Soul Eater 2nd Opening Theme – PAPERMOON

Corrected on December 16th by Atashi.

Vocals: Tommy heavenly6
Lyrics: Tommy heavenly6
Composition: Chiffon Brownle

I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
Holding my breath
I’m waiting on a Deadly Night

Don’t Scary, because the pumpkin coach
That the witch drew
Can be seen in your eyes

See You In Your Dreams
Yeah Baby, even if it’s a scary dream

Fairy Blue
For your sake, I smashed the stars
And decorated the
Black Paper Moon
If you’d believe in me!
When You’re Lost “Here”
I am… “Forever” With Your Soul

If I look up, like the shining moon

Letters emerge on the card
That dropped the sweet, crimson jam

Your Destiny, because if you wish for it
You can seize
Any sort of world in your hands

Don’t get confused
No one can destroy it

Fairy Blue
The proof of living that you gave me
Is the “eternity” known as our bond
If you’d shout for me
I Will Find You My Dear!
No matter where you are
Break the spell bound to us

There are times when I can’t believe in anyone
And become subservient
Nevertheless, your words
Are echoing in my chest at anytime

Fairy Blue
For your sake, I smashed the stars
And decorated the “sign”
When you’d lose sight of your dreams and get perplexed
I’d like you to look up

Fairy Blue
The proof of living that you gave me
Is the “trust” known as our bond
You’re not alone
When You’re Lost “Here”
I am… “Forever” With Your Soul

I can make my way to you, if you believe in me

Vocals: Tommy heavenly6

I’m Falling Down Into My Shadow
Iki o hisomete
Matte iru   Deadly Night

Don’t scary   majo ga egaita
Kabocha no basha mo
Sono me ni utsuseru kara

See You In Your Dreams
Yeah Baby   kowai yume da to shite mo

Fairy Blue
Kimi no tame ni   hoshi o kudaki
Black Paper Moon
Shinjite kureta nara!
When You’re Lost “Here”
I am…”Forever” With Your Soul

Miagereba   kagayaku tsuki no you ni

Amai   shinku no jamu o
Otoshita kaado ni   ukabiagaru moji

Your Destiny   kimi ga nozomeba
Donna sekai mo
Sono te ni tsukameru kara

Dare ni mo kowasenai

Fairy Blue
Kimi ga kureta   ikiru akashi
Kizuna to iu “eien”
Sakende kureta nara
I Will Find You My dear!
Doko ni ite mo
Karamitsuku jubaku o   tokihanatte

Dare mo shinjirarenakute
Hikutsu ni naru toki mo aru
Sore de mo   kimi no kotoba wa
Itsu de mo   mune ni hibiiteru

Fairy Blue
Kimi no tame ni   hoshi o kudaki
Kazaritsuketa “mejirushi”
Yume o miushinatte   mayotta toki
Miagete hoshii

Fairy Blue
Kimi ga kureta   ikiru akashi
Kizuna to iu “shinrai”
Kimi wa hitori ja nai
When You’re Lost “Here”
I am…”Forever” With Your Soul

Tadoritsukeru   kimi ga shinjiru nara


36 responses to “Soul Eater 2nd Opening Theme – PAPERMOON

  1. this song makes me full of happy^^

  2. Hehe, I’m only beginning my Japanese studies and I tried to translate this song too!

    I got a lot of it right, it’s just that you have a better grasp of the subjects of the sentences.
    Because in Japanese the subject is often omitted, I don’t know if the sentence is a separate idea on its own or if it refers to a line before it, ect.

    :3 I love this song, if you ever get a hold of the full lyrics in Japanese characters, will you please let me know, I would like to practice translating the whole song!

  3. @ emmyda:
    Hello there,
    Oh really? Good for you! And thanks for the compliment. The full single comes out on December 10, so I’ll e-mail you the Kanji Lyrics then if I have time.

  4. Oh, really! Thanks a bunch, I’d really appreciate it! I’d understand if you were too busy, but if you do ever get the time when it come out!
    X3 This is actually my first time on this blog, it’s full of goodies!

  5. this song is great, awesome, and somewhat mysterious…. o_o LoL! I LOVE SOUL EATER! THIS IS THE BEST OP EVER! XP

  6. hey, check out on youtube. they should’ve the full song PV of this. (information claimed) XP

  7. some one pls show me the FULL SONG LYRICS..FULL DE
    and in JAPENESS DE

  8. i cant find it … T_T

  9. @ Blurr:
    The full song lyrics don’t come out until December 10. If you come across any other ones on the internet before then, they are unofficial.

  10. ok I have a question
    “Kimi ga nosomeba
    Donna sekai mo”

    I translated it and I got a completely diffrent outcome from what you have, I even asked my friend whose was born and rased in japan and he said I had it right.
    what i got was:
    The place that you dream of is of another word.
    and the sentence structure for the first one was “kimi ga nozome ba”.
    Sorry for leaving such a long comment. It’s just been bothering me. XD

  11. @ Breakingnotes:
    “The place that you dream of is of another word”.
    Word: I hope you meant world.
    I think you’re right. I’ll double-check the lyrics.

  12. Yeah I meant world, sorry my keyboard is horrid.
    But thank you 🙂 for some reason getting the lyrics right made my day.

  13. This is one of Tommy heavenly6’s best songs so far! Me encanta Tomoko Kawase!!!!! x3 Greetings from a Mexican girl-

  14. oh, i just looove this song!! i keep on singing this even at school and no one seems to understand what im talkin about o.0
    hahahaha!! anyways, do yuu guys know where i can listen to this song? [except in the anime of course]

  15. I love your translation of the lyrics! I read them as if it was poetry. The song is awesome, too. I hum it to myself almost all the time.

  16. I always thought Don’t Scary was Don’t Scare Me.

  17. @ scorp76:
    If you play the raw 2nd Opening video for Soul Eater, it says in the karaoke subs “Don’t Scary”.
    “Don’t Scare Me” would make more sense though. XD

  18. lol i agree with the first couple of comments…
    it makes more sence for it to be “dont scare me” but instead she(as in tommyheavenly6) put “dont scary”…weird…0.o

  19. Kawase, you and your Engrish…

  20. BTW love ur lyrics posts… let’s enjoy my fav anime tunes.. without learning nipponese!!!

  21. Just a thought… maybe the typesetter spelled it wrong in the raw? Hahaha, u know how those nuts spell some english words….

  22. @ scorp76:
    I thought about that too, but then again, I’m pretty sure that they definately meant to say “Don’t Scary”, and nothing else. By the way, it’s “Nihongo”, not “Nipponese”.

  23. This song makes me sad. It fails horribly, and it has retarded grammar when it comes to the English. DON’T SCARY

  24. Gomenasai Chisai-sensei 🙂 Nihongo. Am just an old anime fan… can’t be bother to learn all these new terms. I just love watching the animes, singing the songs but I don’t want to emulate them 🙂 I have my own protoculture…. haha i wonder if i used that one correctly 😛

  25. Shi-Chan (brittney)

    I’m a total anime noob but I told my friends I would learn this song because it’s so cool! This website helps alot. Thanx! =)

  26. Shi-Chan (brittney)

    This song is the best song I’ve ever heard in my entire life!!!! I’m learning and practicing the words while listening to it on YouTube! There’s a tip for you if you’re learning the words! Search it on youtube and it’ll help you with pernounciation (how to pernounce the words)! (And you can rock out to the song!!) Bye 4 now! X)

  27. i do not think i need a video to learn the lyrics. i’ve heard it so many times tha i know it by heart!!! gz iwonder if ispeled it correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!anyway <> for the translation!!!!

  28. Well….uh. I appreciate the english lyrics very much, but is it TommyHeavenly6 who made the song? Or just the english translation? Because I must be blind, I can’t FIND THE SINGER WHO SINGS THIS SONG!!!!!!! ………… So I’m just starting to assume TommyHeavenly6 created Black Paper Moon…. That’s all Google says….. TT^TT Help meeeeeeeee! Who sings this song? Like the real singer?

  29. Oh wait. COMPLETELY DISREGARD my other message. Sorry for being offending. When I’m desperate and not catching on it happens. It IS TommyHeavenly6. I just take waaaaaay to long to catch on. And that sucks for me. Ahahahaha….. Gomen. It is a great song though, jp or eng.

  30. i really love soul eater it is my idol ever!!!!!!!!!!!! the characters are very cute especially soul eater and the paper moon lyrics is so CooL. I m practicing to memorize it over and over again

  31. OMG!!! I love the song!!

  32. This is my favorite song from soul eater

  33. I wonder why there is a mix of English?

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