyrics

  2. Thx 4 the lyrics! Are you going to post the ending theme too?

  3. @ the opening of the song, there are these first 2 lines that aren’t in Japanese language, can someone help me figure out what language that is?

    • That would be your standard gibberish singing, so no lyrics are available for it.

    • that first lines are in kajiuran (or kajiurago) the self made laguage by Yuki kajiura.

      And Yes. Ookamikakushi is getting interesting.

      • Hi^^
        Thanks for the lyrics, I’m so happy that finally is out ^^

        I also would like to say that the first two lines of the song are in italian, I’m sure about that because is my language!
        But unfortunatly I’m able to hear only the first part of it, because the music grows and I can’t hear anything else ç_ç

        “Cantami di una storia dove (…)”
        It means something as ” Sing me about a story where (…)”

        I love the song and Yuki, I’ve got all her albums…so if you like, when I understand it better I’ll post it ^^

        Ja ne!

    • “Cantami di una storia dove aria misteriosa”
      “Toki no sou ni you ni”

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