Kuroshitsuji 2nd Ending Theme – Lacrimosa

Vocals: Kalafina
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

The moonlight, which exposes sadness
Coldly illuminated
Despair and the future
That are friendly with each other within the darkness

Turning the secret that you gave me into a sign
I go through the silence of the pale night

Once more, I want to love the glaringly bright world
That shattered in the distance and vanished
Hide your dream in your eyes
Until tears come falling
Onto your sullied heart

The phantom carriage parts the darkness
And goes toward where the light is
The trap known as dreams
Lures us toward the flames

No shout of any sort will reach
The merciless gods above the sky

We’ll be the blazing firewood
And seem to burn away the sky someday

I want to fearlessly love the blood-soaked world
That I was born in
Rather than being forgiven, forgive and believe in me
Count the number of lachrymose days
On the sullied earth

Vocals: Kalafina

Kurayami no naka de mutsumiau
Zetsubou to mirai o
Kanashimi o abaku tsukiakari
Tsumetaku terashiteta

Kimi no kureta himitsu o shirube ni
Aoi yoru no shizukesa o yuku

Tooku kudakete kieta
Mabushii sekai o mou ichido aishitai
Hitomi no naka ni yume o kakushite
Yogoreta kokoro ni
Namida ga ochite kuru made

Maboroshi no basha wa yami o wake
Hikari no aru hou e
Yume to iu wana ga boku-tachi o
Homura e izanau

Sora no ue no mujihi na kamigami ni wa
Donna sakebi mo todoki wa shinai

Bokura wa moesakaru takigi to nari
Itsuka sono sora o yakitsukusou

Koko ni umarete ochita
Chinureta sekai o osorezu ni aishitai
Yurusareru yori yurushi shinjite
Yogoreta chijou de
Namida no hibi o kazoete


22 responses to “Kuroshitsuji 2nd Ending Theme – Lacrimosa

  1. I love this song! I can’t wait until the full version comes out.

  2. Thank you very much for the lyric! I wanted to ask if I could use the translation to subtitle the ending, giving the credits to the page. Sorry for my bad english nnU

  3. @ Shinigami:
    Yes, you may, but keep in mind that these lyrics are only in TV size version, which means that I transcribed them by ear (there’s a high chance of different spacing and spelling in the official lyrics) and the URL of this page will change when I update the page after the CD is released.

  4. very-very good,
    i really need that lyrics….

  5. You are the best =D ~desu

  6. Thank you for the amazing translation! The lyrics are absolutely amazing. This is definitely my favorites song and possibly my favorite anime.

    A lot of people say that there’s not much plot, but it appears later on! I like the style (and disagree with people who say it’s a lot like Count Cain). I wish the anime would follow the manga, though.

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  9. what’s the meaning of lacrimosa? someone can tell me?

    • Lacrimosa means “weeping”.
      It’s an Italian word.

      • No, it’s Latin, isn’t it? Though Italian is a Latin language so there may be a similar Italian word with the same meaning.

      • Though Italian is a strong Latin langauge, the word Lacrimosa is not Italian, at least not for this song. It’s Latin, and the song is pretty much one huge allusion to Mozart’s Requiem piece “Lacrimosa dies illa”, which is the phrase the chorus yells towards the end. 🙂

  10. if you noticed, the beginning part is not in the lyric,
    do you know what it said at the beginning?

    • The Latin at the end of the song is actually “Lacrimosa dies ira”. A better translation would be “tearful day of wrath”

      • I think she’s referring to the Kaijurian parts of the song. . .you know the very first verse that kinda sounds Latin or something but is really a made up language Kaijura came up with for the melodies? I’d like to see it typed out to see how they’d be pronounced xD. My ears aren’t as good as they used to be,

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  14. Tsuzuki Aoimura

    when i hear this song, i feel like iam in a deep & deep ocean, melting like ice. uh! kalafina, save me! this song is so teary!!!

  15. i love this song very much 🙂

  16. Do you have that lyrics at the beginning? The one that sounded Latin? I cannot in the world hear it clearly.

  17. This song, makes me feel……somewhat depressed, about death.

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