Vampire Knight Guilty Ending Theme – Suna no O-shiro

Castle of Sand
Vocals: Wakeshima Kanon
Lyrics: Wakeshima Kanon
Composition: Mana

Quietly flowing
Dried clouds pass by
The gray me
Just watched their vanishing

Onto the castle of sand that I built
From gathering the stars
My tiny prayer
Waves that lay in waiting
Sweep you off your feet

a world of darkness.
a world of silence.

While the prayer that seems like it’ll vanish soon
Is fanned by the wind
Nevertheless, I continue to light it
While I messed up again and again
The waves that lay in waiting
Sweep away the castle of sand that I built
With chilled hands

To you

Suna no O-shiro
Vocals: Wakeshima Kanon

Sotto nagareru
Kawaita kumo ga tooru
Haiiro no watashi wa
Tada jitto kiete iku no o

Hoshi o atsumete
Tsukuru suno no o-shiro ni
Watashi no sasayaka na inori
Koborete ochiru
Sono ashimoto o
Machibuseta nami ga sarau

a world of darkness.
a world of silence.

Kiekakaru inori
Kaze ni aorarenagara
Sore de mo tomoritsuzukete
Watashi ga ikudo mo motsurenagara
Hie yuku te de
Tsukuru suno no o-shiro o
Machibuseta nami ga sarau

Anata e


28 responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty Ending Theme – Suna no O-shiro

  1. As always a beautiful translation ^^ at first i thought that “miteta” will be more like “Look at it” but now, the lyrics sound way more better *_* i really thank you for the time you take to translate this. Why don’t you translate her next song “skip turn step” kanon has such a pretty good songs =D.

    Anyways, thanks!!.

  2. How can you translate it???

  3. @ Zairi Zaidi:
    With the Da’Colbert Code

  4. thank you so much for the lyrics!your blog are my number one resource!

  5. erm is this the full ver?

  6. Thank you so much!!! ;A;♥

  7. SuperRandomPerson

    Yeah I thought “miteta” was “need to die” o3o;

  8. Hi.

    Quietly flowing
    Dried clouds pass by
    The gray me
    Just watched their vanishing

    I’m completely failing to see the coherence. I think the lines should be linked. This looks like a machine translation :/

  9. That’s how the lines are written out in the original. Go look at the romaji.

  10. I can see the coherence. quietly flowing is referring to the clouds as she watches them blowing by. I picture her lying somewhere in a sort of daze just looking up at the sky and watching the clouds disappear.

    I dont know how you want them to be linked. this is how she wrote it. and it makes sense for the mood of the song. maybe you need to pay attention in literature class.

  11. yes its my real name…. can u traslate it 2 japanesse?

  12. not lying i dont like 2 lie

  13. i like vampire knight and hope to have this song

  14. Wow! I LOVE Kanon Wakeshima’s songs although they’re all japanese… and don’t even understand a single word… I can’t even trace it!!! Thanks for the lyrics!!!!!!!

    • It’s the same thing with me. Everyone thinks I’m partially insane because I listen to songs that are in Japanese. I (personally) think maybe that is why I love them so 🙂 xx

  15. Thanks for the lyrics!!! I really love this one! Better than the still doll lyrics!!!!!!!!!!

  16. slesha tuladhar

    The best song in the world.I love it.Thank you for the translation.

  17. wow!!!vampire knight 4eVer!!!tnx 4d lyrics!!XD

    …keeep up d gud work!!!

  18. love d way kanon wakeshima sings d song!!really like her voice!!!


  19. Here’s my take on the lyrics..I think it’s about her futile attempt to make her prince charming a sandcastle to bring her back to life. No translator was used 🙂

    Gently floating white,
    The dried clouds pass over
    As I fade away, I watch.

    The stars are gathering to make a sandcastle
    This is my meager prayer
    The waves sweep my feet from undernath
    I’m falling

    A world of darkness
    A world of silence

    Even though my prayers are taken by the wind
    They will still continue to burn bright
    As I fall many times, the waves take the sandcastle
    that I made with my cold hands

    For you…


    • I don’t really think that we need your input, no offense. My honest opinion? I’m jealous you know Japanese. 🙂 I want to learn desperately. But the translation is already here, and I suppose it’s good enough…

  20. I really love these lyrics. I love this song 😀 When ever I hear it, I (seriously, shamefully) feel like doing a ballet dance XD This song is so peaceful, Kanon Wakeshima is simply amazing.

  21. I love this song and still doll. They’re the best Japanese songs I’ve heard! ^.^

  22. I love Kanon Wakeshima’s voice!! :O She’s amazing!!!

  23. Kanon Wakeshima’s Still Doll and This is so good! Even though I’m not Japanese, I love these songs. Its really catchy 🙂

  24. The last seven lines arn’t spoken. Sorry, I’m a person for perfect lyrics. 😊

  25. Well in vampire knight it doesn’t… 😒

  26. christen jade babelonio a.k.a. ada bizzarious

    suki yo !

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