SHUFFLE! Game Nerine Ending Theme – In the Sky

In the Sky
Vocals: Hashimoto Miyuki
Lyrics: AlAi
Composition: Naito Yuji
Arrangement: Naito Yuji

The first time when I noticed the sound of ripples
I was still nothing but perplexed then
The spreading wavelets
Still continue now, but…

If I try to remember
Your gestures and your voice one by one
Somehow, mysteriously the calm water surface
Feels it

Now I simply want to be tied to you
It is one but many bonds
I believe that the thread of wishes
That is still invisible exists…

Even if we became separated like those clouds
I’m sure that someday we’d come together
From the same sky, I’ll keep searching
For the direction of the wind…

The first time when distance disappeared
I wanted to carefully make my feelings bloom
But if we grew apart, I’d drift
Toward the pain of being unable to meet you

So that I can always remember
Your heartbeats and your body heat quickly
I want you to leave many days
In my chest

Even words that can’t be told
Inside the glass cradle
For you who will accept them and
The continuation of my dreams…

Even if I’m enveloped like those stars
By the boundless and distant dark night
I’ll keep believing in
The absolute light and your warmth…

The path that waxes and wanes like that moon
Probably isn’t tender
Nevertheless, I’m sure that I’ll keep loving you

8 responses to “SHUFFLE! Game Nerine Ending Theme – In the Sky

  1. RhythmOfFareWell

    I love this song too much i want to listen to eng version too if my dream come true please send me a mail

  2. I doubt an English version would ever, ever be created…

  3. i agree, but its still kuute ^^

  4. please send me the song if possible pleaseeeeee

  5. This song is realy great i realy love it ^^

  6. may you please send me the song,
    i would extrememly appreciate it,
    thank you.

  7. Do you have this song ^^
    I like this song verymuch ^^

    I wish i can fine this song in somewhere ><

  8. Mashiro,I have this song.
    And your name,which means clean white, is nice.

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