Jigoku Shojo Futakomori Ending Theme – Aizome

Indigo Dye
Vocals: Noto Mamiko
Lyrics: Aa
Composition: Takumi
Arrangment: Ohashi Megumi

Unable to even have a shallow dream or grieve eternally

The moonlight illuminates my heart
The dance of the burning flowers is my guide sign

The poem of mistakes intertwined with me binds my chest

I stick my hands into the endless river and let them drift
The words filled with thoughts are dyed indigo

Passing each other by weakens my heart
While I remain without a place to be, the wind blows

On the red road, my gait heavily heads toward the darkness

If I’m set adrift for once, then I’ll never return again
The destiny that my fingers strum is dyed indigo

How many endless nights do I pass
Before the indigo grief will vanish soon?

I stick my hands into the endless river and let them drift
The scent of the flowers lingers on, but they’re things that’ll wilt away someday

Dyed in indigo…

Vocals: Noto Mamiko

Asaki yumemiji   towa ni nageki mo sesu

Tsuki no hikari   kokoro   terashidasu
Moyuru hana no mai   michishirube

Karamitsuku   ayamachi no uta   mune o shimeru

Hatenu kawa ni te o sashi   nagasou
Omoi   tsumeta koto no ha   ai ni somete

Surechigai ga   kokoro morokusuru
Ibasho mo nai mama   kaze wa fuku

Akai michi   ashidori omoku   yami ni mukau

Ichido nagaseba   nido to kaeranu
Yubi ga tsumabiku sadame   ai ni somete

Ikutsu   akenai yoru o   kasanete
Yagate   ai no nageki mo   kieyuku no ka

Hatenu kawa ni te o sashi   nagasou
Iro wa nio hedo   itsuka   chiri nuru mono

Ai ni somete…


43 responses to “Jigoku Shojo Futakomori Ending Theme – Aizome

  1. I love your site, espicially your great translating ability (which I wish i had in both work ethic and Japanese sense) and also your readiness to actually translate the Higurashi related songs, which have so much meaning, or so I believe. Keep it up, because it’s people like you that I look up to.

    (That was heavy, wow, I’m starting to sound old…or really young…)

  2. I think Aa from savage genius sings this, not Noto Mamiko.

  3. Both of them sang and recorded the song. I have the official version from the anime here. The version that Savage Genius has is identical in lyrics, but the title is Aizome ~Futakomori instead.

  4. Ok, I understand now.

    But where could you find the full version by Noto Mamiko? On the OST?

  5. Yes, the Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori OST has the full version sang by Noto Mamiko.

  6. I have a question. When will they release the JSF OST? I like Mamiko’s version much better than Savage Genius. Sorry but it’s the awful truth… X___X I downloaded Savage Genius’s version but I’m not listening to it anymore… XD I’m listening to Mamiko’s version which I recorded from YouTube.. Hahaha! XD

  7. Congratulation!!! I’ve fanaly found the romanji of this song and thank you very much, you are 天才です

  8. @Fred: JF OST is already out.

  9. I’ve been looking for this quite a long time! Thanks for sharing it! ^^

  10. ur site is really cool….
    especially with its translations n stuff…keep up the good work!

  11. hi there!!! I love the lyrics!!! its so sad!! sniff……and if you have the piano notes of the song please send to me….thanks!!! kmds(at)yahoo(dot)com!!! thanks again!!

  12. thanks for the lyrics!i love this song too!i love girl from hell!

  13. Yama Sawa Monome

    Can you give me a link to download this song? I can’t fount it T__________T
    Thank you!

  14. Thanks for the lyrics. :3

  15. I really love this song………….. I really love Emma Ai……………….. BUT I hate Episode 26………………….. HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU!!!!!! Thanks…. SHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………… I’ve been looking for it all day long……………..

  16. I really love this song……….but I can’t download the song into my PC..anywhere..i cannot find it in this web……Thats all…!..

  17. tHis sOng s sOoOo sAdDD……

  18. i love this song so much!

  19. JSF ending theme ga dai suki desu ………!

  20. it was really good translating and i really love the serice of jigoku shoujo.

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  22. oh,..there is another song,
    sorry for not exploring your blog first,…
    thx anyway,..

  23. Another Someone

    I definitely love this blog! The very first time I fell in love JSF, I really was looking for a translation on the closing song. And here it is! So COOL!

  24. go to esnips.com can’t wait til 3rd season comes out!!=] weh im waiting for vampire knight season 2 to come out toooo

  25. Thank-you so much for translating all these songs!

  26. Wow! Amazing!
    Thank-you so much!
    I love Jigoku Shoujo.

  27. This is a great site you have! 🙂

    I have a request. Can I have your translation for this song up on my blog? 🙂
    Credit will be given of course.

    Thank you! 😀

  28. @ MavericK:
    Yes, you may.

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  30. ..hey.thanks a lot for doing this..hehe
    ive been searching for lyrics
    for a long time you know..


  31. I LOVE your blog with all the translations
    I LOVE Jigoku Shoujo, its a great anime.
    I LOVE this song!

    Thanks for everything, Atashi!! =)

  32. great translation. the best i’ve found so far. thank you ^_^

  33. I like this song!!! ^_^

  34. I did enjoy listening to AIZOME, with
    its last words “dyed in indigo” – the alternative color of the sky for me!!!

  35. yui kanna tsukihana(leanne)

    haha..^_^ i love Aizome!(indigo dye)i no how to sing this song..


  37. I super-love Savage Genius’s off-vocal version!
    But if the vocals must be considered, I prefer Noto Mamiko’s version 🙂


  38. What to say!

    I love Aizome! Savage Genius were really ingenious in their approach- I mean, look, where will u find a shakuhachi and an accordian being played together?

    Mamiko Nato sang very well and the melody is so calming, and the translation is great!

    Keep up the good work!


  39. What exactly is the symbolism of indigo dye?

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