SHUFFLE! Opening Theme – YOU

Vocals: YURIA
Lyrics: AlAi
Composition: Attyorike
Arrangement: Suzuki Masaki

Words for you that I hold close to my chest
I want to tell them to you someday

An overflowing passion and throbbing heartbeats
I don’t know when they began
But since I’ve noticed my unfading feelings once
And that I can’t lie anymore-

Even if we met when it was but a common coincidence
I still feel a special meaning

I always give my gratitude to God
That I can be by your side
I want to forever gaze at
The profile of your unhesitating face

The time that I spend together with you
Gives me an unwavering strength
Words for you that suddenly surface in my mind
I want to tell them to you someday

Just with your fingers that touch me for a moment
And your kind remarks
I can feel strange
Which seems as if I’m continuing to dream

Even if one day we lost sight of each other
We can meet again by chance, no matter how many times

I hope to be within
Your precious memories, too
I want you to share with me more of
Your world that I haven’t seen

I want to grant you everything that you wish for
Without leaving anything out
If it’s for you who I can believe in
I can become anything

――It’s like a flower that will be colored
   A story that blooms fully and faraway
   A timbre that won’t ever disappear
   Rides on the wind and echoes――

The time that I spend together with you
Gives me an unwavering strength
So that words for you infused with my prayers
Will reach you to your depths

8 responses to “SHUFFLE! Opening Theme – YOU

  1. may I have the japanese version, please??

  2. hey where can i find the download of the song yuria:You
    i realy want it 😛

  3. can u have this in Romaji please?

  4. Dude i wanted to Dwnload This Song Just Where can i find one??

  5. [C][Destroyer]

    download link…
    I took such a long time that I decided to create my own mp3 file…
    I downloaded the youtube video and extracted the audio.
    enjoy ppl xD

  6. boldanddelicious

    OMG! i have been looking for the english translations for so long! most websites have romaji lol! ^_^
    Domo Arigatou-Gozaimasu

  7. konnichi wa!!
    o genki desu ka??

    do ya have the japanese verion??
    if so, could ya give it to me ??

    Domo Arigatou-Gozaimasu

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