Prince of Tennis cool E Echizen Ryoma Image Song – Thank you for…

Thank you for…
Vocals: Minagawa Junko as Echizen Ryoma
Lyrics: Minagawa Junko
Composition: Fujita Yoshihisa
Arrangement: Fujita Yoshihisa

When the pale flower petals shook
And quietly landed
The little wind that carries the season
Has passed through me

The sunlight that increased in strength
Tells me of a new era
I wanted to stop the time that is definitely flowing
And closed my eyes

I hear it from far away
The sound of laughter that I’ve grown used to
People who ran past with me
Won’t be here from tomorrow on

It seems from my heart that it’s great we’d met
The tender days zip past my chest and disappear
Because I can’t seem to say “congratulations” no matter what
I’ll let it ride on the wind from here and softly murmur it to you

I’ve lived without knowing
That I have this kind of feelings
But the calm and fun times
Changed me little by little

The passionate thoughts toward strength
That started to sprout on that day
Even now, with unchanging intensity
I’m aiming towards the heights

While embracing everything
That you’ve taught me
The beginning will be there soon
I’ll live in our era

It seems from my heart that it’s great we’d met
I burn your kind smile into me so that I won’t forget about it
Because I see your face and I can’t seem to say “thank you”
I murmured it faintly and softly in the court

Thank you for…
Vocals: Minagawa Junko as Echizen Ryoma

Awai hanabira ga yurete
Shizuka ni maiorita toki
Kisetsu hakobu chiisa na kaze
Boku no naka toorisugita

Tsuyosa o mashita hizashi ga
Atarashii jidai o tsugeru
Tashika ni nagareteru toki o
Tometakute hitomi tojita

Tooku kara kikoeteru
Kikinareta waraigoe
Ashita kara wa koko ni inai
Tomo ni kakenuketa hito-tachi

Kokoro kara omoeru yo   deaete yokatta to
Yasashii hibi ga   mune o yogitte wa kiete yuku
“Omedetou”   doushite mo iesou ni nai kara
Koko kara kaze ni nose   sotto tsubuyaku

Konna kimochi ga aru koto
Shirazu ni ikite kita kedo
Odayaka na tanoshii toki ga
Sukoshi-zutsu boku o kaeta

Ano hi ni mebaehajimeta
Tsuyosa e no atsui omoi
Ima de mo kawaranu hageshisa de
Takami dake mezashite iru

Oshiete kureta koto
Zenbu dakishimenagara
Hajimari ga sugu soko ni aru
Boku-tachi no jidai o ikiru

Kokoro kara omoeru yo   deaete yokatta to
Yasashii egao   wasurenai you ni yakitsukete
“Arigatou”   kao o mite iesou ni nai kara
Kooto ni sotto   chiisaku tsubuyaita

Thank you for…




心から思えるよ 出会えてよかったと
優しい日々が 胸をよぎっては消えて行く
ここから風に乗せ そっとつぶやく




心から思えるよ 出会えてよかったと
優しい笑顔 忘れないように焼きつけて
コートにそっと 小さくつぶやいた

11 responses to “Prince of Tennis cool E Echizen Ryoma Image Song – Thank you for…

  1. I *heart* you so friggen MUCH! I am absoluetly FLOORED how fast you translated / posted this! *Dies repeatedly* Awe, I feel like I’m gunna cry after I read these lyrics! *Sniffle* Thank you x 100! You’ve made my day!!! =D

  2. you just cheered me up haha =) thank you so much. i wanan cry too haha

  3. Thanks! you make me smile like crazy!…dont know but maybe i became crazy because of the…nevermind! but THANKS!!!

  4. I love these translations so much!! ♥~♥

    Now, if there’d only be some more…

    Sorry to ask, but I’d like to see “Valentine Kiss” by Atobe Keigo translated, please? ^-^

  5. Awww Ryoma-sama sings! I don’t remember this song from the anime though. -.-;; I should watch it again. Hai hai. Seriously though. I don’t remember it at all in any of the anime and I’ve seen all the movies and OVAs. O.o?! I guess it’s not uncommon to write songs that don’t get put in the series though.

  6. Oops sorry about that. I haven’t seen all the OVAs. The National Finals OVA just started airing yesterday…>_> I need to watch that sometime once they start publicizing it more.

  7. LOL


    IT ROCKS!!!


  8. yay!
    prince of tennis fans!!

    syusuke fuji fans 2!!!!


  9. Oh my God. Thank you. I-I think I love you. *glomp*

  10. hey dear, is it possible to translate “Sakura” by Yuumu Hamaguchi in Prince of Tennis? it’s the sixth ending song. thanks for the trouble:)

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