Pumpkin Scissors Opening Theme – Aoki Furanmu

The lyrics of this song were interesting to romanize and translate because Takahashi Yoko sings the phrases ‘gespenst jäger’ and ‘nobel flamme’ several times throughout the song and the kanji given for them romanize to ‘inochi o mushisareta senshi’ and ‘koukinaru honoo’, respectively. So for the translation of the lyrics, I’ve put down translated given Japanese lyrics instead of what are the sung after the first time the phrase shows up like the original kanji lyrics, and in the romanization, the romanization of katakana of the German phrases after the first time. Please tell me if this explanation doesn’t make sense to you… ^^;;

‘Gespenst jäger’ means ‘ghost hunter’ in German.
‘Nobel flamme’ means ‘noble flame’ in German.

Blue Flame
Vocals: Takahashi Yoko
Lyrics: Takahashi Yoko
Composition: Omori Toshiyuki
Arrangement: shin-go

You ignite the blue light; that is destruction, slumber, resurrection… A soldier whose life was ignored (gespenst jäger)
You got hurt, wandered, and stepped forward to the definite clandestine meeting… A soldier whose life was ignored

Ah, on your back
There are scars of your wings having been plucked
Let’s believe in something small
And grasp it again!

The steel of heartbeats that burns red, pain, and you’ll waver… A soldier whose life was ignored
In order to slash and tear up all kinds of husks, stand up! …A soldier whose life was ignored

Have pride and raise your sword overhead; me, you, those hands, these hands know peace!

NON That’s okay
NON Hope and such
I’ll protect your smile at least…

We’ll be guided by the world continuing into the future that is able to call upon us… Noble flame (nobel flamme)
In the unfair world, who can we forgive?! That indeed is… Noble flame

Ah, what do your eyes capture
And where do they aim toward…?
Let’s believe in the small back
And advance again!

The weight of one stolen grain; you can’t throw away your weapons… Noble flame
For what do you stake your life on and furthermore, protect? …Noble flame

While this flower that bravely bloomed isn’t able to notice sadness, it’ll keep away from peace…

NON And now
NON Due to love
I’ll protect the loneliness covered in wounds…

“Even if I want to depend on you, even if I want to be embraced, I’ll entrust you with my life…”

Yearning for peace
NON That’s okay
NON Hope and such
I’ll protect your smile at least…
NON That’s okay
NON Hope and such
I’ll protect your smile at least…

Aoki Furanmu
Vocals: Takahashi Yoko

Aoki hikari o tomosu sore wa hakai, nemuri, sosei…Inochi o mushisareta senshi (geshupensuto ieegaa)
Kizutsuki samayoi fumidashita tashika na shinobiai… Geshupensuto ieegaa

Aa Sono senaka wa
Hane o mogitorareta ato ga aru
Chiisa na nanika o shinjite
Mou ichido tsukamou!

Akaku moeru kodou no hagane, itami, soshite yureru… Geshupensuto ieegaa
Ikana gaihi o mo kirisaki tachiwaru tame tachiagare! …Geshupensuto ieegaa

Hokori o mochi yaiba furiage watashi yo Anata yo Sono te yo Kono te wa yasuragi o shitte iru!

NON Sore de ii
NON Kibou nanda
Semete kimi no hohoemi mamoru yo…

Wareware to yoberu mirai e tsuzuku sekai michibikareru… Koukinaru honoo (nooburu furanmu)
Fukouhei na yo no naka dare ga yuruseru mono ka! Sore koso ga… Nooburu furanmu

Aa Sono hitomi wa
Nani o torae doko o mezasu no ka…
Chiisa na senaka o shinjite
Mou ichido susumou!

Ubawarete yuku hitotsubu no omosa Buki wa suterarenai… Nooburu furanmu
Nan no tame ni inochi o kakete nao mo mamotte yuku no ka… Nooburu furanmu

Rin to shite saita kono hana wa kanashimi sae mo kizukenai mama de yasuragi o toozakeru…

NON Soshite ima
NON Itoshisa yue
Kizu ni mamireta kodoku mamoru yo…

“Amaetakute mo Dakaretakute mo Inochi azukemashou…”

Yasuragi o motomete
NON Sore de ii
NON Kibou nanda
Semete kimi no hohoemi mamoru yo…
NON Sore de ii
NON Kibou nanda
Semete kimi no hohoemi mamoru yo…


3 responses to “Pumpkin Scissors Opening Theme – Aoki Furanmu

  1. Oh I like the lyrics very much. In fact I like this translation a lot more than others. It´s so passionate… shows the feelings of both main characters of the Pumpkin Scissors anime. Thanks a lot!
    I´ll link it if you don´t mind.

  2. “‘Gespenst jäger’ means ‘ghost hunter’ in German.
    ‘Nobel flamme’ means ‘noble flame’ in German.”

    So I take it, you took the japanese translation, and thereby got the meaning of the words. That is quite a good approach (in this case). Because the “german” parts are somewhat strange given the usual flow of german language (possibly thought up using a dictionary).

    The german term for “ghost hunter” is best described with “Geisterjäger”. Geist and Gespenst are basically different words for the same thing (“Geist” being more universal), though the term “Gespensterjäger” is not common afaik (“Gespensterjäger” is the correct version (grammaticality) of “Gespenst Jäger”).

    The phrase “Nobel Flamme” is quite strange too. A somewhat similar way to merge Nobel with something else is e.g. “Nobelhotel” (luxury hotel). Though Nobel Flamme doesn’t make sense imo. If it was a flame for luxury or noble demand… but I suppose it was meant to be used like holy flame (Heilige Flamme). Such use is not appropriate when used together with Nobel (since Nobel has a somewhat different meaning when in conjunction with an object).
    So for a better understanding the adjectival form of “nobel” should be used “Noble Flamme”.

    Japanese has a bad ass complex set of Kanji (glyphs), but rather simple grammar. German has a simple set of roman characters, but bad ass complex grammar. That makes it even more complicated for a japanese person to learn german (completly different philosophy).

    I hope that illustrates why the german parts in the song text are actually jerman ;D

  3. @ Jinto:
    Thank you! I don’t know a word of German, except for “schnell”, which everyone learned during the Anne Frank unit in middle school. ^^;; Yes, the lyrics are translated from the Japanese text and I just looked up the German words in a dictionary.

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