Kuroshitsuji Opening Theme – Monochrome no Kiss

Monochrome Kiss
Vocals: SID
Lyrics: Mao
Composition: Shinji
Arrangement: SID & Nishihira Akira

There’s no color in our encounter; the monochromy blew through it
I shall entrust every pain of mine to you

The unforgiving autumn, which forcefully traces my scars, comes
While your cool fingers still beckon me

I’m troublesome after I melted like ice
You tenderly scoop me up and and toy around with me with your lips

Nevertheless, I search for a single form of love
My dried eyes tied it to the present rather than a time far beyond
If I can, I want to end while shrouded this like
Together, we concealed our pale selves; the moon is hiding, too

Since then, I even came to love the night somewhat
In the sea of dependence, I forget to even breathe

Right before we get absorbed in each other, you only leave behind a tepid warmth
In the art of knowing when to quit, I hate your conceited kisses

Don’t leave me alone, take my hint and make me colorful already
No matter what your words are, they slip out of your room
Getting confused, falling asleep- Tell me there’s more than that?
The sighs are lost in the question behind a smile; only the moon is watching

When the next long needle points to the ceiling
You won’t be around anymore; I won’t need you anymore

Nevertheless, I definitely searched for a form of love
My teary eyes tied it to the present rather than a time far beyond
If I can, I want to end while shrouded this like
In your wish, night brings the morning along in vain

With a tender, passionate, yet cowardly kiss

Color it, the moon illuminates our final night

Monokuro no Kisu
Vocals: SID

Deai ni iro wa nakute   monokuro   fukinukeru
Itami goto   kimi   yudanemashou

Kizuato   tsuyoku nazoru   youshanai aki ga kite
Suzushii yubi   temaneku mama ni

Toketa ato no yakkai na   koori mitai na watashi o
Yasashiku sukutte   uwakuchibiru de asobu

Sore de mo hitotsu no ai no katachi o sagasu
Tooku yori mo ima o musunda   kareta hitomi wa
Dekireba kono mama   tsutsumarete owaritai
Futari de himeta   awai hada   tsuki mo kakureteru

Are kara ikuraka   yoru   suki ni mo narimashita
Izon no umi   iki mo wasurete

Muchuu no sono temae de   namanurusa dake o nokoshite
Hikigiwa no bigaku   tokuige na kisu   kirau

Hitori ni shinaide   mou sasshite   ayamete
Dono kotoba mo   kimi no heya de wa   surinukete iku no
Midarete   nemutte   sore ijou o oshiete?
Egao no toi ni   mayou toiki   tsuki dake ga miteru

Tsugi no nagai hari ga   tenjou ni todoku koro ni wa
Kimi wa mou inai   watashi wa mou iranai

Sore de mo tashika ni ai no katachi o sagashita
Tooku yori mo ima o musunda   nureta hitomi wa
Dekireba kono mama   tsutsumarete owaritai
Sono negai wa   yoru wa   munashiku   asa o tsurete kuru

Yasashikute   atsukute   hikyou na kisu de

Irodotte yo   saigo no yoru   tsuki ga terashiteru


出会いに色はなくて モノクロ 吹き抜ける
痛みごと 君 委ねましょう

傷跡 強くなぞる 容赦ない秋がきて
涼しい指 手招くままに

溶けたのやっかいな 氷みたいな私を
優しくすくって 上唇で遊ぶ

遠くよりも今を結んだ 枯れた瞳は
できればこのまま 包まれて終わりたい
二人で秘めた 淡い肌 月も隠れてる

あれから幾らか 夜 好きにもなりました
依存の海 息も忘れて

夢中のその手前で 生温さだけ残して
引き際の美学 得意げなキス 嫌う

一人にしないで もう察して 彩めて
どの言葉も 君の部屋では すり抜けていくの
乱れて 眠って それ以上を教えて?
笑顔の問いに 迷う吐息 月だけが見てる

次の長い針が 天井に届く頃には
君はもういない 私はもういらない

遠くよりも今を結んだ 濡れた瞳は
できればこのまま 包まれて終わりたい
その願いは 夜は 虚しく 朝を連れてくる

優しくて 熱くて 卑怯なキスで

彩ってよ 最後の夜 月が照らしてる

13 responses to “Kuroshitsuji Opening Theme – Monochrome no Kiss

  1. Aww~~ Kiss of Monochrome~~ >W< Arigatou for uploading it~ I was searching the lyrics since the moment I heard the OP~~ XD

  2. thanks for uploading the lyric!
    i’ve been searching everywhere!

  3. x-X_Kya Uchiha_X-x

    Konnichiwa, have you ever seen an anime called Hyakko, beacause if you like Toradora you’ll like Hyakko.

  4. My, thanks a lot for the translation. Such a beautiful song, I’ve fallen in love with it. Delicious lyrics.

  5. Hi desu~~~~♥
    Thank u very much for the english lyrics ^^ with them i can’t translate them to spanish :3
    I can understand japanese, but it’s difficult ^^
    Anyway, domno arigatou gozaimashita ♥

  6. nice lyrics there..luv monochrome no kiss..<3


  8. this is crapy shit this should die this is fake i have te reLY LYRICS~

  9. OMG, do you see whats occurring in Syria? Regardless of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue

  10. Black Butler Fan

    I just have to say.. The words are impossible to get right. In the anime black butler the sub is totally different. In the english dub by Y. Chang, it’s still different ????????????

  11. kuroshitsuji lover

    i love like this songgggg i have been listening it everyday and i love the anime tooo

  12. Nuha, One Hell of a Fangirl

    Jamming to this song everyday!! Never gets old!! I LOVE Black Butler so much, it truly is one hell of a show!!! 😀

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