CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ Opening Theme – Toki o Kizamu Uta

Such a sad song.
This song is sung from Tomoya’s perspective.

A Song that Ticks Away Time
Vocals: Lia
Lyrics: Maeda Jun
Composition: Maeda Jun

I’m only looking at the spilling hourglass
When I turn it upside-down, look, it starts going again
I wonder if I’ll be able to someday enter
the advancing time that only ticked away

Midway on the slope that only you passed through
Many warm spots of sunshine appeared
Here by myself, I’m reminiscing
about the tender warmth

It’s only you, it’s only you
who I loved
My eyes tear up in the wind
and you become distant

I’ll remember forever
Even if just about everything changes
It was just one, it was just one
ordinary thing
But in the brilliance I’ll show you, there’s only one thing that was fulfilled
I’ll protect it forever and ever

The chilly days continue, even though it’s already spring
On a morning when I woke up before the alarm clock
You’re standing there
making breakfast for three

It’s only you, it’s only you
who aren’t by my side
Up until yesterday, you were right by my side, looking at me

It’s only you, it’s only you
who I loved
It’s a song I sing
only with you, only with you
It’s our, it’s our
time passed together
I don’t want to
continue on my own

I’ll remember forever
Even if this town changes
No matter how much sorrow I’m to encounter
I’ll show you when I was truly strong
C’mon, let’s go; we’ll start walking on the sloped road

Toki o Kizamu Uta
Vocals: Lia

Ochite iku sunadokei bakari miteru yo
Sakasama ni sureba hora mata hajimaru yo
Kizanda dake susumu jikan ni
Itsuka boku mo haireru kana

Kimi dake ga sugisatta saka no tochuu wa
Atataka na hidamari ga ikutsu mo dekiteta
Boku hitori ga koko de yasashii
Atatakasa o omoikaeshiteru

Kimi dake o kimi dake o
Suki de ita yo
Kaze de me ga nijinde
Tooku naru yo

Itsu made mo   oboeteru
Nani mo ka mo kawatte mo
Hitotsu dake   hitotsu dake
Arifureta mono da kedo
Misete yaru   kagayaki ni michita sono hitotsu dake
Itsu made mo itsu made mo mamotte iku

Hadazamui hi ga tsuzuku   mou haru na no ni
Mezamashidokei yori hayaku okita asa
Sanninbun no asa-gohan o tsukuru kimi ga
Soko ni tatte iru

Kimi dake ga kimi dake ga
Soba ni inai yo
Kinou made sugu soba de boku o miteta yo

Kimi dake o kimi dake o
Suki de ita yo
Kimi dake to kimi dake to
Utau uta da yo
Boku-tachi no boku-tachi no
Kizanda toki da yo
Katahou dake tsuzuku nante
Boku wa iya da yo

Itsu made mo   oboeteru
Kono machi ga kawatte mo
Dore dake no kanashimi to deau koto ni natte mo
Misete yaru   hontou wa tsuyokatta toki no koto
Saa iku yo   arukidasu   saka no michi o


44 responses to “CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ Opening Theme – Toki o Kizamu Uta

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  2. Oh wow thanks to this translation I’ve noticed how sad this song is… T.T it’s in perfect context with the AfterStory and the story it tells tears me up thinking about it…

  3. I think it is Kimi dake wo instead of Kimi dake o. Can you verify it?

    By the way, good job with the translation 😀

  4. (: Thanks for the translation. As the people before have posted, it truly is sad and touching song. Will always be in my memories.

  5. Thanks!!! I love this song and anime. The lyrics are just beautiful ^^

  6. Thought it was a happy never-ending song,
    but it was sad indeed…

    Happiness over overcoming sadness…

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  8. HalfDemonInuyasha

    Another thing showing it from Tomoya’s POV;

    You’re standing there
    Making breakfast for three

    …herself, Tomoya, and Ushio most likely the 3.

  9. its really great to recite this in front of someone you love but

    it will be a big embarassment..

  10. I was reading your comment about how you feel this is sung from Tomoya’s prospective and I was thinking this too, mainly because the song uses “boku”.
    I could be very wrong, but isn’t “boku” used to refer to yourself in a masculine way? That is to say, that you would really only use it if you are a boy? If that is so, than I’d defiantly think that this song is from Tomoya’s point of view. Especially with the translation. It’s really sad song, really, but I do love it. T-T

    But I was wondering… a girl sings this song. So is it strange or common for a girl to use “boku” if it is in a song, I wonder?

    • Yes, the song is written from a guy’s perspective, and the boku reinforces that point. It is very common for female singers to sing songs from the guy’s perspective like this.

      • Yes I agree when it comes to songs female singers normally use words men do to make the song sound me realistic, therfore making a bigger impact on the audeince and creating a beautiful song.

  11. I continue to be amazed by the depth of emotion in the Japanese language. Tomoya-kun and Nagisa-chan complete each other as people bonded in love do. The song is sung by Lia as the spirit that watches over them. Thank you for the translation.

  12. I will always love this song it’s just so powerful! It9akea me year up evertime I hear it

  13. This is the most beautiful song ever…

    This song really goes with The Anime. This theme in my opinion is better than the original theme. I love the paino part to this song and im currently learning it on paino 🙂

    Thanks for the beautiful song

  14. one of the most beautiful songs for one of the most beautiful anime i ever seen….perfect~

  15. Another truly beautiful song as well as Anime.
    If you haven’t watch the Anime please go do so now 😀
    You’ll be sorry if you didn’t 🙂

  16. DX such a sad song, i really wish tat she hadn’t died, it’s so saaaad, XD

  17. Hey she died, but she’s live again when Tomoya got his second chance. 🙂 I love that heart-warming happy end… ❤

  18. This is such a beautiful song and yeah..if u haven’t watched the anime..ITS A MUST!! xD. Thank god tomoya got a second chance..that kid had been through tooooooo much 😦

    • I know its heart breaking when nagisa and ushio die you feel like its your family so sad. Really happy that tomoya was given a second chance it should never end like that for familys

  19. Yup I agree ❤ Clannad is really MUST! I love Ushio. She looks so like her cute mommy. 🙂

  20. lucidlycohesive

    I’m not known to be a sensitive guy, I had reasons for crying while watching the anime :p This song is also one of the saddest songs I’ve heard. It’s so beautiful, as a music enthusiast all I can say is that this song is so perfect. I also enjoy the japanesse language as the way it gives the song a cleaner flow-like feeling. It’s a lovely song and everyone should hear it and watch the anime.

  21. oh wow! i luv this song so much. its like one of those songs that give you a tingly feeling everytime you hear it. anybody else get that? jeez, makes me cry. awesome anime. got it on my ipod with ‘repeat’ on all the time. lol 😉

    • I do to it really touches your heart even before I found out the english version I llove clannad so much so sad when ushio and nagisa die I’m glad they came back brought me to tears it did ☺

      kimi dake o kimi dake o ♪

  22. francis fulgencio

    that song is very interesting and touching……….. it makes me felt overwellmed…….

    i’ll sing it over and over again

  23. francis fulgencio

    clannad after story had a great story…………. great story should have to find a great song to fit on……. and that is the one……

    im a filipino but i like that song because of its message and feeling that is left to me…………………………
    great voice Lia-san……… great lyrics Maeda-san, you’re a genius…………

  24. never bored hear the opening…
    it’s very emotionally in with the anime…

  25. I get so touched by listening to this, Tomoya and Nagisa are meant for each other… And Ushio… Clannad’s a work of art!

    Kimi dake o… Kimi dake o…

  26. When I saw this anime, my Japanese wasn’t good at all. Even so, I was able to decipher phrases from this song like “kimi dake wo” and “itsumademo oboeteru”, and just that was enough to make me tear up. After finally looking up the lyrics… my God, the creators didn’t hold back at all, did they? I just spent the past five minutes bawling.

    Oh, and I played the visual novel before I saw the anime. You should’ve seen me when I heard the actual Dango song instead of just the unvoiced version!

    I need to play that game again.

  27. I really like that song…
    Thank tou for share this song….

  28. I really like this song and that anime… 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this song….
    This Song really have deep meaning

  29. this song is so perfect, I love it
    makes me cry but don’t matters
    is beautiful and and I will not stop listening :’)

  30. Never get tired of listenig to this fits perfectly with the whole clannad after story series. Ending of the series is so sad when nagisa and her daughter die but so glad that they bring them back for the ending

  31. Man Clannad Songs Never gets old SUKI! I love CLANNAD!

  32. If they are going to have a NEW season .WISH they will still pick this singer. Hehe. If.

  33. WISH they’ll have a new seson cause clannad really rocks!

  34. This is so sad. When my sister and I was whaching it and nagisa and ushio died we where a mess then at that last moment as if every thing went in time. We went crazy filled with happyness.

  35. Wow.. this is the first animate that make me cry a lot T.T.. I got my tears out when nagisa died. then i cried again when ushio died..huhu but finally it ends with happy ending. im so glad about that.. but I luv its song. It just match with its story.. but i luv this animate.. CLANNAD AFTER STORY 4 EVER..!! ~ ❤

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