Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru episode 7: Requiem of the golden witch Opening Theme – Kiri no Pithos

The Pithos in the Fog
Vocals: Kino Nei & Sakura Kanae
Lyrics: Sakura Kanae & E. Kida
Composition: Luck-Ganriki & dai
Arrangement: Luck-Ganriki & dai

That which was entrusted to your hands is now within the rain…
Because the next part of your dream is on the wandering boat that can’t pull close

Decorated with roses, It’s a story of my love
A wish is frozen onto me- Turn even that into hope
In the final magic where love is visible
Wings awake from slumber and head into the sky that looks over the truth…

The lie of the destroyed paradise is now at the end of time…
Gazing at the faded promise, I surrender myself to it and fall

I won’t ever wake up again from the “Dream of El Dorado”
Someone will quietly weave a dream and the rain will stop
The Pieces overlap when seagulls cry
That’s right… The fog clears up

The final Saint’s play engulfs everything
Who will expose the story of blinding truths and fabrications?
Echo eternally, the resonance of miracles
You awake from slumber and the fantasy enters the truth
Hide the truth inside the fantasy…

Kiri no Pitosu
Vocals: Kino Nei & Sakura Kanae

Sono te ni takusareta mono   ima   ame no naka ni…
Yorisoezu samayou fune ni wa yume no tsuzuki ga aru kara

Bara de kikazatta   It’s a story of my love
Itetsuita negai   sore sae mo kibou ni kaete
Ai ga mieru   saigo no fantajii
Hane wa nemuri kara mezame   shinjitsu o miwataseru sora e…

Kowareta rakuen no uso wa   ima   toki no hate ni…
Iroaseta yakusoku o mitsume   mi o yudanete ochite iku

Mou nido to mezamenai   “Dream of El Dorado”
Dareka ga sotto yume o tsumugi   ame ga yamu
Kakera-tachi ga kasanaru   umineko no naku koro ni
Sou…   The fog clears up

Subete o tsutsumu   saigo no misuterii
Mabayui kyojitsu no monogatari o dare ga abaku?
Towa ni hibike   kiseki no rapusodi
Kimi wa nemuri kara mezame   gensou ga shinjitsu e
Shinjitsu wa gensou no naka ni himete…


13 responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru episode 7: Requiem of the golden witch Opening Theme – Kiri no Pithos

  1. Sasuga Luck Ganriki. Wonderful track. The first Chiru OP was cancer.

  2. I think both has its own fascination, Occultics no Majo fits perfectly with the mystery theme (as opposed to anti-fantasy), I’m waiting for deeper analyze (if there’s any plan to write it)

  3. Is it true that this would be the last Umineko VN?

    • No, we’re far from over at EP7.

    • If you notice closely in the opening movie there is actually another portrait across from the one being used in episode 7. It seems blank at the moment, but I assume it’ll come up at the end of 7 or more than likely in a future episode 8.

  4. I think the seventh episode will be the last, for the reasons:
    1. Featherine said that she almost understood the history of umineko
    2. 07th expansion – is presumably 7 chapters
    3. Besides Bernkastel or Featherine (not guaranted that she wasnt) no one character should take position of Game Master.

    • 3. Nanjo….?

    • There are still two more games, the way 07th Expansion’s “When They Cry” series works is that there are 4 question arcs followed by 4 answer arks. You can look at Higurashi for proof.

    • You forget that Featherine also stated that she would have to weave a story with a miracle fitting for Ange on towards the end of EP7.
      I assume that EP7 will be the episode that reveals the solutions to most of the mysteries and perhaps even the identity of the culprit, much like the Massacre Chapter of Higurashi.
      EP8 will likely be the episode where everyone finally gets their real happy ending. I.E. They all survive the ‘Rokkenjima Explosion Incident’ and Ange gets her family back. I assume it will also feature Featherine as the Game Master since she said she would have to personally write that tale.

  5. Also, just out of curiosity, wouldn’t the line “subete o tsutsumu saigo no misuterii” translate better as “The final mystery envelops everything”?

  6. I always thought the “Decorated with roses” part was “Shattered and dolled up” since official lyrics weren’t released.

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