Anime Evolution 2009 Meetup?

Is anyone else going to Anime Evolution 2009 from June 11th through 13th in Vancouver, BC, Ryoko-land? If you are, give me a holler when you’re at the con! The con is small enough that you’ll probably catch me easily. My costume schedule is:

– Hojo Kuniko (Shangri-La)
Swimsuit Contest
– Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!)
– Ibarazaki Emi (Katawa Shoujo)
Cosplay Contest
– Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)
– Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)

Yes, I will be in a Katawa Shoujo group cosplay on Saturday, along with a Shizune, Hisao, Kenji, and Nurse-kun.

I can’t believe AE is almost upon us. Sakura-con 2009 feels like it was just last week. Like I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve been busy making four or five costumes for my friends and I since Sakura-con, and I still have two more to complete in three days.

8 responses to “Anime Evolution 2009 Meetup?

  1. O_O Lucky people having Anime Conversions close by >_<

    Post some drool material pics later 😛

  2. fierce-looking Taiga! the odango hair came out really cool.

  3. Really like the hair, and I think that’s the exact same swimsuit design (nice find), but your body type is not as frail as Taiga.
    Can’t really do much about that, so I hope you compensate by really getting into character. You got the stare right for one.
    Once again, love how you did the hair. Good luck in the contest, and hope you have fun out there.

    • Come now, come now, I think her body type fits well for the character. ^-^
      You look great, best of luck to you, okay? ^-^

  4. what is that murderer intend in your eyes 😀

  5. swimming suit
    u’re so brave. XD

  6. Just remembered it was this weekend, hope you’re enjoying it.
    Ok, I’ll admit it, I really want to see how the KS cosplay group turned out.

  7. Omg!! You went too!! I did too~ I didn’t cosplay though~ look for an amulet spade next year~ if you see one, it might be me!~ My friends cosplaying one of the twins from DN Angel and her friend is cosplaying Daisuke~~ KYAA soooo cute

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