Ar tonelico Opening Theme – Utau Oka

Expressive Hill
Vocals: Shikata Akiko
Lyrics: Tsuchiya Akira
Composition: Tsuchiya Akira
Arrangement: Tsuchiya Akira

Come here
Strip off everything
Because I’ll accept all of you
Don’t be afraid, entrust your body to me

I’m happy, I’m happy
being able to become the waves
being able to become the flowers
being able to become you
being able to become the world

I always think that hymns are mysterious
That hymns shake the bottom of my heart more than anything
As if weaving the magic of happiness, I strum my heartstrings
in the abyss of my deep, deep heart

When you tie the spiritual murmuring that flies in the heavens
The crown fire falls to the brim, weaving happiness for everyone

The voice that simply drifts in the indigo sea of early summer rain
Is the changing and reversed calm, the vague sound of home

When the gaia, which plays and calls, mutually echoes to the sky
It entwines with the soaring song of your prayer

Ar tonelico

The hill of peace, the glass of tears, the box of memories, the monument of thoughts
Single and multiple hollow and raw silk threads tie and connect the roots of souls

The swaying ocean of nothingness, the spirits’ breaths of wind
There exists singing maidens in the untying and tying mandala

Utau Oka
Vocals: Shikata Akiko

Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha
Wee ki ra parge yor ar ciel
Was yea ra chs mea yor en fwal
Ma ki ga ks maya yor syec

Was yea ra Was yea ra
chs hymme
chs frawr
chs yor
en chs ar ciel ya

Wee yea ra ene foul enrer
Wee yea ra ene hymme syec mea
Was yea ra hymme mea ks maya gyen yeal
innna ar hopb syec mea ya.ya!

Amakami o kakemau   tama sasayaki yueba
Kanmuribi furi michite   nani hito yuki orinase

Samidare no aimi o   tada nagaruru koe wa
Utsurohi sakanagi   oboroge na furusato no ne

Kanade narifuku gaia   sora ni hibiki ainaseba
Habataku   inori no uta   matohite

Ar tonelico

Yasuragi no oka   namida no garasu   kioku no hako   omoi no hi
Hitoe ikue no utsurofu kiito   tamashii no ne musubi tsunagu

Tayutau mu no umi   shourei no kazaiki
Toke yufu mandara ni   utahi no miko are

16 responses to “Ar tonelico Opening Theme – Utau Oka

  1. Thank you very much for the translations. ^_^

  2. Yep. The title is Expressive Hill.

  3. it sounds like the Umineko opening, which figures seeing as it’s the same singer. 😮

  4. Hey I just found out that in the OST, this song is entitled “Utau Oka ~Harmonics EOLIA~” :0
    from RPGfan:

  5. thanks!!!!!!!!
    but,, do you know the hymmnos language??
    and the lyrics of ar tonelico II hymmnos song???
    i’m searching of it!!


    The last post on that page has some information on Hymnos grammar.

    This translation is probably based on the Japanese translation of the song though.

  7. thxxx…

  8. thank you very much!!!
    can you translate hymmnos in METHOD_METAFALICA/.,
    implanta and EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/.omness chs ciel sos infel?

  9. @ cronaca

    Atashi needs the original soundtrack of the game to translate the lyrics accurately. I don’t think that the soundtrack has been sent over here since the game isn’t here either, and it’s probably expensive to import.

  10. thanks 4 tha lyrics!! i love it! >w<


  12. Can someone tell me what song plays when you start a new game? I can’t find it anywhere!

  13. MirageMoonlight

    the 1st AT?
    i think it’s tsugau inochi no koe and rig veda

  14. actually, what language is that ? i noticed that they used 2 language in this song?

  15. The languages used are Japanese and Hymmnos, which is a synthesized language mainly derived from English, Japanese, Sanskrit, German, but also has words and perhaps even grammar from other languages. So far, we only know two versions of Hymmnos: the one here (Standard) and Pastalia, which is in Ar tonelico II.

  16. Is there any website that have the translator for the Hymmnos language??

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