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Soul Eater 2nd Opening Theme – PAPERMOON

Corrected on December 16th by Atashi.

Vocals: Tommy heavenly6
Lyrics: Tommy heavenly6
Composition: Chiffon Brownle

I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
Holding my breath
I’m waiting on a Deadly Night

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ChäoS;HEAd Ending Theme – Super Special

Super Special
Vocals: Kagami Seira
Lyrics: Kagami Seira
Composition: Komaba Masanobu & Makai Koichi
Arrangement: Ikezawa Takashi

You’re always Super Special, that’s why you are here with me.
Miracle baby, born on the same super star
Super Special, a special you
Miracle baby, I’m happy to be with you

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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season 1st Opening Theme – Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi

In notes published in Animedia about the song, it was mentioned that the ‘Kanashi’ part of the song title was intentionally rendered in katakana so that it would have a double meaning, 悲し/哀し and 愛し. All three variations are pronounced the same and carry similar meanings, but 愛し would denote that something is so dear and lovely that it’s heartrending sad.

A Brief Yet Eternal Sorrow
Vocals: UVERworld
Lyrics: TAKUYA∞
Composition: Katsuya & TAKUYA∞
Arrangement: Katsuya & TAKUYA∞

Before love says that love is, “Too heavy,” rejects comprehension
And turns into hatred…

Just about everything is so, right?
In situations where you get bad penalties, there’s always the reality of covering them up and faking it
In the era of distorted dilemmas
Even we, who should have made a promise together, pass by each other without noticing

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Hakushaku to Yosei Ending Theme – my fairy

Updated to full version.

my fairy
Vocals: Midorikawa Hikaru as Edgar J. C. Ashenbert
Lyrics: KAB.
Composition: UZA
Arrangement: Shimizu Hisayuki

I only caught a brief glance of your figure in the light
There was the wind of love before my eyes that squinted in the glare
If I embraced the lakes in your eyes
I think I’d feel like drowning
If only 1 of my wishes is to be granted, then I wish to walk together with you forever
Be by my side in this sky covered in falsehoods…my fairy

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Kuroshitsuji Ending Theme – I’m ALIVE!

Full version corrected.
This song is sung entirely in English.

Vocals: BECCA
Lyrics: BECCA, Meredith Brooks
Composition: TABO
Arrangement: Chris Satriani

Nothing I say comes out right
I can’t love without a fight
No one ever knows my name
When I pray for sun, it rains
I’m so sick of wasting time
But nothing’s moving in my mind
Inspiration can’t be found
I get up and fall but

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Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka Opening Theme – Hatsukoi Parachute

First Love Parachute
Vocals: Hashimoto Miyuki
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Tashiro Tomokazu
Arrangement: Harada Katsuyuki

When I realize it, I’ll say
I love you from my heart with all my might
The sky suddenly makes me feel timid… No, don’t!

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Shugo Chara!! Doki— 1st Ending Theme – Rottara Rottara

Updated with Kanji lyrics and a few corrections.

Lotta love Lotta love
Vocals: Buono!
Lyrics: Iwasato Yuho
Composition: Inoue Shinjiro
Arrangement: Nishikawa Susumu

Lotta love, Lotta love, Lotta love
Lotta love, Lotta love, Lotta love
If we were to become adults today
Even the things that we see will become unseen

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